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Cautions G. A. P.

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Ed. Courieu:- The followlng is frorn G. A. Peter's article in the last Argus: Nor I ask yon, as yon love your home, your wlfe aml iamily, and hope, al most iguln hope, to have oompetency In your olti age, to at the coming electlon, fooi shylock nul the gold bugs, ly voting for the Hou. James S. Qormaa for member of congress rom thls second congresslonal district, one wlio, lf elected, nounseen power, nosbylock, uo party caucus, will control hls official acts, contrary lo tue lnteresta of us farmers. Now see Iiere "Uus," were you not with the rest of " us farmers," in favor of the ineat inspection blll? Of course you were. Did not Mr. Qorman agree to not ouly support but press that measure in the senate? Dkl he not so pledge himself to a commlttee of us farmers who went to interview him on the subject? Did Mr. Gorman do as he agreed to? Are the Armours of Chicago and the "Bij; Four" "gold bugs?" If they are "gold bugs" and "shylocks" was not their influence greater with Mr. Gorman than was that of "us farmert?" "rill Mr. Gorman posscss a different nature as a member of congress than lie posessed as a member of the sonate? Will not the same "unseen power" work a change of base down at Washington, lf it pets a chance? Be honest, Gu, commune over this point in your own heart. Don't let the "shylocks" and "gold bugs" fooi you. Yours for


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