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It Was Said On The 7th That Drought

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bad reduced tbo corn average in Kansas 83 per cent., a roduction of 57 per cent. within a month. In some counties the erop would bt a íailure, and it was estlttiatcd t)iat th yiold of the Stat Would not exceed 75,000,000 bushels. Becrktakv of tuk TitKAsoatY Wisdom decidid on the 7th that a Chinese laundiy proprii'tor is a laboree, and can not be permitied to reland in the United States aftor visiting his nativo country. It was said on thp 7th that J. W. Dupee would soon attotnpt to ride a bicycle froiu thesumrait of l'ike's l'oak to Manitou. a distanuo of twenty-four miles in fo:'ty-eirlit minutos for a pursa of Sl.'.OO. A HAir.-sToi:M in the vlcinity ol Montevideo, Minn., on the Tth did groat dainajje to crops, the destruction in some localities being total. Tucson, A. T., was on tho 7th cut ofl from communication by washouts and no trains had arrived or departed for five days. and it was thoiisrht the breaks could not bo ropairod before sevcral days. A iioir.K.n explosión in the saw-mill of John Jacoby at Frankfort, Ind., on the 7th killed the proprietor and James Shoemaker, the englneer, and seattered the building all over the town. A dkstructive wind and hail-storm swept over Union and Taylor countles, Ia., on the 7lh, totally destroying the crops in many places. II uil drifted against fences and buildings in many places to adepth of several feet. A revolt among the convicta of tha Massachusetts State prison on the 7th at Charlestown, resultud in the killing by the guarda of one eonvict and tha serlous injury of soveral otherg. Obnoxious rules caused the trouble. By tbe explosión of a boiler in a sawmill at Klliston, Mout., on the 8th one man was killed, twelve wounded, and the mili blown to .splinters. Whitk's wheel works at Fort Wayne, Ind., were destroyod by lire on the Sth, causing a loss of nearly 8:300,000. Orer 300 men wore thrown out of omployment. Without a word of warning 12,000 Knights of Labor employed on the New York Central railroad between New York and Buffalo went on strike on tha morning of the 8th, leaving trains wherever they happenod to be at the moment. The strik was orde red on ao count of the discharge of certain employés. DuniNG tho soven d;iys ended on tha 8th, there were 208 business failures in the United State), agalnst 193 the preTiou3 seven days. ïiie President on tbc Sth sent to Congross a letter from Governor Steele, of Oklahoma, representinf that groat distress prevailed amoiig the residen ts of the Territory and ruquosting that the attention of Con:? ross bu called to the fact. Crops in the Trrltory were almost a failure. and the poople were suftering for the necessarie.". of life. The works of the Laclode Fire Kriek Manu f act u ri n ur Company of St. Louis were destroyed by tire on the Sth. Loss, $100,000. Mrs. Moli.ik Stonk, her 14-year-old daughter, Edith, Mrs. J. II. Johnson and Carroll (iraham, a boy of 9 years, were drowned on the Sth while bathing in St. Inigue's creek, in St. Mary'i County, Md. The first balo of Louisiana cotton of the erop of 1S90 was received at New Orleans on the Sth. It classed strict middliii, and was gold at auction on the Exchange. United States Land Commissioxxb Giïokk on the Sth made an important land decisión, to tbu effect that when Indians take land on the late Sioux reservation and the survey afterward shows they are on school sections thej may hold their claims, but that whito settlers can not. The strike of the switchmen on the Mackay systom of railroads came to ao oud on tho 8th. tho company grantin)) the increased domand of wages.


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