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Dundee has a liiuiteil appls crop. Watson Barr, of Stony Creek has a new thorough bred hog, from Pa. The new race bridge at Milán is completed and 3 very satisfactory. A lecture course ís one of the attractions MaaDetcr will offor th3 winter. Carrie, dauerhter of John Fulerton, of Augusta, di:d Aug. IGtli of consumption. Emerson CTtSXg, á pioneer ot York, ■] a prominent farmer, ilied snddenly An 16. J. R. Giimp of Milán lias been appoii t eil freight agent al Detroit lor the W basli. Sparks fiom tle etiülne while trushing, destroyed John M.ilntire's oat erop, - three miles east of Milán. Chelsea hns a populatlon of 1,336, or 200 more than 8he had ten yenrs :tgo. Chelsea is i hustler a everythiug. The anniial harvest pienic of the Germán YVorkinjíinen's Society of Manchester, occurs August 28tli, in their grove ut that place. John Bross tru'd hls new sailboat on Bi.e lake last week. John says she is a Clipper, and can outsail anythiug on the lakes. - Dexter Leader. It is only persons whocan drive a team on the polnt of a cambric needle that are afe to drive on turnpike roads where they have been turnpicked with the new wheel town road scraper. - Milán Leader. A cool, level hcaded man is the man that should liave charge of ynun;í animáis and those that are incliued to viciousness. When a man Iets - head run away wilh hiin bis team may run away too. - Enterprise. Tommy Luxton of Milán wan't satisfied with being run over by a land roller a lew weeks ago, but the otbar day he liad to tumble into the water and was only saved by a boy who kept bis head level and pulled him out. The Washtenaw republicans yesterday endorsed Congressman Alien and elected a Cali delegation to the Adrián convention favorable to liis reuominatlon, wbicb probably means bis renomination by acclamation. - Dundee Reporter. We recently saw a statement in a paper that seems Incredible but it costs nothing to test it. It is this : A bunch of red clover, bung up in a room and allowed to dry, wil I, by lts perfume, rid tbe roora of fliessoouer than any poisonous or stiky ti y paper. Clean and dry streets are botb an ornament and an advertisement to a town. Let those interested clear the streets of the weeds gointr to seed thereon, for the benefit of outíidera, insiders, and sufferera from asthma and the various forms of catirrh.- Plymouth Mail. There are not many that take any stock In tbe idea that 400 bushels of James Uuncan's wheat has been stolen from the freight depot of the D. L & N. That so large a quantlty could have been taken and tbe sruilty partles escuped detection seems incredlble. - So Lyon Picket. The Nortbville Rscord gives an account of two swindlers who go aboul the country swindling farmers, by protending to le agents for a bankrupt stock, and selling olil cast off sllver ware at good priceá and jíiving orders on imaginary stores for goods at ruinously low prices. The next meeting of the southern Waslitetiaw farmers' club will be at the resldeuce of J. G. English ou Sept. 5th, at. 1 o'eloek p. m. The programme will eonsUt of an essav by A. llitchcock, a select re.idini by W. E Pease, and discussion, "Resolved that farm life has more poetry than prose." AfHrmative, Mrs J. F. opafard; neative, Mrs. Henry Calhoun. - Manchester Enterprise. Mucli less progress bas been made In the improvement of country roads than in any otlier metbod of transportaron. Öteam and electric c.irs have brought distaut teotiatis of the country near ea:h other, but tbe country roada by which farmers convey their product to inarket, do uotshow proportionate iuiprovonieiits. Competition in transportation bas areatly cheapened the cost of marketing the products of the great West. - Chelsea Herald. Oh! the clothes press is a swell affair for garments nice and neat; the hay press is a grand machine and does its work complete the eider press is lovely with its jiiices red and swe-t, but the printing press controls the world and gets there with both feet! - Canadlun Bookseller. The presses spoken of above, aredoubtless quite sublime; but the lingering press ofone'a best slrl's waist, gets our vote every time. - Ypsllantt Commercial. That ex-presses it. Tlio=e In charge of securin subscriptions for the new M. E. chtirch, with Rev. F. Bradley as one of the chief actor?, report that tliey have secured f3,000 in pledges which, with ttie $1,500 insurance, win slve tliern f 1,500 as a starter. They don'.t propose to o above $5,000 in building expense. Tliey are now begin ning to talk np plans, and the public may be assurcil that the new church wilt not only b: a couiinodioits structure, but will add to t lic; mchitt-ctural beauty of ourtown. - So. Lyon Picket. Several reireientatives ofthe lish commission have been drawinf; a seine on the lakes, examinlng the condition of the diflerent lish. By preteiidlng to be "just comtnon ordinary citizens" and lawbreakers, tliey had no end of fun with a nuinber of zealous sportsmen who are campin?, working them up to a fever heat, and enjoyinif greatly their cbagrin when the truih ca:Tie out. Seveial nice messes of tish mollified them, however, and tickled their palate, and now they are woudering when the next commissioneis will appear. - Dexter Leader. FITTSF1ELD. Miss Lois Harwood is visiting friends in Detroit. A little son recently entered the family clrcle of Walter Fosdick. F red Webb intends to enter the A.nn Arbor high school the coming yer. Lee Stewart, of Wyandotte, was the guest of his cousin Frank Parsons, last sveek. Two weeks will be rrqulrcd to mature the coru and onion crops and secure them from the frost. The ground is in good coiidilion for plowing, much soil liavinj; been turned the past week. Rev. Barr3' will meet the Sundiy school of district No. 5 next Friday evening at b o'clock. Miss Horner, of Ypsilanti, will teach her eighth successive term ot' school at Carpenter's corners the present seasou.


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