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Civil Service Examinations

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Tlitre will bc an examinatinn in Detroit, on Oct. 25tli, 1S00, of applicants for the ilrpai tment service at Washington. Persons wlm. In addiiion to ordlnary clerical qiiaĆ¼tications, po.sess a knovsiede of steuojtraphy and type-writing are urped to attend. Nearly all those of lioth sexes who liave paased in both subjects bave been appointed, umi there is an increased demaml. The entrance grades are usually $!)O0, $1,000, and $1,200. The exaniination In stenography consiste of exeicises in dlctation, mul at least 85 words a minute must be wrltten correctly. In typewritin a speed of 25 words a minute is required. These examinations are supplementiiry to tlie clerk and copyist exnininatioiis, one or other of which must be taken as a basis. Applleatits must be under twenty years ot age. Application papers and instruclioi)8 should be reqnested of the Uuited States Civil Service Cotnmission at Washington, D. C. It Is a raelancholy fact and much to b repretted that good people who want only what isright often get what is left. - Dallas News.


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