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Thk bilí gninting a right of way througta eertaln liim'.s o( the Unilrd States In Utah and the liiil to authorizc the Secretary of the Interior to procure and submii to Congress proposals the sale to the United States of the west'-rn part of the Crow Reservation in Montana were taken up, amended and passed by the United Status Seríate on the 19th. The tarlff bill was f urt uer discussed. . . In the House a motlon to lay on the table the motion made some days UK" to ruconslder the motion by which the Nat McKay relief bill was passed was agreed to. The bill to amend the allen land law was discussed, but no action was taken. The Agrlcultural College bill was then taken up for discussimi and passcd. Tmk resolution providing for an adjournment after the passage of thetariff bill was discusscd in the United States Senate on the iOth. but no action was taken. The House amendment to the agricuïtural college bill and the meat-lnspection bill were concurrcd In. The tariff bill was furthor discussed In the House the bill toexempt mining land f rom the alien land law was lald on the tabie. The bill for the djustment of accounts of workmen and mechanics under the eight hour !aw was then taken up, no action being taken. The resolution calling for iuformation as to Russia"s proscription of Jews was reponed and adopted. The House then discussud the Senate meatinspeetlon bill. A BILL was introduced in the United States Senate on the 21st by reqüest of the Farmers' Alliancc to pr.ivide for banks of deposit. A telegram was presented from the members of the Grant Monument Association in New York protesting a;;iiiiit the proposed removal of General Grant's remains to Washington. Tha House ameudment to the Senate bill to authorizc the construction of a bridge across the Mississippi river at some point between the mouth of the Illinois and the mouth of the Missouri was concurred in. The tarifl bill was further discussed. ... In the House a bilí was passed to changed the tfme of the sessions of the circuit am district courts for the Western district of Missouii; also one ainending the act authorizing the construction of a bridge across the Rjd River of the North. The lard relining bill was further discussed, no action being taken. THB resolution to pronibit the sale of intoxlcating liquors in the Sonate restaurant was taken up by the United States Senate on the 22d. bul owin tu the ulisvnce of lts author went over without action. Considcration of the tar[ff bill was resumcd In the House the conference report on the bill making the eppropriation for an mcréased clerical forcé to carry out the provisión of the dependent pension law was agreed to. Tiie House then went into commlttee of the wholc on Senate amendments to the river and hurbor bill. At the cvening session private pension bilis were considered. DOMESTIC. Thiiid Vicb-Pbksidknt Werb, of the New York Central railroad, declared on the 19th that his company was ready to spend L-.2,000,000 to defeat the present strike. It was thought that the determination of the Central company to defeat the strikers would result in the extensión of the strike to all the Vanderbilt lines. The reunión of the (ierman Veteran Association of North America at Davenport, la., closed on the 19th. Fort Wayne, Ind., was solocted as the next meeting place. Qartwing Schmuck was electod president of the association. The thirty-flfth animal convention of Gorman sociotios. in session in Baltimore, adoptrd a resolution on the 19t)i protesting ajrainst all laws enacted atfainst purochiai schouls. It was eslimatcd on tho 19th that the spring wheat erop of 1890 in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and tho Dakotas would asrgregata 12, 000,678 bushels, or about 3,000,000 busbels less than last year's. erop. Tije corner stone of a monument to Davy Crockett was taid at LawrencoburL, Tenn., on 19 th. THEexecutivecominittceof the Grant Monument Association in New York reported snbsoriptions on the 19th to the amount of 5147,112.05. The striko at the New Jersey Steel & Iron Company'a worfes at Trenton camp to an end on the lüth, the tornas of the having been accepted. A BA.TTI.K between villasre and railroad autlioritios at Continental Crossing, O., on the lVth over the right to run a sowor undor the railroad track rosulted in the lnjitrjr of forty persons. Two hundrod mon were engaged on each side. Tuk thirty-ninth annual meetin(f of the American Associution for the Advancement of Science couvonod at Indianapolis on the 19th. The largest illicit distillery in Arkansas, located in Pike County, was deBtroyed by United States ollicers on the 19th. The population of Missouri was officially enumerated on the lüth at 2,788,000, a gain of 019,030 in the last decade. Chii.dbfn playinff in a harn at Akron, O., on tho 2Jth reported to a man that a skunk was under a hay pilo. lie thrust a pitchfork into the hay and impaled a negro with fatal effeets. He was identified as John Williams, an escaped convict from the Ohio penitontiary. The population of the State of Washington was otticially announced on the 20th at 346,000. Ten years ago it was 75,116. A verdict of murder in the flrst degree was rendered on tho 20th at Parkersburg, W. Va., against Mrs. Mary Morpan for the murder of her band, and she was senlencod to be hanged. Fike at Atlanta, Ga., on the 20th destroyod the f actor y oí Gholstoin, Hass & Guthman, mattress manufacturers. Loss, $75,000. . A fivk-koot voin of rich silver ore was said on the 80th to have been discovered near Duluth at a depth of forty-two feet The thirteenth annual meoting of Ihe American 15ar Association convened at Sara toga, N. Y. , on the 20th.' The number of persons killed by the recent cyclone at Wilkesbarre, Pa., wa3 said on the '30th to be fourteen, and ton were fatally injured. The number of buildings destroyed was estimated at over 400, and the loss of property woiUd exceed $1,000,000. MrcHAKl, and Jane Loser, an a?ed couple of 70 years, living at Dubuque, Ia., were remarried on the 21st for the third time. They quarreled and separated twice. Both appeared to be plcased to be asain united.


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