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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OFFICE HOUK8. LOCAL TIME. (7.30 A. M. tO 6 00 P.M. General (6.50 1'. M. to 7.80 i. M. Carrier Windows 0.50 p. m. to 7.30 v. m. Mouey-Order and m.MtoGOOpM iry Departments 8.00 A. M. to b.vo P. m. Sundtvys - General Dellvery, Stamp and Carrier Wlndowa ttOOA. M. to IU.0U A. M. m.,t. I Mails" GOING EAST. gLï. D" DeTröït Chicago R. P. O ..... 7.S0A.M. Kxnress Pouoh to Detroit 7.45 A.M „etroH Grand Bapld. „ Ma m DetrortCUÍágOB.P.O. B.36 F. II. 6.50 P. M. Detroit fcCnicagoR. P.O. 8.00 p. M liipress Pouch to Detroit 8.00 p. m GOING WEST. Detroit Chicago R. P.O. 7.30A.M. "aSjBP.a!'.!" 10.85 A.M. 11.30 A.M. DrtroU Chicago R. P.O. 8.55 A.M. 9.45 A.M. Kxpret Pouch lrom De3 0GP M Dpoii-Grand-Rapl ' Detroit Chicago R. P. O. 8.00P.M GOING NORTH. Copemlsh Toledo R.P.O. 7 40A.M. 8.30 A.M. Express Pouch from Toledo S.45P.M. GOING SOUTH. Bxpress Pouch to Toledo. 11.30 A.M New York & Chicago B. P. O. Train 14 11.30 A.M Express Pouch from Durund&KiistSagluawK. .„,„ pQ 1.OU M. CopenüshA ToledoR.P.O. S.OOPM. 70 A. M. EUGENE E. BEAL, Ann Arbor, Jlet.. Oetober, 1890. Potltnatter.


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