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How To Run The Statutes

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Lansino, Oct. 20.- The attorney-general lias given liis opinión upon tlie steps neccessary for carrying out the provisions of the new election law. It says the pro visions of section 5 are so plain that comment is uuneccasary. White the secretary of state has the supervisión and control of the printlng of the tickets, he can have tli' ui printed itany place or any nuinber of places in the state he sees lic and that appears to be necessary. Any elector hus the right to take any siich ticket and make any sucli changes thereon as he desires. The chairnian of the board of inspectora s!ia!l announce in a lou.l voice the name of the elector when presenting himself so that it may be uoderstood who proposes to vote; if the inspectors are satisfied lic is legally qualitied, the ballot must be taken and aeposited in the box, whether it is one furnished by the secretary of state or not, provided it is in size and color of the regulation ticket. The inspectora have no authority while theelector is in the aot of voting to questlon its legality, provided he presenu a single folded ballot of the regulation slze and color. The challengers shall be nssigned a place imroediately adjoining the Inspectora and inside the rai'.ing and fence. Any elector at the polling place, onlslde the raillng, may challenge any person he thinks not a legal voter, ;liUl such action is not contiued to the regular challenger. Tbere inu-t bu a gatekeeper at eich gate and the entrance gnte mu3t be at the end of the raiüngand the exit as far removed from it s possible. The provisión for the construction of booths is mandatory, and If the election in any township or voting precinct liuving 100 votéis is held without compliance with thls tiie eleclion wil) be void. The inspectora have the authority to limit the time that a voter may remain in a booth to not less than one minute nor more than five, and have the authority to direct the ;ate-keeper to enfoice the rule. Any elector has the right to have hls ticket with kim before he enters the booth, and he is not under any h-jfal duty to tuke any of the tickets luruished by the inspector?, but may est a ballot that he has taken inside the raillng with him when he enters, providins; he has passed throuifh the booth so that he has liad all opportiinity to change bis ticket or alter it unobserved by anybody. If the elector is blind or illitcrate, he can have a iriend aid him In fixing his ticket or see that he gets the ticket that he desires to vote. There is no direct provisión in the statute that the cominittees shall dellver any ballots to the inspectora, but it ia presumed that all the cominittees who are interested in the elccüons will see that the necessary ballots aro delivered to the inspectora to b? p'aced in the booths. They ihould have doois at each opening, so tliat they can be clostd and the elector entirely secluded from the obsei 'vation of any one while in the booth. It is the duty of the s cretary of state to see that the lawful ticket is iiled with the county clerk. Any veter lias a right to t ike nny ticket that hns a county ticket RJMB t and vvrite upon it the Damea of the candldates tbr whom he wishes to vote for tlie connty offlces, atter reading the Dame pïlnted thereon, or he may put the same om by pasters nr slip?,or he may have a cnuDty ticket of hls own and p:.s e il over the county ticket, or any other ticket and vote it, and tbe vote, no doubt, uill be )erl and raust be counted. There can be no qucstiou that any leg il voter may take any autliorlzed tickets and substitute the name of any person he disires to vote tor, even if he substitute a name fof evety office on the ticket. If he can slip one name he can slip the whole, :ind the ticket in quetion would be vulul when c:ist and should be counted, the rame as if it bad been changed. Wlifii :i vnter changes liis ticket by puttlnfi on pasters or slips he does it because lie wants to malee the ticket conform to whii t ba des-ires, and there is no fraud or wroni; perpetrated, and the act is legal. Shonld tu y party have only a state ticki-t or any party only a county ticket in field i" iiny county, sueh parties Ciiii have their tickets lurnislied by the stcretary of state, as here stated, by fiÜDg n vifiiette with tlie secretary of state, and and can either vote that ticket alone or paste it on any other ticket. Tlie Ka'ekeeper is held to have the power of a constible for maintaining peace and qiüet at the polls on election day.


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