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W. W. Whedon gpent Monday In Jackson. Mrs. S. D. Allen lea Saturday for Boston, Mass. Miss May Leiter lias gone to the Lake for a few days. Ex-Postmaster Gillen, of Saline, was in the city Monday. Miss Ada C. Jewell Ig visiting relatlves at Willlamston, Mich. Frank O'Hearn is at Howell, visiting his uncle Neal O'Hearn. Master Leroy Childs is home from a week's tay at the Lake. Editor Osband, of the Ypsilantian, was in the city Saturday. Uobert Campbell took in the G. A. E. excursión to Boston, Mass. Sam Langsdorf lef t Saturday evening for a week's stay down east. Mrs. W. K. Childs is recovering from a severe attack of pneumonía. Mrs. Dr. MacLachlan and datighter VVinnie are visiting In Detroit. Mrs. J. H. Wade has returned home from a vislt to Mlnneapolis, Minn. M. C. Le Beau and wife go to Concord Jackson Co., to retnain a few days. W. D. Harriuian left Saturday for hl6 usual vinit to his parents in Maine. Thos. Bohner has returned from Alpena, but UU in very poor health. Miss Nellie S. Loving has returned from a fi ve week's stay at Bay View. Miss Ruth Durheiin is to teach school at Vermillion, Ohio, the ensuing year. H. Lowery, lit. "88, of Youngstown, Oliio, is spending a few days n the city. G. F. Allmendinger is absent in Missouri, looking up business for his lirm. M. M. Oreen and faraily have gone up the lakes for a tour of a week or ten days. J. T. Jacobs returned Suturday evening from a week's stay at Rush mere, Lake St. Clair. Mr. and Mrs. Jl J. Goodyear returned Monday night from the eastern watering places. W. W. Tozer, of Detroit, was in the city Monday, shaking hands wlth old friends. Prof. Frank C. Smith has gone to RichlanJ Centre, Wis., for a atayota few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Peterson leave Friday for a vislt with friends In Cleve land, Ohio. Goorge II. Rhodea and wife and Mrs. Wm, Whitlark are spending the week at Saglnaw. Jolin Lindensctimidt, of A. L. Noble 's, is taking a week's vacatlon to break in li is mustang. Mrs. Gregory Dlbble left last Friday evening for a stay of several weeks in Uonnecticut. Mrs. Eugene F. Cooley, of Lansing, is visiting Mrs. Judge Cooley, who is quite seriously 111. Thos. Hanford, of Aurora, 111., la movng into Frank Howard's house, on E. Catherine st. Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. A. Sessions left Saturday for Boston, Mass., to be absent until Sept. lst. Jas. E. Duffy and Jerry Hyan returned Saturday from a ten day's trip to Alpena and Cheboygan. Sarn Kinne left Saturday last for a stay of a few weeks with friends in New York and the east. Lew II. Clement is in Milwaukee, Wis., in the interest of the Allmendinger Piano % Orjran Co. Dr. A. C. Nichols and wife leave Saturday morning to be absent ten days, in amp at Portage Lake. Oscar G. Schmid left last week for Joliet, 111., where he is engaged In a largo pharmaceutical institution. Master Harry Pond returned Monday rom a two week's stay with friends in Caro and on Saginaw Bay. City Attorney Kearney and City Clerk Bach took in the I. O. O. F. celebration t Chicago daring the week. Monday morning Irvlng G. McCall, of Webster, left for Cleveland to take a poition upon the Cleveland Press. Miss Hattie Salyer is spending a few veeks camping at Orion Lake with her unele Hon. J. R. Holman and family. Eminent Grand Master Wm. G. Doty eturned from hls northern tour Monday, ooklng as if he had an enjoyable trip. Gerhard Josenhans Is enjoying a week's vacatlon, whlch he is spending with liis family at hls brother's home in Saline. Miss Charlotte Braley, of Albion, N. Y., and Mrs. William Packard, of Macedón, N. Y., are visiting Mrs. R. A. Beal. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Cook and A. E. Phelps and wife of Dexter, and W. E. Boyden and wife of Delhi, are in camp at Base Lake. George Sutherland, a nephew of Andrew J. Sutherland, is to remove to this city from Battle Creek and attend the University. MissMary II. Smith, of Elizabeth t., leaves the city Tuesday evening for Dexter, from whence she goes to Dakota, her future home. Mrs. AdelleM. Garrigues, who U employed in the census bureau at Washing ton I). C, is expected home soon to spend the annual vacation. Wlll Eldert the M. C. pollceman, has been enjoying a vacation of a week or so which he spent together wlth his wife, visiting friends in Saghiaw and Bay City. Joe Williams and Wm. Allaby, Jr., are in Bay City in attendance upon the K. O. T. M. great camp. About 10,000 Maccabees are up there having a glorious time. D. C. Fall leares to-day for & trip around the lakes, taking tbe steamer ?ayette Brown, the captain of which, C. H. Bassett, extended the Invitatlon to Mr. Fall. Harris Ball and famlly, Mrs. Clark and eon Ed., Miss Mary Bell, Miss Marian Phelps, nnd Miss Mamle Murdock, all of Dexter, are camping at Portuge Lake. Mrs. Dr. Angelí left Monday evening for Geneva, N. Y., to joln ber husband who has been tbere for tbe past week or more. They expect to remain untll the mlddle of September. Mrs. Daniel Strickler of Elizabeth st. eft the city last Wednesday evening for New Ulm, Minn., to spend a few weeks with her son Dr. Ora Strickler, a former gradúate of the U. of M. Mrg. L. L. James and fumily, Dr. E. F. Chase and family, M. E. SDI and family, and C. IL Stebblns and family, all of Dexter, go to-day to Ba9e Lake for an encampment of two weeks. Paris S. Banfleld is at Bay City this week, and as commauder of Ann Arbor Tent No. 29C, of this city, the banner tent of the state, is representing the same at the grand camp now in session there. Rev. F. T. Morris, of tbe Congregational church, Dexter, left Tuesday for the upper península, to bc absent threo weeks. During the time he will have churge of a teachers' Institute at Ishpeming. Prof. V. II. üawfces, for three j-enrs 8uperlntenaent of BIrmingham schools, was tendered a position at Flint and Ilowell. He accepts at Ilowell as superintendent. Prof. Ilawkes is a son-in-law o( J. D. Stimson of tbis city. Major Soule, the genial treasurer of the Unlversity, is stlll at Ypsilanti fightlng the rheumatism wlth the curativo waters of that place, and doing it successfally, too. The attack prevented him from attendinüthe great cantoncment at Chicago lat week, and has also saved the waters in and about Topinabee from being denuded of flsh this summer. Gov. Felch has returned from the upper peninsula and reports an excellent and enjoyable trip. The gold mines at Ishpeming are belng developed in the Ropos mine ínterests to make a dividend next January. The governor s.w a specimen of gold bearing rock from a new mine which he said surpiissed in value any he ever saw in California. The regular boarders at the county house now number 78. The month of August has five Frites - Oh! how unlucky !- five Saturdays and five Sundays. Elcy J. Lane, ofYpsilanti, applies for a divorce from Henry C Lane, alleging neglect to support. Quite a large number of our citizens went to Whitmore Lake to-day to attend the Catholic picnic. The bright and attractive faces of the school teachers upon our streets this week are pleasant to look upon during the dull vacation season. Lehman & Cavanaugh will be found up stairs over the temnorary qunrters of the F. & M. Bank, until their new offices shall be ready for them. Wm. Wagner's kitchen was visiteil by a tramp last Saturday, who made a square meal of what he f'onnd there, but did not succeed In setting luto the liouse any farther. The old fruit drying building fonnerly the property of E. J. Knowlton, is now on wheels on Fuller st, bound for the lot on Detroitstrect owued by the D. De Forest estáte. Editor Allen, of the Dcxter Leader, has sold his fast trotter, and has bougbt a "side-wheeler," pacer, which takes no other horse's dust in this part of the country. So we are told. A hay-day party of young folks, boys and girls, went through the streets yesterday tooting dinner horns and having a high old time generally. Thcy were seated on two loads of hay and bound for the lake. John Crome had an examination before Justlce Pond Mouday on the charge of stealing a horse of Qeorgc MeCormiok of Salem, and was bound over for trial at the October term of court. In dcfault of bail ho went to juil. A new building Is being erected at the electric light works, in which the street raihvay company are to place their engine and dynamo. It is located upon the south slde of the old building so that steam connections can be made from their boller room. The Sunday School excursión netted $100, which will be divided among the five Protestant churches and the Ladies' Charitable Union, it is proposeü by somc tn put the entire amount in _{fund to pay the faro of poor childron whocan not pay even the DO cents for their ride. A worthy object. Rev. A. F. Bournes having resigned as superintendent of the M. E. Sunday School, Mr. W. J. Booth has been chosen to complete the year. II. M. Frost having resigned the assistant supertntendency, Mr. E. C. Warriner has been selected to fill the vacancy. Trof. Frost goes to Sagin&w. Sld Millard and Osgood Ingalls are getting out a directory containing a li.t of all boarding houses in the city and nlso of all the rooms to rent. It will contaln a map of tho city and will be a book of flfty pages, containing yaluable information for students especially, and will be distributed to strangers coming into tho city gratis. Miss Nellle Qarrlgues of this city, lit. '88, who has been employed in the office of Dr. Angelí for the past two years, has received an appointment to the chair of English literature in the high school at Washington, D. C. Miss Garrigues expects to publish a novel soon entitled, "How the Prince Found his Heart." Her many frlends in this city will tender their congratulations upon her success and good fortune, The largest Teachers' Institute that has ever been held in Washtenaw County is now in session at the high school building, there being registered yesterday 147 teachers. Prof. Hinsdale of the University, and Prof. Goodwin of the State Normal school, are instructora. The success of the Instilute is largtly duo to the secretary of the board of school examiners, M. J. Cavanaugh, who has been untiring in Interesting the teachers of the county in the good work. He is very much interested in the schools of this county, and liis energies are directed early and late toward making them a success. Yesterday water came ploughing out of the south embankment of the overhead bridge crosslng the M. C. K. It' tracks on Beakes st., and surprised people of that vicinity by its force and power, digging a hole in the paved embankment as large as a store front. The outpouriug was caused by a break in the water mains leading to the öt.h ward, and just at this place buried about fifteen feet deep, making it a vety bad place to get at. In consequence of this break water has been shut off from Depot street and the 5th ward, making wells and cisterna in that section in good demand. At the ure department the boys have got the steamer ready for an emergency, and in cise of fire in the shut oll' section, they will be prepared for business. Workmen are engaged in lindinjr the broken pipe, and it will be prepared as soon as possible. The pressure on the pipes at this polnt iabout 95 lbs.


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