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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OJT.F'ICK: HOUR8. I.OCAI. TIMS. General 7.10 a m tn 7 n p -w Mouey-Order and Keü - ' 7i iry Departmeuu 8.00 A. m. to S.00 P. M. 8undaya 9 00 a. m. to 1U.00 a. m. Q0INQEA8T. L Dnfa _ ' I UTKD. Detroit & Chicago R. P. 0 7 30 a m Kxpress Pouch to Detroit 7.15 a"m iift ruit & Qraud Raplds Detroft Chicago 'rÏP.'Ó.I öV.p.m B.'sof!' Detroit &Chlcas)H. P.O. hm y. M Ezpreas Pouch to Detroit 8.00 p. m GOINQ WEST. Detroit Chicago R. P. O. . . 7 30 A M Detroit & Chicago B. P. O. 8 55 A. ir'. SuaÍm! Detroit, Three Rivera, & Chicago R. P. 0 10.35A. M. 11.30 A. M. Express Pouch lrom Detroit SOOp v Detroit A (inin.l Raplds B. P. 0 5.55 p. M. 6.30PM Detroit & Chicago K. P.O. S.OÜp.m GOINQ NORTH. Copemlsh Toledo R.P.O. 7 30a.m. 8.15 a. jc. Kxpresb Pouch froiu Tollo 6J5OP.M. QOINQ SOUTH. Rxpress Ponch toTolelo. 11.25 A. M Kxpress Pouch from Duninil & EastSagluuw B. P.0 12.80P.K. Copemlsh ToledoB.P.O. 8.00 P. M. .m A. K. EUOENK E. BKAL, tinn Arbor, MlcA., Jane, Í8S0. Postnuuter.


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