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At the ineetlng of the school board thi3 eyening the report for the year will be submlttcd. The figures for the year show the followii'g receipts and expendlturcs: RECEH'TS. Cash as per Rep. balance ♦ 831 3J Tultion forsumraer vacation -ï ïï Iuterest at Savinus Bank ' ■.''' For old stairs sold 2 Llbrary flne money Jj Fireln. Co's loases paid Prliuary Hchoul monles S.SUa -' Rent of hall „ 7 52 Taxesfrom Ann Arbor townshlp.... l.Wi ', Treas. city of Ann Arbor 28,ilW 6b Counly Trea. llb. fund Rcfundlug lor books „,i J5J Tulllon 7,013 iQ 43,3 Í0 '7 EXI'ENDITURES. Teachers Í27.3U 00 Other Salarles J"0 u Bondsand Interest 5.1' Insurance Janltors IA" Qas lío H Ltbrary Books , gg 80 puel 1,200 50 New bülidlne.ï.V.'. '.'.'...'. ,012 S0 Water rental. , l ï Improvements ifSS 5 Repairs and Incidentals jyiUH 816,491 33 Thls Shows an apparent deficiency of of $3,151.06, whlch comes frora the expenditure, during thls year, of over $G,000 for the new buildiug. At the lnst nnnual meeting the board was authorIzed to make a temporury loan of $5,000 to complete and furnish the new building, which they have not done. Had they made this loan as authorized there would have boen a balance on hand, but it was thought best to let the auntial meeting provlde for the differonce as it might be deemed best. Aside from the amount neceasary to finish and furnish the cliapel the expenditures for the year have been ubout as usual.


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