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IIow lt Was. At the bittle of Uettysburg, I was shot through tlie left leg and was sent to the hospital. The army eurgeons relieved me but pronounced my case incurable. I disclmrjfed pieles of booe, and for years I hiive suffered wilh a running eore. I tried everytliin wliich my limited means wonld illow, and experieneed no reliif uu til I trled Sulpliur Bitters. I im now nlinost well and shall continue lluir use. - Old Soldier. A genuine bibliopliile is a rich man who cures a great deal more for books than he does for wlmt is in them. - Somerville Journal. Take Care ! There is Danger Iu allowlng lnactlvlty of thekidneys togrow through neglect. The deadly Bhoals of BrlRtil's illstuse and diabetes will wreek the gooüly bark of healtli lf lt Is allowed to drift rudderless upon them. The bladder, too, lf liiactlve and Judlclou medlcatlon does not spedlly ulrect the helm toward the port of eafety, wlll be whelraed by the qulcksand of dlaeawe. In selectlng a díuretic, let your cholee fall upon Hostetter's Blomach Bitters, whlch stlmulates the renal orguus without Irrltatlne and excltlng them, two effects to be appreneniled from the unmedicated stimuli largely resorted lo. These have a tendency to react prejudlclally. The Bitters Invigórate the Rldneys and bladder. Incommon wllh the nerves and the dlgestlve organs, and o afford lastlng ld. lt also affords dual asststance in preventlng and curlng lntermlttent and remlttent Tever. Billousness, constipatlon ane rheumatlsm lt also subjugatea.


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