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;WHY! YOUB MVHR IS OUT OF ORDER Ton wUl have SICK HEADACHKS, PAUTS IN THE STDE.DYSPKPSIA. POOK APPETTTE, foei HsUcbb and unable to get thronpb yoox dally work or social onjoynieuts. Ulo will be a burden to you. HLC.l(eLAflï8 - CEIiEBBATElSi fflU cure yon, drive tho POISON ont of Pjur system, and mako you tronor and well. hey cost only 25 cents a box and may safo f onx Ufe. Can be had at any Drug Store. Boware of Codhtebïeits made In 8t. Louls.g vory"polJshm 1 . PERFUME8 THE BREATH. A8K FOR tT. FLEMING BROS.! - Pittsburgh, Pa, CARTER'SI CURE Bick HeaiJache and roltovo all tho tronóles ineídont to a bilious Btate of tho syatem, such aa DizzineRS, Nausea, Drowsluess. Diatroaa aftor eatiug. Pain in tha Silo, c. Whüo thuir moet remarkable succoss has boon Bhown iu curing SICK üeadaoho, yot Cartor'Ë Littlo Livor Pilla ara cqually valuablo ia Coiistipation. curing and proventing thisannoyincoiaplaint.whilo they also correct all disorders of thostomachtimulate tha livor and regúlate tho bowela. Evon if they only HEAD Ache they would bo almoatpricelossto those who Boffer f rom thia diatresHing complaiut; brflfortunately theirgoodiicaadoes uotondhero.andthosa whooncetry thoin will flnd thoae little pills valuebleln Bomany waya tbat Ihoy will not bo willing to do without them. But af ter allsick hoa4 ACHE Is the bane of eo many lives that here la where we make our great boast. Our pilla cure it whila othora do not. Carter'a Little Liver Pills aro very small and Tory easy to take. One or two pilla makea doso. They aro Btrictly vegetablo aud do not gripe or pume, butliy their gentío action plenno all who uso 'them. Invialsat 25 cents ; flvefor$l. Sold by druggists overy whro, or sent by niaiL CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PUL SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRIGE WHAT SCOTT'S SggSSÏÏ?1 EMULSIÓN ?gS2SS1TIS PIIDCC COLDS UUnCO Wasting Diseases Wondorful Flesh Producer. Many have gained one pound per day byits use. Scott's Emulsión is not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulating properties of the HypophosÏ hites and pure Norwegian Cod iver OU, tne potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Druggists. 6COTT A BOWNE. Chemlsts. N.Y. To cure Biüousness, Siok üeadache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy, SJVEITH'S BILE BEANS Use the SMAL!, Size (40 ! il I li Beans to the bOttle). TIIEY ARE THE MOST CONVKMIENT. Siti1lo tor #11 AgOB. Price of eitlicr wize, 25c. per Bottle. [ lNNAT(-ll'U PANEL SIZE. J.F.SMITH 4,C0.Mkcraof-BiLE beans, ST.IOUIS MO. CREAM PRUNES A very pleasant Lax.itive, made froin the juice of Fresh Iruneï coinbined wïih ■ . armless tabl iiiuH-iÏM-nis of we!l kncvn and bigmy medicinal qualitics, put up in the for ■■■ of CREAM DROPS, Making a very valuable prcparation FOR INFANTS and CHILDREN, Asímílating ihe food and Regulatfag the Stomach tind ''ow l& lt Pronotes Digestión, Cheerfulness and Rest IT IS A WOrOERFUL REISEDY WorC NSTIPATION, S )UR STOMACH, CONVUL8IQNS, LOSS Cl" SLEEP V.OÍíMS. ' FE ERISHNES, Etc. P ce 2G Certs. BBIOGS MEDIcfr '. CO., i.' ..:,ut, N. JU FOR SALE . v EBERBACH & SOS. AHH ARBOR. Rnbber Khoefl nnlefli ronx uncomtortablj tluht geuerally allp off tbo toet. THE 'COLCHESTEE" BüBBER CO. mske all thelr ihoea wlth bnlde of heel Ilned wHh rubber. ThlA cllnj?8 to the tíioo and urovcuu üio rubber trom Allpping off. CaU tor the Oolchetr " "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR SAI.E Bï WM. ALLABY, L. GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHART&CO. DOTY & FEINER, A. D. SEYLER & SON Ajsrnr arbor.


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