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MASO.IO niKECTORV. ilxs Arror Comm andkry, No. IS meets flret Tuesday of each tnonth. B. I'. Watts, K. C; John II. Miner, Kecorder. Vashtbxaw Chafter, No. 6, R. A. M.- VIet.s flrst Monday each niniiili. L.C Qoodricli, H. P.: Z. Roath. Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. D. A. MacLachlan, M. D. - IIISKASKS OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THEOAT. OFFiCE AHD RESIBEKCE, 26 SOUTH DIVISIÓN STREET Hours : 1 to 4, and fi:í0 to 7:30 P. M. VOGEL & IKIIEIRItT IEALKR IN ALI KIXDS OP FRESH AND SALT MEATS Poultry, iMrd, oto, RVERYTHING NEAT and CLEAN No. 9 F. A ii n Nt., Ann Arbor. W. W. NICIIOL.S, DE1TTIST. Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savingg Bank, Opp. Court House Square. VITALIZED AZH AdmlnlBtered. It is agreeable and easy to take, and no prostraling; etlticts follow, while tueth are extraciud without pain. W1LLIAM IIERZ, House, Sign Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! i'apering, Qlazing, Gilding, and Calciminlne, and ! work of every descrlption done in the beet Btyle, and warranted to givc satiBfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St„ Ann Arbor. O. lLJEtTXlSr, 'DKALER IN CLOTH CÁSKETS, METALIC And Coramon Cofflns. Calis attented to Day or Nlglit. Kmbalmlng a specialty. Storeroom on E. Washington street. Resldeuce Cor. Liberty nd Klfth. Pr I IJ MAC_KHVIAC. Summer Tours. Palace Steamers. Low Bates. ïour Tripe por Weelc Between DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND fit. Clair, O&ktand Houae, Marín City, Every Week Day Bctwcon DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Special 8undy Tripe durine July ad Augut. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS KtM nJ iiourlon Ticket will be fiimiBtied byyourTioket Agent. orddrM E. B. WHITCOMB, Gn'l Pal. Agnt, Detroit &. Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. DETROIT. MICH. ANN ARBOR FRUIT FARM I BERBYmTO FRUIT AND ORHAKBRTAI. TREEB Pears and Grapevines a Specialty! SYHÜPS AND HOME MADE WINE. Svrups of Raspherry and of Bnrtlett Pears. Bonetétt, Dandellon and Raspbprry Wlne and Siirubs. Sweet Red and White Concord, and MarthaQrape Wines.especlally prepared Tor Invalld. Order trees and plant enrly as we get most of them from the best Eastern Nureerles. E. BAMI. WEST HUBOW KTI1KKT. THE CREAT Germán RemedyJ Ia TRUTHS FOR THE SICK.n "TmürTiöntiïïT íi.oiio ni be piiiciii BlllonsSpeUsdepend onSULFHCBBlTTBBS PHÜB UITTKK8 willl It wlll cure you. notasslst orcure. ltJ p i. ..i.,-.... .,,„■ nevor fails. W illthattireclandallgom' Cleanse the vltlatedfjj lllfccling; if so, use ,1ood when vou seel I llsri.i'HUR Bitteb8; lts lmpurittei burst-l I 111 1 1 wil 1 cure yu. injrthrough the skinl I the milla and Sl F," ',„, "■ , lfJ'Q m shops; clerka.wlio do ;lml uealtu wlU ío1 m not procure suflit-ient „ii_____lll Ite&ewM od; itwuuiu4S IMsirkly. J If vuil ilTññTTTOÍ Sl-Ll-HrBlilTTKItslll atUm, use a bottle of nuf. .vou etiougauUl I sri.i-urit Bittebs; hc;ll"'II lt lu-vcr flllla tiii'iiro. 8CLPBUB BnTEBSnl rn J)u't le withuut 11 Hl make your blood p ïgbottle. Try it; you I'", ridi and strong.M Ijl will not regret it. ■' your iU-b)i hard. 11 ll"T!iüTicsïï77ïrïïaitê Tiy sn.rm u liIT lllhcalth, wbo are all reits tn-nlt;lit, andlll Illruiulown, shoulduso you will sleep welll II 1LI" i i '" '. I u. 1 f. ■ I !■■ -■ i '■■' lt J DO you want the best Medical Work published? end 3 2-ont tiamps to A. 1'. Ordvtay & Co, Boston, Mass., and receive a copy, free. lie Farmers' l Mschanics' Bank CAFITAL $50,000. SÏÏSFLÏÏS $10,000. Aclflitional Liiabüities of Stoctliolflers $5O,OOO. Report ol the conditlon of the FARMERS' ANIÍ MECHANICS' BANK at Aun Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business July 18, 1890 RESOURCES. Loans and dlscounts 8 213,981 72 Stocks, bonds, mortgages, etc 72.261 51 Overdrafts 1,859 (18 Une frora banka in reserve cities.... 1 11,883 45 Due from Washtenaw Uounty 11 Siil 76 Bills lu transit 3.560 23 Furniture and flxlures „ 3,0 0 00 ( 'iii'i'ciit expenses and laxes pald... TS 38 Interest paid „ 4:52 IS Cheeks and cash items „.... 159 77 NU'kelB and pemiles.. t'"j "1 Gold 8,134 70 811 ver 2,912 15 I', s. and National Bank Notes 14,358 00 Total $ 351,682 39 I.IAKII,1TIE.S. Capital stock pald in $ 50.000 00 Surplus fuud 1(1000 00 Undlvlded protits 3,1 S5 Dlvidendd unpald 315 00 Commercial deposlts 242.557 53 ífavings depobits 45,550 01 Total HS1.682 39 STATK QV MICHIUAN,) County of Waahtenaw. ) " I, K. II. BELSBR, ('asüier, of the above named Bank, do solemuly swear that tbe above statement is true, to the best of niy knowledge and belief. K. H. BELSER, Cashler. Subscrlbed and sworn to before me, tliis 29th day of July, 1890. VM. W. WHEIiON, Nntary Public CORBXCT- Attest : Anibrose Ivearney, Clias. E. tïreene, D. F. Schairer, Directora. Thp ïïürnipps' 5i MppIiqiiípci' Bont lllc JPdlUlolu a ITlGbiidliiUo DdlllL having flled thelr certifícate with the State Banking Department are now authorlzid to dobusine8s as a Savlngs Bank, and In pursnance thereof nave opent d a Savings Department! Interest allowed in the savings department on uil deposite of Sl and Dpwards, interest pald June lst and Dec. Ist, of each year. The snvlngs department is open Saturday nlgiits from 7 utitil 8 o'clock. Money to loan in sums of $25 to $5,000 secnrivl by uneucumbered real estáte oí ipproved securitles. ii m: toiis K, bc K.mpr. chas. fc. reene, K. Duily, Kearney, Win. V. Mckmih, ■. K. Kreakfj , J. K. Boal, .luim Uur, D. '. Nchnirer. H. KKMPF, FrH. K. niIFFY, VIre-Pre. F. H. Itl IM1C 'hhIiIit fl SCROFU LOÜS BOY Running Sorea Covered Ui Body and IIi-ikI. lliiii-h AfTected. ii red by Cutlcura Kemedlu. Whcn sx months old. tho left Land of onr little grandchlld began to ewell, and had every appoarauce of a large boil. We poulticcd it, but all to no purpose. About live months after il becamn a rooulug eore. Koon other sores fqrmed. He !hen _ had two of (hem on each hnd, i'ji üTS. and as hls bloüd becaine SEsSkV mure uncí more impuro, it U ttak '"ok leas time for thrm to y 'Rn brriik out. A fore cnni' on rm - )9 the chin, beneath the upper f # &FL Vj lip, which was very o&ensive. V mi) e Uead was one solid scari, V. v . fw dlechaiglugHgreatdeal. This y , J- wag hia coudition at tvventyX " fi two monthg old, whcn I nnyv AV dertook the care of hlm, his I I nAKÜs molner havlüg died wíien he - J X irW was a litUe m iré than a year tmmTl . 'SSr old, of conBiimption (scrofala. of course.) He could walk a little, but coold not getupifhe feil down, and could not move when in bed, having no use of hls bande. I immediately commenced with tbe Citicuua Kemkdies, using all Ireely. Une sore after another healed, a bony mitter forminer in each one of thofu; five deep ones jnst beforeheallng, wblch would flnally growloose and wcre wken out ; then they would heal rapidly. Oneoftheüe ugly bone formations I preserved. Aft. r ukine a dozen and a half boules he wat completely cured, and is now, at the age of sil ycnre, a strong and healtby child. Mits L. S. DKIOQS, Míy 9. 1S85. G12 E. Clay St., Bloominttton, 111. My grandson remates perfectly well. No signs of scrofula and no sores. llm. E. S. DR1OOS, FE. 7, 1800. Bloomlngton, III. Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood Purlfier, internally, (to clcanne tho blood of all impuritles and poisonons elemento, and thu remove the canse) and Cuticuká, the irrcat Skin Cure, and Cuticuba Soap, an exquisito Skin lleautifier, externally, (to clear the skin and scalpand restore the bair,)cnre every disease and hum ir of the .kin and blood, from pimples to ecrofulu. Sold evcrywhere. Price Cotiouba, BOc.: Soap, 25c.; Kesolvbnt, $1. Prcpared by the Pottkr Diiuo and ChkshcalCorpobation, Boston. 5, Send for "Uow to Care Blood Diseases." DA RV'Q Skin and Scalp purlfled and beaaDnD I O tifl.d by Cuticuka Boap. Absoluteiy tur(i. M RHEUMATIC PAINS nD In one minute the Vatlcara fn Antt-Paln IMaster relieves rheu vVXmatic, sclatlc, hip. kidney, chest, aml Jk nu-rnlar palns and weaknesses.


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