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A man claiming to be from Ann Arbor givIng the name of Jones, who saya he is a republlcan and a member of the O. A. K. Post at Ann Arbor, Is travellng about the country wlthhorseand wagón, trylng to créate diseentlon araong republlcan Roldlers. He tells oí a great dlsaffecilon In Ann Arbor, whlch in fact does not exist, and tells woelul tales about Capt. Alien as a candidato. He falla to accoinplisb hls object as he goes through the conntry, althongh he grcutly misrepresents Allen's record on pension leglslatlou.-Hudson Post. Brand him wherever lie goes as a fraud, for he is one. No such man belongg to the post here. The story he tells about the disafïeetion here is also a lie. Such conteinptible skunks ought to be transported on tickets of leave. The Northwestern I.mversity, in the election of Henry Wade Hogers L. L. D., as its president, affords another illustratlon of the tendency of the times to cali young men and laymen to the presidency of institutions of learning. The new president was bom in Oneida coonty, New York, Oct. lOth, 1853. In 1869 lie entered Hmnilton College, and later on graduated frorn the University of Michigan. He then taught school for tvvo years in BnfïUlo, studyinjr law in bis spare time, and was admilted to the bar in 1877 removing shortly afterwards to Minneapolis. In 1883 he was appolnted professor of the Michigan Law school. At the ttme Mr. Itogers was elected professor he was offered the editorship of one of the leading law journals, but declined it, He hiis been however a frequent contributor to legal periodicals aüd h:is written a work on expert teatiaiony, a êecond editiou ot which is now goiug through the press. Mr. Itogers is a niember of the Methodist church, if he had not been he would hardly have been elected the president of what is probably the foremost university belonglng to that denouiination. Altogether Professor Rogers, or President Hogers as he ought now to be styled, is oae of the most distinguislied jurists of our day and one raay safely predict for hini a brilliant future in the broader field of usefulness now opened to him. Entire new registrution, luesday, Oct. SSth. Ecerybody must register or ose tJteir vote. The only congressmen from this state who opposed the silver law were Messrs. Chipman and Whittng- botli democrats. And the passage of this bill put into the pockets of the farmers of thia country $100,000,000 the democratie New York Sun says. Col. Dean and Win. M. Osband make a pretty good te;im speaking at meetings throughout the county. A list of thelr appointments is as follows: Webeter Town House, Oct. 23; Salem Station the 27th; Lyndon Town House 28th; Sylvan Centre 29th; Lima Centre 30th. Tlie!r meetings are being largcly attended and much good work is being done. Whlle the public debt is decreaslng in ih United Hlali's tbe reverse process Is unde way in Canada. In 1887. at tlie time of tli establishment of tbe Dominion, its deb amounled to $22 per head of tlio populatlon and that of the United States to $02 per hond To-day the United States debt, ou tbe sam basis, is about $14, and tbat of the Dominio . The above is from the Detroit E ven in News. Quite a handsome record for tariff cursed country, isn't it ? "In 1892, at the next Presidential election the volee of the American people wlll decid wbether or not the man y aro to be muran ously taxed for the benefit of the few." That 8ound9 just like the Argus, or th Free Pres?, doesu't it? But it is no from either. It is from the Londo (England) Iron and Steel Trades Jour nal, Oct. 4, 1890. And it adds this sig nlficiint sentence: "Unlil then our trad with America wiU be heacüy handicapped. That is whcre all the free trade argu ments come from. Attempts are being made among th old soldiers to turn them against Cap Allen by eharging that he did not vot for the per dlem bill in congress. Th facts are that the question came befor the republicasi caucus of the iepresen'a tlves wliere Allen spoke for it and votet for It. The vote was a close one, but was lost and he h id to abide by t. Sui pose he had not abided by it, what gooi would it have done to have brought up I ii regular sesslon, wlien the detnoernts would not huve voted lor it, an( the rt'publlciins could not, by agreemen of standing by the caucus decisión The reason the republican members dii not pass it was that It would linve take more money out of tiie treasury tha would come in. Already evcry dolla had been voted for pensions that th treasury could stand without borrowing This the people would not stand. N man is a true friend to the soldier wh la trying to make them demnnd mor thnn the country can pay.


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