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A $20,000,000 University

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Menlo Park letter in San Francisco Examiner: The Lelnnd Stanford Junior Uuiversity is loeated at Palo Alto, Santa Clara Coiuity, Cal., on the Southern Pacilic railroad, within tliirty-five minutes' ride of San Francisco. The deed of trust conveys for the benefit of the institution 83,000 acres of land, comprisins gome of tlie most valuable estates in California, the products of whicL wil! inure to the benefit of the institution. Since the death hi only child, Leiand Stanlord, Jr., it has beeu the sole aim of the Senator's life to found au Institutlonof learniiij? in thls state which Bhould be eqnal to all and if possibrle excel the best collejre in the world, 'i'o tliia end be draujrhlcd and secured the enactment of a law for the protection of all endowrnents that muy be made in the future for educational instituttona in California. Since that time his Utention has been larely paid to the perfectlon of his plans for the founding of tliis jreat educational center. He is at present visilinjt the great educational and : art centers of the old world for enlarged lUt'jis concerning its perfection. When completed tliere will be no branch of tlie arts, science, or mechanica that will not be taught, and to these educational advantnges male and female will be equally entitled. The institution, by the munificent salaries it will be able to ])ay, will draw to t force of educators the most famous and talented professors on the fjlobc and the splendid climate of the stction of country in wliicli the univeraity is situated will, in no small degree, tend to induce the j;reat professors of the east and Europe to accept clwira in its departnients. Thorough instruction will hu given in palntlng, sculpture, drawlng, desigu, etc. A rand conservatory of inuslc, under the direction of the most famous masters ofllalyand Eurorje, wliich will afford the bost mtuical education to be had in the world, will be ODe of the particular features of tliis iustitut of technies. There will also be a school of aleonantes, which will turn out all frailes in tliis eins?, from the common artisau to the sclentlílc civil eojjlneer anti master machinist, and inrlude Instructlon in :ill grades of eclentlHc draaghtlng and irdiitecture. Oae of tbe Import uit branches of the institution will be A SCHOOL 01" AORICCLTUKB, tn wblcü will be atUichtd u farm, tlie 8oiJ aiulol'iuale of which will product' any of the agricultura] or horticultura! products of tlie tempre:ite or semi-tnipie ZOUes. Amoni; the valuable idjuncrs of tlie Dstitutlon are to be a splemlid museum, and librarles containing the brst h orks pertaining to tlie vuriuus departtnents of learning. And this ia not uil. When the time comes, as iteventually 11, that University park and vlciuity becoines an educatioual center, the inteution ot Senator Btanfortl Isteerect buildings for preparatory schools, In order that people residinff there muy have facilü ifs for educating their younger children up to the Standard at which pupila will be admitted to tlie bigber couiscs, endowed wltb 20,000,000. iSuch in brief ai e its comprehensiva and benelicent features. To carry out its piovisious anti details the senator bas set aaide eome $20,000,000 of bis fortune. The main endovvnient Is by will, in which ihe tiusiees of the university are made the reeiduary legKtees. The trustees terro without compensatiou, and have no power to sell or convey nny of tlie real propeity. Btudents are to be admitted at the lowest possible pxpense, and wbilc the articlea of endowinent prohibit sectarianism, tliey direct that there shall be taught Ihat there Is an allwise benevoleut üotl, iiid that the soul is immortal. Duriiij; their lives the university shall be under the control of Senator and Mrs. Sumford, as they are named as trustees, bnt the runt provides that they cannot sell or encumber the property in any way, and that it is devised forever. It was for tb is reason that Senator Stanford feit iverse to poiiifr into the United States sinnte, le8iring to devote the remalnder of bis life excluslvely to the institution he has founded, and to give it bis care and tbe direction which be thinks it ought to have; but tbe Senatorship carne to him In such a manuer that be feit be was not free to decline. Now that he bas dedicated bimself and a lurge portion of bis property to the use of the State bis metliods as a Senator will hardly be misunderstood. 'J'hese college and all otber buildings are being constructed on a plan admitting of expansión aud additions whenever necessary. The prreat estáte of Palo Alto, on which the university is located, with its magnifloeot distances, beautit'ul scenery, lruilful soil, rich productive powers, and excellent locatton, forms one of the finest private propcrtieJ in the United Stales. Unlikt; otber large ranches in ttils state, it Is not compoted of a Bpanfsb grant, but is tbe rt'sult of the cousolidation of several tarros into one.


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