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F. B. Ashley ia the new business manger of tlie Palladium. It costs the Students' Lccture Assoclnion $1,600 to secure Stanley. Sixty-two new members joined tlie Unity Club at its opening social last Monay eveninff. W. F. Hubbard, lit. '90, is back again ud proposes to take up soine extra work or one semester. Instead of the regular freslimen and oph. rush, the boys wlll indulge in a tug f war. Sensible. Prof. Francis L. York, of Detroit ;ves piano lessons every Mondiy in he ante-room of University Hall. The U. of M. foot-ball team kicked out he D. A. C. team last Saturday on the 'rounds of the latter in Detroit, by a core of 3S to 0. Ground is boing broken at a rapid rate t the new hospital grounds. It is hoped hat the foundation can be completed beore winter sets in. A strong effort la being made by the women organizitions of the country to o securo the appointment of women to rofessorships in the univereity. Don't forget that the firat concert of lie Choral Union Series wlll be given ïov. lst, in University hall. Secure your tcket imediately.of Profs. Stanley, dePont Wines, or G. R. Haviland. The prosperity of the University deends upon the good conduct of the stuents. A few rowdies can injure tlie vhole body of students and the good ame of our University almost irreparbly. In the entertainment on Nov. 8th by Ir. Powers before the S. L. A., he will ive impersonations of characters in David Copperfield,'' and will be assisted n hls entertainment by Mrs. Louise Baldwin Powers, soprano. C. R. Stickney, A. B., '89, an Ann Aror boy, who took electives for two years n mechanical and electrical engineering, nd one year post gradúate work in ame - civil engineering, is with J. E_ Jolles & Co., lron, brass, and metal worker, Detroit. The enrollment at the Michigan Uniersity is now over 2500, the grealest of ny American college. And nearly very mother's son of these students wants to visit Ypsilanti. Huriy up with 'our street raüroad. - Ypsilanti Commerciul. The next meeting of the school Masers' Club will be held at Ann Arbor, oom 24, north wing, University hall, on Nov. 1, 1890. PROGRAM. 9:00 a. m.- Uulversity recognitlon ot High cliool preparatlon in botauy and cheniistry. - J. O. llceü, Saglnaw, and H. N. Uüute, Ann Arbor. 9 :4ü a. m.- Klectlon of offleers. 10:20 a. m.- Modern lauguages In the smaler High schools.- J. H. Shettield, Muskegon. 11 :'JOa. m.- How I interested ray pup lis In Istory.- Aire. Francés S. Moslier, Hlüsdale ollege. 2:30 p. m. - A Germán gymnasium compared with a Michigan High school.- Prof. Calvin liornas, University of Michigan. 8:20 p. in.- Needs and dellcicncies of our Ugh school.- W. 3. Perry. Ann Arbor; K. V. Putnatn, Vpsllantl; W. H. Cheever. Laning, and C. F. Adamo, Detroit. 4:40 p. ni.- Ueueral dlscusslon on the a'jove opics. The Detroit Evening News of Friday ast contained a "glowing" account of a ush by stiulents at the postofflee that ever occurred. The statement that all f the ground glass at the postofflee was roken, and all such trash wassimply and olely a false statement. The crowds at lie postofflee this year have been very rderly indeed, and there has been no U3h or UDgontlcmanly conduot, and verything posslble is done by the postfflee authoritie8 for the expeditious devery of the mail, and the accommodaion of the entire public. To publish uch things in the daily papers only tends o give the students a bad reputation broad for rowdyism, when In truth there s nothiiig to base it upon. Entire new registration, Tnesday, Oct. 8th. Eeerybody must register or lose their ote. Last Friday evening the law department turned out in force to serenade 'rof. J. C. Knowlton, whom the regent ïad that day chosen dean of the law department faculty, in place of Prof. Henry Wade Roger?, who reslgned to take the presidency of the Northwestern University at Evanston, 111. The students formeil at the campus and marched to .Prof. Knowlton's residence preceded by a band, and Uring rockets and Roman candlea, made a great display for a time. After listening to a good speech f rom the new dean they reformed their columns and marched to Prof. Thompson's residence on Church st., and called him out for a speech also. After ai) unsuccessful attempt or two on the part of eome other department students to rush the laws, the boys broke ranks and departed for their homes.


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