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Referred To The City Attorney

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Editok Courier:- In driving along E Ann st., Saturday, the wheels of one side of ray carriage dropped down in a deep hole and came near throwing out tnyself and a companion, beaides straining the carriage badly. I afterward learned that the hole was caused by the cnrelessness of the gras company's men wh o had been putting down pipes In a new house opposite, and had not properly fllled in the ditch - nothlng unusual. Now the questlon arises, h ad the wheels of my carriage been taken off, or had we been thrown out and seriously Injured, could I have collected damages from the city. or would the gas Co. be liable? It is a dangerous ho'e and somebody is responsible for it. Yours truly, Ikquibbb. Eniire new registration, Tuesday, Ooi. "Sth. Everybody must register or lose their vote. Vote for A. F. Freeman for prosecutins attorney. Albert Bond, the republican candidate for senator will meet his opponent Mr. McCormick at a meeting of the P. of I's, at Ash, in Monroe county, on the 29th i nst. The mud machine of the Detroit Free Press Is still at lts filthy work. The people know how to treat such miserable, low-down business. The F. P. is groveling In a quagmire that will sink it to political perdition. That paper bas told us so much that it did not know about Turner, will it now teil us what it does know about Mr. Winans. Harrison W. Bassett, the candidate for the legislature in the 2d district of this county is a man who would take an excellent position in the legislature and the P. of I's ought to elect him. Amariah F. Freeman is one of the brightest young lawyers in this county; clean, forward and full of excellent day's works. As prosecuting attorney of this county he would make BH excellent record. Qov. Ashley, now president of the To ledo & Ann Arbor It. R., remarked once in our hearing that had it not been for the enterprise of J. T. Jacobs he never would have bought and built the Ann Arbor road. And ït might not be out of place to remaik right here that Mr. Jacobs bas alwaya favored every enterprise that has belped build up our county and city. He bas never been a kicker tbough a good healthy tax-payer. He has always stood ready to give when worthy objects have presented themselves, and a subscription paper without his name upon it would be a thlag almost unheard of iu our city. Although not as wealtliy as many people suppose, he is ready to tío bis Miare. Mehlln.


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