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Farmer's Picnic

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Lust Saturday the 12th annuil picnic of the Farmer's of Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland and Livingston counties, was held at Wliitoiore Like. The day was a triüe chilly but the vast assemblage of G,000 or more people maile the atmosphere quite liiimid. Music was furnished by the Superior Grange Band whlch made :i line appcurance in their brlght, new uniform?, and executed some excellent pleces. Dinner whs served n the grove, and tuere was abundance for all. The exercises at the speaker! stand were opened by a song f roin the Walker Glee Club, of Salem, f ollowed wlth prayer by Uev. J. M. Gelston, of Ann Arbor. After a song by the South Lyon Glee Club, President Russell V. lieeves, congr.aulated the crowd on its size and good look?, and then introduced the flrst speaker, Hon. R. W. Coleman the state lecturer of the Farmer's Alliance of MissIssippl. He was a good speaker and kept the audlence well in hand. His speocli pleased the democrats very much, cvidently, for the3' are loud in their praises thereof. The next speaker was Hon. A. S. Partridge, of Flushing, who Í3 grand president of the Patrons of Industry of Michigan, and candidate for governor on the prohibition ticket who of course vranted all their votes. The üflieers elected for the ensuiiii: year are : President- H. D. Platt, of Plttsfleld. Secretary - Hlram Thayer, of Ypsllantl. Trcatiurer- Henry Plnckney, of Webster. ExecullvB Commlttee- Geo. A. Peters, Scio. Atnns Pbelp. Dexter. O. R. Pattenglll. Plymouth. 8. P. Grldley, Ypsilanti. Peter Olll, Superior, George McDoueall, Superior. Peter Cook, York. N. C. Carpenter, Ypsilantl. E. E. Leiand, Northflt-ld. E, B. Anus. South LyoD. Geo. Renwlck, New Iludson. H. Plnckney, Hamburg, C. M. Starka, Webster. C. Klshbeck, Howell. W. R. UamlltoD. Worden. 8. J. Springer, Plymouth, E. T. Walker, Salem. H. R. Homes, Northville. C M. Wood, Audersou. W. II.GIenn, Chelsea. C. H. Wlnes, Chelsea. T. DeKorust, Aun Arbor. N. E. Sutton, Nortlifleld. Wm. Ball, Hamburg. W. D. smiih, Dexter. E. A. Nordmaii, Lima. Olies Lee, Brlghton. The Minnis orclicstra played at Steven 's Liko house last Saturday for 193 couple. It Is said that Ypsilanti's ce factory elght tons per day of that luxurious art iele. II. B. Dewey, lit. '!)0, was elccted secretary of the Shlawassee County Board of School Examiners at Owosso, yesterday, after an all day's session. The now refrigerator comi)any lias been Hurd from. It lias not Advaace-d very much. In fact the Aan Arbor stockholders have been frozen oul, as it were. Duluth has lowered tlie temperature considerably, and the work=, together with Mr. Huid will probably be Hurd from here no more forever. The euterprise was of short breatu and easily suc cumbed to the cold nortli wind. In otlier words, the Anti Arbor people feel that they luive been left out in the eold. The plant - or proposed plant - will go to Duluth. The grounds and purtially constructed building will probably bc purchased by a new furniture factory company. The outcome of the refrigerator enterprise Is rejiretted by m st of our citizens, who had hoptd that a new industry wonld be added to our city.


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