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The "lodge Bill" Or As Some Call It The

The "lodge Bill" Or As Some Call It The image
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íorce uní' seems destineu to créate some trouble in the republican p:irty as a number of republlcan senators, led by Senator Quay, of rennsylvaiiia, refuse to take it up. Ilenry Cabot Lodge, who succes.-ifully carried tbis strong measure of lcgisldtion through the House of which he is a member, wa9 bom in Boston, Mass, May 12th, 1850 and received a private school and collegiate education. He süidied at Harvard college, graduated from tbc law school in 1875, recelv ing at the same time the deree of L L. B., and was admitted to the Bar in 1876. He nevcr exercised hls profession however as his raind was more bent ou literature than law. H8 writings are nuinerous and nearly all treat on history. lie has publlshed lives of Daniel Webster and Alexander Hamilton, also a History of the Enjrlish Colonles tojíctlier with m:iny other historical works. He has always taken au active intereat in politics and served two terms in the Massaclmsetts Legislatura before he was elected to the Fifticth Congress. Ele was reelfcted to the Fifty-first Congress b}' the handsaine majority 5,200 votes.


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