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SGHAIRER & MILLEN Seasonable Sale No. 2. Tliis time in our CLOAK DEPARTMENT - For ten days commencing Thursday, Oct. ióth. Over Four Hundred Elegant Garments placed on Sale. Better values were never given. Our Prices are Always the Lowest. The new tariff has advanced the price of all Plush Cloaks thirty per cent. We know of no advance, as our garments were all purchased in July. V 1 d p L t ;ïj Hl ö CD . ■' ?.j MH o í- ■ lss Hb One Lot English Seal Plush Jackets, Puffed Shoulders, worth % 15.00, during this sale only $10.00. On Lot 39-inch Seal Plush Sacques, high sleeves, seal loops, elegantly lined, worth $20.00, during this sale only $13.50. One Lot Walker Plush Sacques, full 40 inches longt worth $27.00, during this Sale only $22.00. One Lot Handsome Seal Plush Jackets, elegantly made and trimmed, worth $20.00, during this Sale, only $14.00. 19 Seal Plush Newmarkets, worth $35.00, during this Sale, $27 00. We offer during this Sale the best $25.00 Walker Plush Coat in the State, a garment we could not buy to-day at that price. It must be seen to be appreciated. 25 Handsome Cheviot Jackets, double-breasted, box front, during this Sale, only $8.00. One Lot Wide Wale Cheviot Jackets, plain or trimmed with gilt or silver cord, during this Sale only $9.00. 35 Reefer Cheviot Jackets, during this Sale $8.00 and $9.00. Big Lot Beaver and Cheviot Newmarkets at $8.00, $10.00 and $12.00. 200 Misses' and Children's Plain and Plaid Newmarkets from $1.50 to $12.00. One Lot Ladies' Fall weight Jersey Jackets at $4.00 and $5.00. The Relsnlng ('razr In Capes, ' The Princesa" and "The Duches." Cape lor LadlcB ! Cape lor IMlHHes ! One lot Aitrachau Capes, during thl Sale only $3.50. One Lot Meal Pluah Cape, durlng this Sale, only $5.00. One Lot Black l'nr Cape, durlitg thl Sale, only 93.00. Ladie, Wa t h Our Salea Í SCHAIRER & MILLEN, Leaders of Low Prices. Real - Estáte I FOR SALE. The followlng propertv belonglng to Lyman D. James: The Franklln Honse. The Monitor" property. Six Lots on the corner of l'mirlli and Washington sts. House and Lot on Liberty st. APPLT TO EÜGENE L. BE AL, AGENT. TRïïCKJlND 8T0UBB ! Now we are ready with a new Brick Storehouse for the storage of Household Goods, Plano's Books, Stoven, etc. PIANOS AW HOUSEHOLD -:- GOODS LoTrdl. All kinds of heavy and light Draylug. FBBIGHT WORK C. E. GODFRET, Phone 82. Res. and Office 46 N. Fourth Ave" Jerome Preeman ! POSTOFFICE BARBER SHOP BATH ROOMS. SI MUG ui 191 EATHS ! Insurance, hú Estáte and Loan Ágency OF HAMILTON GREEN. OFFICES : NO. 1 AND 2 HAMILTON BLOCK FIRST FL.OOR. Partles deslring to buy or sell Real Estáte will Ilnd it to thelr advantage to cali on us. We represent the followlng flrst-class Flre Insurance Companies. havlng and aggregate capital of over $8,000,000 : The fírand Itapid Pire Ins. í'o.. The Ohio Kurincrs" Iim, Co., (liisures on. y (1 kU i ns), The Urrman Fire Iiih. ., 'l'hr Pcople'H Flre ins. í'o., The ('itlzcn'M Flre ín. ., The WeMtehester Fire Ins. Co,, Tlie lUilwaukee neclianle' Fire Ion, C'o., Tile IVew llaiiimliiri' Flre In. Co., The Northwestern Flre Ins. Co. Itates Low. Loases llberally adjusted and pald proraptly. We also issue Life and Investment Folíeles In the Conn. Mutual Life Insurance Company. Assets $53,000,000. Persons deslring Accident Insurance, can have yearly Folíeles wrltten for them or Traveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets lsKucd at low rates In the Standard Accident Insurance Company of Detroit, ilch. Monoy to loan at current ratea. Office hours from 8 a. m. lo 12 m. and 2 to 5 p. m HAMILTON & CREEN.


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