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Nominations for Congress were mad on the 5th as follows: Illinois, Eleventb district, Bn. T. Cable (Dem.); Michigan, Ninth district, liyron McCutcheon (Rep.) renominated; Arkansas, Fifth district, 8. W. Poel (Dem.) renominated; Texas, Sixth district, Joseph Abbott (Dem.) renominated; Kansas, Second district, E. II. Kunston (liep.) renominated; lowa, Fifth district, Q. R. Struble (Rep.) renora inated. The election for members of the Legislature inOklahomaon the 5th resulted in a Republieun vietory. The North Dakota Domocratlo State convention in session at Qrand Forka on the ├Âth nominated a ticket, headed by John D. Benton, of Fargo, for Congressman, and V. N. Roach, of Larimore, for Uovernor. The resolutiona favor tarifT reform, the resubmission ol the prohibition questiou and the frea coi naife of sil ver and oppose the Lodg bilL The lowa Democratie State convention assembled at Cedar Rapids on th 6th with 90 delectes present Rev. John W. Datmu.v, for twentyfive yoars chaplain und superintendent of the schools conneeted with the Boston municipal institutions on Deoi Island, droppod dead of apoplezy on tin 6th. Coxoressiosal nomlnations wer made on the Uth as follows: Illinois, Fifteenth district, Jesse Harpur, nominated by a Joint convention of farmers, miners, Prohibitionists and Knights of Labor; Texas, Seventh district, W. H. Crain (Dem.), renominated; Missouri, Eleventh district, R. P. land (Dom.), renominated; Kansas, Third district, B. H. Clover (Karmors' Alliance); Georgia, Sixth district. James II. Blount (Dem.), renominated. The Georgia Democratie State conyention in session at Atlanta on the 7tb placed a full State ticket in the fleld, headed by V. J. Northon, of Hancock County, for Governor. The followinjj Congressional nornimtions were made on the 7th: Illinois, Fifteenth district, L. L. Lawrenca (Labor); Sixteenth district, A. J. Reeder (Farmers" Alliance); lowa, Seventh district, J. II. liarnell (Labor); Indiana, Ninth district Milton Ilandsome (Pro.); Ohio, Thlrtecn district, Irvine Sungan (Dem.).


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