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ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST. SGUIRSB l MILLE!! Our first shiptnent of new Fall Silks, Dress Goods, Velvets, Flannels, Cloaks and Curtains jmNOW OPEN. ar BLACK - DRESS - GOODS We offer values which readily commend themselves on inspection. 15 pieces Vel vet Finish Black SilkWarp Henriettas at 90c, $1.00 J1.25 and 1.50 per yard. 20 pieces Satin Finish Black all Wool Henriettas at 50c, 65c, and 75c per yard. Beautiful Satin Stripes at 50c, 75c and $1.00 a yard. 10 pieces Mohair Brilliantines at 40c, 50c and 75c a yard. 5 pieces doublé Warp Black Surah Silks at 50c, 60c, 75c, 85c and $1.00 a yard. Every lady wants a new Cloth Dress, always useful, ahvays fashionable. 25 pieces 36-inch all Wool Suitings at 25c a yard. 18 pieces 5o-inch ladies' Cloths at 50c a yard in choice new feil shades. 10 pieces more Silk Warp Henrieitas $1 25 quality for S5C a yd. High Class Novelty Drcss Goods for Autumn Wear. Cloth Plaids and Stripes, Tartán Plaids, French Plaids and Stripes, Scotch Plaids, Wool Henriettas in new fall shades at 50c and 75c per yard. 50-inch Broadcloths at 75c a yd. 15 pieces Brocade and Stripe Satins, $1.25 quality for 75c a yd. 50 pieces good quality Calicóes for Comforts 3c a yard. 50 pieces Satin Finish Comfort Calicóes at 5c a yard. 100 bales choice white Cotton Bats at ioc and z%c. In our Cloak Room ladies you will find ie styles new fall Cloth and Stockinett Jackets. They are really exquisite in Design and Finish. Handsome ? I should say they were, made in full Parisian style. A Jacket always filis the Bill. Our Jackets fit so well and are finished so perfectly that they are just what they are, the Garments of Garments. Wc also show an elegant line of Shoulder Capes so fashionable in Paris and New York. Astrachan Capes, $3. 50 to L10.00. Plush Capes, $5.00 to $15.00. Leaders of Low l'rlccs. SC & MlLLEN. CHAS. STABLER 6 CO, qtJ INTERIOR H S BfCliflü Pj NEW ffi. o g NEW STOCK, y Ví &ƒ yrar's btrd ncsts. -v _ Everything ?ir?c, neat and V.J m -tv?. í W papers are C C-J rtíí spring sfyes. u) Ipj ÑO 0 LD STOCK! ! H n íí aíí) c7-o' (7 hne C - ƒ of all lints mixed LJ " rcadyfor he brush. m H ;H CHAS, F. STABLER k CO, ' No. 6 Hurón St., West. J. J. GOODYEAR No. 5 8. 15A1N si. ?á5ji"g''yv. " ■ ■ - . DRÜGGIST It wlll bf to your advantage i culi upon lilïn bpforo piirohaHlng QfRÜGS, CHEMICALS, MEQICIJÏES. PRESCRIPTIONS! accurately and earefully prepared by the most competent Phariuaclató. THe flnent lino of gooda in all depari meatSi to bc found ia a drus store


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