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They Hare Nerer Failed ! I have been sick more or less for tbe last ten years, wliich has cost rae many dollars in doctors and druggists' bllls. Tlie last twn years it only coat me three dollars. Why? Becauaed I ned Sul phur Bitters instem] of employing doctors. They cured me of Jaundice.- F. F. Boyd, Hoboken. No man 1b riglit in bis religión who is not right iu his giving. The New DiscoTery. You have heard your friends and neighbors talklng about it. You may yourself be one of the many who know from personal experience just how good a thing it Is. If you hnve ever tried it, you are one of its stuunch friends, beciuise the wonderful Uring about it is, that when once given a trial, Dr. Kinsr's New Discovery ever after holds a place in the house. If you have never used It and should be afflicted with a cough, cold or any Tliroat, Lung or Chest trouble, secure a bottle at once and give it a fair trial. It la guaranteed every time, or money retunded. Trial bottles at Eberbach & Son's drugstore. A Kussian Niliillat is now servlng as conductor on a diaing car in thls country. A Xiliiliat, once he gets started is bound to have his fill of oarnage, and he doeen't care whether he does It with bomshells or biscuits.- Washington Post. Much Injury is done by the use of irritating, griping compminds taken as purgatiyes. In Ayer's Pilis, the patiënt bas a mild but efiectlve cat ti art ie, that can be confideiitly recoinmended alike for the most delicate patients as well as the most robust. Very few men ever break thcir necks by falling from the top of mountains. It is the little falls that are the most deadly. The First Step. Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, oan't tliink, can't do anytliiiiir ti your satisfuction, and you wonder what alls you. You should heed the warnlnir, you are taking the lirst step into Nervous Prostration. You need a Nerve Tonic and In Electric Bitters you will tlnd the exact remedy tor restoring your nervous system to lts normal, healthy condition. Surprislng results follow the use of this great Nerve Tonic and Alterative. Your appetite returns, gooil digestión is restored, and the Liver and KU1neys resume healthv action. Try a bottle. Price 50c at fcberbach & Sons' Drug Store. The weakest man is the one who is a slave to his own decires. For any case of nerrousness, sleeplessness, weak stomach, indigestión, dyspepsia, try Carter's Little Nerve Pilis Relief is sure. The only nerve medicine for the prlce In market.


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