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Upon Being Reprimanded By Her

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ther on the 'liii Urne Walker, 17 years old, living in St. Louis, went into her room and swallowed a dose of arsenic, dying an hour afterwards. The Thousand Island Park Hotel and twenty cottages at Thousand Island Park, on the St. Lawrence rivor, oro burned on the morning of tho 21st. Loss, $150,000. An explosión of powdor at the Standard Cartridge Company's works, four miles south of liluo Island, 111., on the 21st resulted in the killing of one man and the in jury of twenty mon, boys and gids. 1!y tho blowing down of street railway sheds at Philadelphia on the Bist, four persons were killed outright and sovoral othors were fatally injured. Fivk menibers of a pleasure party were drowned by the upsetting of their boat off Whitestown L. L, on the 21st. Maskf.d burglars entered the residence of Michael Shelby, a farmer resvding near Wooster, O., on the 21st and bound and gagged the family and stolo (4,000. By the colhsion of a freight and passenger train at Carbondalo, 111., on the Illinois Central road on the ülst Charles Mitchell, the freight conductor, was killed. B. H. Cooks &Co., clothingmerchants of Nashvillo, Tenn., made an assignment on tho 21st Liabilities, $200,000; assets, The Blue Grass Palace Exposition was oponed art Crestón, Ia., on the 'Zint by Governor Hoies. At Cassopolis, Mich., on the morning of the 21st James Matthews killed Mr. John Matthews for refusing to marry him. He then shot himself in the head, inflictinjr a fatal wound. A freigiit train on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad telescoped a passenger train at Paola, Mo., on the 21st, killing Pullman Conductor Camp and seriously injuring Engineer Woodward. It was said on the 22d that great destitution prevailed ainong the farmers in Aparahoe, County, Col., and that betweon 500 and 800 people were In a starving condition, the entire failure of crops beinggiven as the cause. Severe frosts wore reported in Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba on the22d, and fears were entertained that great damage had been done to crops. Wii-LIAM Alkxandku, a 17-year-old mulatto, was lynched near Baton Rouge, La., on the 22d for attempted assault on a 11-yoar-old white pirl. The special agent sent to Oklahoma by Secretary of the Interior Noble returned on the 22d and confirmed the stories of destitution existing there and said help should be sent at once. Acak on the Mount Penn Gravity railroad at Reading, Pa., ran away on the 22d with oighteen passengers on board, making the descent in throe minutes, and rolled down a flfty-foot embankment at the end of the track. Four persons were killed, two fatally and others seriously injured. In jumping from an engine that had become unmanageablo on the Denver, Utah & Pacific railroad near Lyons, Col., on the 22d threo men were killed and others seriously hurt. About 20U engineers, flremen and switchmen employed by the Union Stock Yards Switching Association of Chicago struck on the 22d for an increaso in wages and moro rest on Sundays. The business failures throughout the country during the seven days ended on the 22d number 192, as compared with 197 the preceding wook and 2Ó0 for tho corresponding week last year. Tuk air-brakes of a freight train standing on a grade at Suminit, Cal., gave way on tho 22d and the train dashed into another freight train at Cascade, killing four men. Two yoi'no men were killed by the premature discharge of a cannon in a ham battle at Athens, Pa., on the 22d. People in Northwest Wyoming were excitcd on tho 22d over rich tinds of gold in the Tongue river field and there was a stampede from tho surrounding country. Fikk at Groten, S. D., on the 22d destroyed nearly all the west half of the business portion of the town, entailing a loss of $150,000. In a trotting match for 85,000 at Washington Park, Chicago, on the 22d Palo Alto defoated Jack in three straight heats, the last being made in 2:13, th tastest time on record in a match. Near Shelbyvllle, Mich., on the 32d . llarnum & Uailey circus train broke in two. A car platform was torn out, aad two men woro thrown under tha wheols and killed.


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