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Tho kinjr of medicines - Hood's Sarsaparllla. It conquers scrofula, snit rheum and all otlier blom! dNease?. MI88 Swcftlips (just ufter the proposal) - Ob, Mr. Poseyboy, you dou't knowhow glad and gratefal I atn. Mr. i'oseboy (ecstatlcally) - Tlten 3'on renlly love me ? Miss ■lüps - Xii ; but your proposal brings my record up to nine thie montb, nm! mv b t Ih [isí Gigjíletitter. - Bir gliamton Repnbllcan. "Struck the Gotden Mean" AS A I5LOOI) PÜBrFIEB. 'l'lie Detroit Fice Fresa stiys: ' Ilibburd's Rbeumfltic Syrup. prepnred l'y the Charles Wrijrlit Medicine Company, of thlc ctty, lias struck (.- (iolden Mean, In tin' trextment of all blond dlseaeei", and iis succeM is ui eviiletice th( an bon est, pure and raluable medicine N not incapable of attracting tbe attentlon of every fainily. Th ere eema to be but one oplpion as to its merit as g fainily medicine." 'l'liis is the real secret of the succes; of thls wonderfnl rcmedy. lu perfeot and Bpeedy action, in removing all inipure and poisonons mat'ter fríim blood. No home should bR without it, a a tborougb and cftVctual blood poiifler tor youiijf and oíd. For sale by all dl uggisls. Chased work In ladies' watclies are roceiving grcat attentk.n.


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