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The Democrats of the Fif th Louisiana district on the 19th nominated Charles J. Boatner to sucoeed himself in Congress. A. L. Tilden was nominated at the Democratie convontion of Erie and Crawford counties at Cambridge, Pa. RieruBLicA.K8 in State oonvention on the 20th at Milwaukeo, Wis., nominated a full ticket, with W. D. Hoard at lts head for Governor. President Habrison cclebratod hi9 57th birthday on tho aoth with his family at Cape May, N. J. The Harían family held a reunión at Eichmond, Ind., on the 20th, representatives from about a dozen different States being in attendance, including Justice Harían, of the United States Supreme Court The association numbors about 7,000 persons. Congressional nomination.s were made on the UOth as follows: Kansas, Seventh district, Jerry Simpson (Dem. and l'eoplo's); California, Second district, A. Cammette (Dem.); Iowa, Eleventh district, A. Westfall (Farmers' Alliance); Seventh district, James B. Weaver (Dom.); Ninth district, N. H. Bowman (Farmers' Allianco); Mississippi, Third district, A. C. Catchings (Dem.), renorainated; Indiana, Fifth district, W. R. Shelt (Pro.); Alabama, Seventh district, W. H. Forney (Dem.). Thk Democratie State convention of North Carolina, in session at Raleigh on the 20th, nominated a ticket with A. S. Merriman at its head for Supreme Court Judge. The Democratie State convention of California, in session at San José on the 21st, nomiiiaicd K. R. l'ond, mayor of San Francisco, lor Governor.


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