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The Tariff Act

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The new tarill ]ir, most of the provisÍOD8 of ivhich weut into effect Oct. 6, ia expccted to reduce the revenue by $G0,000,000 annually. The law bas 6ome features of great and peculiar interest. Cbief among these features is the fact that all sugars below and includiug the grado of No. 10 Dutch standard are to be admitted freo oí diity. The world's erop of sugar is placed at 5,114,620 lons, of which amoutit this country consumes 1,422,000 tons or 2S per cent of the wliole product. The cbanges effected by the new law will reduce the cost of silgar to the consumer at least two cents a pound, or $50,880,000 annually or lmost one dollar for cvory man, woman and child in the United States. A Becond interesting feature is the reclprocity schemo omtodied in tlie new law. Tho present taklngs of American flour by South American eountries araouot to about $15,000,000 annually. The eipeetstiou is that this smount will be increased to f."i(),ü00,0O0 by the reciurocity srheme. This Increuse in trad e with countries which send us 180,000,000 wortli of coramodities evsry year is expected to be the bezinning of a era of business relations with tlit Southern natious. Tüere aro sotne increases in the new tarill la.v, but in each instaren they wero made ellher on out-an!-out luxurics liko winus and liquor or else they were made, as in the case of ti.i plate?, with the object of building u;i s::c:i lic:] manufactures as were capable oí ahiK limitless developnicnt. in ttaia -epect tne new law is thorougbiy and even aggrcssively American. The farmiD and wool-erowing interettshave thorouch, caref ui aod adequate consideration in the new law. The MlchIsid farmera particularly ohould be preutly bcnefited by the Increate In tho diities on wool anü by tho protection wbicb they will receive against C'auadian conipetition. The free Hat bas been so en'.a'gcd that about one-hall of all the Import come in free of duty. Below wlll be found tbe tarilT law in full, togetbor with a eomparison betweeu the new rates nud tlie uld. fki:k Sec. 2. On and aftcr Oct. 0, 1S90, unless ctherwise tpecially pruvitled for in this ■et, the followlne artlcle wben imponed 6hall be cxempt trom duty: Acids uted for medicinal, chetnical or manufacturirjg purposes, uot specially provlded for in this act. Aconite. ' Acoriiï, rnw, dried or undried, but uuground. (l'resent rate 2c per pounii J Agates, unmanufactured. Albumen. Alizarina, natural or artificia), and dyes cummercially knowD as Alizarine yellow, Alizarine orange, Alizarine irreen, Alizarine blue, Aliz:iriue brown, Alizarine black. (All ezcept Alizarine uow :ió per cent.) Amber, unmauufaclured, or crude gum. Amborgris. Anllinc sal'.s. Any animal imported specially forbrceding purposes. l'rovidedj that no such animal shall be admitted free unless pure bred of a recogaized breed and duly reistered ia tbe book of record. And provided furtber, that certiü ates of such rocord nud of tho pedicree of such anima] shali be produced and 6ubmitted to the enstoms oülcer, duly authenticated by the proper custodian of euch book of record, toeether with the affidavtt of the owner, airent or importer that such animal is the ideutical animal described in said certih'cate of recurd aud pedipree. The secretary of the treasury may prescribe suen additional regulutions as may be requiredfor thu 6trict enforcement of this provisión. Animáis brought into the United States temporürily for a period not exceedinK ií inonth, for the jurpose of exbibition or competition fur prizes olfered by any agricultu:al or racing associaiion; but a bond shall bo glven in accordance with rcirulations prescrlbcd by the secretary of the treasury; alflO, tennis of animáis, including thelr harness and tackle and tbe wagons or othcr vehicles actual ly owned by persons eruigratinif trom foreign eountries to the United States with their families, and in actual use fur tho purpose of such emigratlon, ander such reguUttious ns thu secrelary of ths treasury may prescribe; and wild animal intended for eibibition in zoological collections for scientilic and educatlonalpurpost's, auduotfoi 6ale or profi:. atto roucou, rocoa, or orlcane, and all extracts of. Aniimoiiy ore, crudo sulphite of. Apatite. Arga}, or argol, or crude tartar. Arrowroot, ruw or unmanufactured. Arsenic and sulphide of, or orpitnent. Arseuiate of auiline. Art educational stops composedof glass and metal aud valued at uot more thau six cents por gross. (A new provisión.) Articles in a crude state used In dyeiug or taiinhig uot specially provided for. Anieles the giowth, produce and manufacture of the United States, when returned after having been exportcd without having been advanced iu value or improved in condition by any procesa of manufacture or other meaus; casks. barrels, carboys, bag6 and other vessels of American manufacture exponed Ulied with American products; or exported empty aud returned üllud with foreign products, iicluilinK shovk when returned as barrels or boxes, also quicksilver flasks or boules, of either domeelic or foreit;u manufacture, whtcb shall Lave been actually exported f rom the United States. lititproof of the Identlty of such articles stiall bo made under general regulations to be ijrescribed by the secretarv of the ireasury; and if any such articles" are eubject to intern:ü tax ut the time, of exportation buch tax sliall be proved to have been paid bcfuie exportalion and i;ot rcfunded. l'rovided, that this paragrapb nhall not apply to any article upon wbicb au allowance of drawback has been made, tlie reimportatiou of which is hereby irohibited ezcept uiion paymeut of duties equal to the drawbacks allowed; or to any miele Imported In bouded warchouseB and exponed uuder any provj -ion of iaw; And provided further, laat when manufacturad tobáceo which Das been exported without payment of internal revenue tax shall be reimported it eliali be retalncd in tbc custody of the collector ■f customs until Internal rerenue stamps in payment of tho legal duties shall be ylaced tbereon. Asbestos, manufactured. Asiles, wood and of, and beet-root ashes. Aphaltam and bitumen, crude. Aaafetida. Ikviih ui Gllead. liarks, cincliona or other from wbicb quiniue may je extracted. Baryta, carbonate of, or witherite. Hauxite. or heauxite. Bceswaz. (Now 20 per cent.) Bells, broken, and bell metal broken anti üt (yiily to be remanufactured. liirds, sluiTed, r.otsuituble for millinery ornauients, aud bira skins, prepared for preservatlon, but uot further advauced iu manufacture. lindé and land and water fowls. iüouiutli. Bladder, Includiiijr flsb-bladdei flph-sounús, cruder.and 11 intettnmentsof animáis not specially provided lor. liloort, dried. Bologua s:ms:lges. Boltiinr-cloths, especialiy ior mllling purposes, but not suitable ior tho manufacture ui wertog appurel. Boues, crude, or not burned, calcined, Cround, stcamed or otherwiie manufactured, and bonc-dust or animal carbon, and boni ash, üt only for fertillzlDg pur11O6CS. Jïooks, engravings, photographs, bound or unbound, etchiiiirs, inaps and charts, which shall havo been priuced and bouud or manutactured more t&au 20 years at tho date of importatiou. Books and pamphlets printed exelusivoly ín lauguages other taan Knlieii; also books and music, in raiscd print, U6cd exclusively by tbe blind. (Now 25 per cent). Jiooks, CDgravings, photographs, ctchings, bound or uubound, mans and charts importad by authority or for the use of the United States or ior tho use of the IIbrary of congress. books, inaps, litboxraphic prints and cbarts, specially imported, not more thau two copies in any one invoice, in eood fuitu, for tho use of any 6ociety Incorporatcd or established for educational, philosopnical, literary or religious purposes, or for the encouragemeut of the line arts, or ior the use or by order of any college, academy, school or seminary of leurning in the United State, 6ubjoct to 6uch ronulations as tho secretary of the treasury ftbal] prescribe. Books, or libraries, or parts of librarles, and olher household ellects of persous or families frotn forelgu countrles, f aetually uscd abroad by them nol less than one y.ear, and not intended for any other porton or persons, nor for 6alo. Brazil paste. Braids, plaite, laces and similar manufactures, composed of straw, chip, grass, palm-leaf, willow, osier or rattan, suitable for makitijr or orüarneutínír hats. bonnets and hoods. (Now -0 per cent.) Brazülan pebble, unwrought or unmanufactured. Breccia, in block or slabs. Bromine. Bulliou, gold or silver. BuiRundy pitcb. Cabiuets of oíd coins and medalft, and other collcctions of autiquities, but the term "antiquities" as used iu this act shall include only such articles as are suitable for souvenirs or cabinet collcctious. and which shall have been producod at any period prior to the year 1700. Cadluin. Calamlne. Camphor, crude. Castor or castorcillo. Catgut, wblp-gut orworm-gut, unrnanufactured, or not further manufacturod than in striuirs or cords (otber than for musical Instruments) oíd ratos Co per ceut. mui. Chalk, unmanufactured. Cbarcoal. Chlckory root, raw, drieil or undiied, but uujirouud. (,Now 2c jier pound). Civct, crude. Clay, cominon blue, in casks, suitable for the munulacture of crucibles. (Now , 5ö por ton). ' Coal, anthracite. Coal stores of American vcssels; but nuiio sball be onloadsd. Coal tar, cruje. (Now 20 per cent). Cobalt (novr 30 per cout), and cobalc ore. Cocculus indicus. Cocoa, or cocao, crude and fiber, leaves and shells of. Coffee. Coins. gold, silver and coppir. Colr. and coir varo. Copper, old, taken frora tho bottom of American vcssels conipelled by marine disabter to repair in ioreyjn ports. Coral, marine, unout and unuianufactured. Cork-wood or cork-bark, unmanufactured. Cotton and cotton-waste or flocks. Cr.yolite or kryolith. Cutlbear. Curlingstones or quoits, and curlinf;stone handles. Curry and curry powdcr. Cutch. Cuttle-fish bone. Dandellon root;, raw, dried or undricd, but unground. (Now 3c per pouud.) Diamouds and other precious stoucs, rouffh or uncut, includiui; glaziers' and ensriiver' diamonds not iet. aud diamond dust or bo-t, and jewels to be usud iu the manulac uro of watches. Divi-div:. I)r:ton:s blood. Druijó, such as barks, beans, berries, baisatns, budï, bulos, and bulliousrcots, excresences stieh as nut-aalls, fruits, fiowers, dried (ibres, and ilried icsects, erains, trums, andgutn-resin.herbs.leaTeB, licheus, mosses, nuts, roots and sietr.s, spices, vegetables, seeds aromatic and 6ecds of morbid rrowth.weeds, and vroode used expressly ior dyeing; any of the foreifoing which ara no eií:blcand aro in a crude state, and not advaueeii in value or condition by reüning or grlndlug, or by other iirocees of manufacture, and not speciuily provided for in this act. Ejigs of bii'ds, iish and insects. rj ore. Erjrot. Faus, common palm-!eaf and palm-leaf lunuanufactured. Farioa. l'ashion-plates, engraved on steel or copper, or on wood, coiored or plain. Keathera aud downs ior beds. Feldspar. (Now 'Ju percent.) lelt, adhesive, for sheathlng vessels. Fibrin, in al] fonns. Fish, the product of American fisheries, and fresh or f rozeii fish (exeept salmón) caught iu fresh waters by American fesseis, or wilh nets or other devices oivneu by citizeus of the United States. Fien íor balt. Jb'isü skius. Flint, Hints, and ground flint stones. Floor mattiufrmanufactured from round or split straw, iucludiuir what is conun only known as Cninesa matting. (Now 20 per cent.) Fossils. Froit-plaots, tropical and 6emi-tropical, ior tiie purpose of propagación or cultivation. FRUIT5 ANO NUTS. Currants, Zaute ot otner. (Now lc per pouud.) Dates, (l'resent rates: Green, ripe or dried, Ie per pound; preserved, ;iö per centutu ad valorem.) Fruits, reeu rij)e or dried, not specially providea lor iu lliis act. Tamarinds. (freserved, old rato, ad valorem, 35 per cealum,) Cocoa nuts. Brazil uuts. Creaiu uuts. l'ahu nuts, I'alm-nut kernels. Fura uudressed. Fur-skins of all kinds not dres6cd in any marnier. (janibier. (.!ass broken, and old glass, which cannot be cut for use, and fit ou!y to be remauufactureJ. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or unwrouKht for use in the niauufacture of optlcal instrumcuts, spectacles, and cyeglasses, aud suitable onlv for such use, providej, bowever, that such disk6 exceedlng eight inches in diameter may be polislied sufficiently to enablo the charactor of the ïrlass to be determintd. 0BAJ38E8 AM riBEE8. Istle or Tampico fibre. (N'ow $15 per ton.) Jute. Jute butts. (Now $.per ton.) Manilla. (Xow S5 per ton.) Blaal-graas. (Now $15 per ton.) Baan. (Now $15 per ton.) All other textile grassus or flbrous vegetablfi subslauce, unmanufactured or undresseJ, not spccially provided lor. (Now $15 per Ion.) (ioldbeater6' inoulds and gold beaters skins. Qfease-and oils, such as are commoalv used in soajvmaking or in wire-drawint; (now 10 per cent), or ior stulliug or drossï'itr leathcr (now 10 per cent), and wbieh aro fit ouly ior such uses, uot specially provided for. (uauo, manures, and all substances cxpre.-sly used for inanure. (iunny bajrs and gunny cloths, old or ref use, üt ouly for remanufacture. (iits, aalted. íiutta percha, crude. iiair oL horse, entile and other animáis, cleaned or oncleaned, drawu or undrawn, Lmt uoraanufactured, not spccially provided for in thla act; and human halr (now 'JO pet cent), raw, nndeaned, aud notdrawo. linies, raw or uncurod, wbetber dry, salted (ir pickled, Angora goat skln6, raw, wuliout tbe (fooi, uumanufactured, assos' skins, raw or unuianufaclured, and skins, except shecp skins witti the wool on. Ilidc-cuttings, ruw, with or without bair, and alt otlier glue sturk. Hidc rope. Honee and whetstones. Hoofs, unmanufaclurcd. Hop roots for cultivatiou. lloins and parts of, unmanufactured, including hom 6trips and tips. Ice. India rubber, crude, and ir.ilk of, and old ecrap or rcfuse India rubber whlch bas been worn out by uso and is fit ouly for remanufacture. Indigo. Iodine, crude. Ipecac. Iridium. lvory and vegetable irory, not sawed, cut or olüerwise munufactured. Jalap. Jet, unmauufactured. Joss-stick, or joss-light. Junk, old. Kelp. Kieaerltc. Kyranite, or eyanite, and kainite. Lac-dye, cruda, seed, button, stick and Shell. Lac spirits. Lactarlnc. Lava, uumanufactured. Leeches. Icinon juice, Hme juice and sour orange juice. Licorlce root, unground. Llfoboats and llfc-saving apparatus specially imported hy sucieties iucorporated or established to encourage toe saving of humau life. Lime, citrate of. Lime, chloride of, or bleaching-powdcr. Llthofrraphlc stonea not eugraved. i.itmus, preparador not prepared. Loadstonos. .Ma, Uier and munjeet, orlndian madder, ground or prepared, aud all extracta of. Magnesito, or nativo mineral carbonate of magnesia. Magnesium. Magnets. Maugunese, oxide and ore of. Manna. Manuscript!. Marrow, crude. Marshmallows. Medals of gold, silrer, or copper, such as tropüies or prizes. Meencbanm, crude or unmanufactured. Miuerl waters, all not artificial. Mlner&ls, crudo, or not ad"aneed in yalue or eoudition by or grinding, or by other process of mauu facture, nol spccially provided for. Models of iuvuntions and of other mprovements in the art?. Includinj; patterns for inachiuery, but no article hall be deomed a model or patteru whieh eau be liltud for use otherwlse. -Moss, soaweeds and vegetable substance, crude or uumauufactured, not otherwlse specially providcd fur in this act. M, crudo, in natural pods. Myrobolan. Noedles, hand-sowing aud darulng. (Now 'J5 por cent.) Kewspapcrg and periodicals; but the term "periodicals" asherein used shall ue understood to einbract'. only unbound or paper-covered publicalious, containiii!; curreut Uterature of the day and iesued regulariy at stated periods, as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Nux vómica, Oakum. ■ Oilcake. OILS. Almond, amber, crude and rectified ambergris, anise or anise 6oed, analiue, aspic or spike lavender, bergamot, cajeput, caraway, cassia,cinnamon,cedrat, cbamomile, cltronella or lemoo irraes, civet, fennel, Jasminc or Jasimiue, Julandium, Junlper, lavandor, lemou, limes, mace, neroli oí orante Bower, nut oil or oil of nuts, not otherwise provided In this act, orauge oil, olive oil for mamifacturme or mechauicil purposes, uulit for eatins and not otherwiie provided for ia this act, ottur of roses, palm and cocoanut, rosemary or authoss, sesaiae or sesainum seed or beau, tbymu, 01 igauum red or white, valerian, and also spernjaceti, irbale and other ósh oils of American Üshcries, and all other anieles the produce of such üoheries. Olives, green or prepared. Opium, crude or inanufactured. andnot adulterated. containiug 9 per centum aud over of morpbla. (Now il por pound). ( irange and lemon peel, not preserved, . or otberwiM proparefl. Orchil. or orchil liquiil. Oichids, lily of the vallej, azaleas, palins aud olher plants used lor forcing under glass ior cut ilowers or decorative purposee. Oies, of gold, silver and nickel (now 15c per i'uuud), and nickel matte. (Xoty 15c per pound;) Provided, that ore9 of nickel and nickel matte eontaiuiug moro than 2 per contum of copper, shall jay a dutv of l.', ot 1 por cent per pouud on tho "copper contalned tberelo. Osmlum. Valladium. Paper stoele, crude, of every description, including all grasees, fibers, rags (otner thaa wool), waste, bhavings, clippiDgl, old paper, rope ends, waste biur2ing, old or reluso guuny bags or gunny cloth, and poplar or other woods, iit oniy to bc couverted iato paper. Parafllne. Parchment and vellum. Pearl, mothor of, not sawed, cut, oolished or otherwise manufactured. Peltries and other usual goods and eflects of Iudians passing orrepassing the bouudary line of the United States, under sucn regulatious as the secretary of tho treatury may prescribe: I'rovided, that tuis exemption shall not apply to goods ín halos or other packages uuosual among Iudians. Personal and household cffects not merchandise of citizous of the United States dj ing in foreign countries. Pewter and britannia metal, old, and fit onlv to be remauufactured. Plalosophical and ecientllic apparatus, instruments and preparations; statuary, casts of niurble, bronze, alabaster or piaster of Paris; paintings, drawings aad etchings specially imported In eood faith for the use of any society or institutiou iucorporated or established for religious philosophical, educatloual, scientiüc, or literary purposes, or for the encourageinent of the liue arts, and not iuteaded for sale. Phosphates, cruda or native. Plants, trees, shrubs, roots, seed-cane, aud seeds, all of the foregoing itnportcd by the department of airiiculturc or the United States botanie garden. Piaster oL Paris and sulphato ot lime, ungrouii'l. Platina, ia ingots, bars, sheets aad wire. Platiuum, uninauufactured, and vases, retorts, anti otber apparatus, vessels, and parts thereof, coinposcd of plutinum, for chetuical uses. Plumbago. Polishítig stones. Potaah, crude, carbonate of, or "black salts." Caustic potash, (now 30 por cent; or hydrate of, not Including rclined ia sticks orrolU. -Nitrato of potash (now lc per Ib), or saltpetrc, crudo. Sulph'ate of ïjotish, crude or retined, Chlorate of potash inow 3c per Ib). Muríate of potash (now Í25 per ceut). Professional books, implemeuts. Instruments aud tools of traile, occupatiou or oniployment, in tho actual poxsession at the time of persons arriving in the United Staten, but tuis exstnption silalL not be construed to include machlnery or other artioles imported for use in any manufacturicg estdblishmeut, or for auy other person or persons, or for sale. l'ulu. l'uinice. tjuills, tireparod or unnrepared, but not made up itito complete anieles. (uinia, bulphate'of, aud all alkaloids or salts of clachODa-bark. Kags. not othcrwie 6pecially providod for. (Now 1Ü por caiit.) Regalia and genis, statues, statuary and speciuicns of sculptuie where specially importeil in good faith for tho uso of any society lucorporated or establlshed solely for educatlonal, phtlosopolcal, literiiry or reliijious purpose, ir for tho encouraijement of Hoe arts, r for the use or by order oí any college, academy, school, BsmlQ&ry of Icarmntc or public llbrary in the l niteil States. But the term "reKali" as herein useil eliall bo üehl to embrace only such Intitula of rank or offlcaoreoiblcius as ma; be worn upo tho person or borne in tho hand during public exercises of the society or instilulion, a ml shall uot iucludc articles of furnlture or lixtures or recular wearlng apparel, nor personal property oí individuaré. Keunets, raw or prepared. Saftron and sufllowcr, and extract of, and salTi'on cake. Sago, crude, and sago flour. Salacine. Sauer-kraut. Sausage skins. Bsadc Anise, cauary, carawaj, cardamon, coriander, coiton, cummin, fennol, fcnuirreek, hemp (now }c per lb.); hoarhound, roustard, rapt'. St. Juliii's broad or bean, suear-beet, wurzel, sorghum or sugar cane for seed, and all llowur and trrass seeds (now 30 per cent; bulbs and bulbous roots, not edible; all tba forogoiug not speciully provided for. Selep or saloup. Shellê of all kinds, not cut, ground, or othcrwise manufacluied. Shotgun brarels, forged, rough bored. (Now 10 por cent.) Shriraps, and otbcr shell ilsh. Stilt, raw, or as reekd from the cocoon, but uot doubled, twtoted, or advanced In manufacture in any w ly. Silk cocoons and silk-waste. Silk-worms' eges. Slcelotons and otbcr preparations of anatomy. Soailf. Soda, nitrato of, or cubic nitrate, and chlorato ol. (Novr25 percent.) Sodtum. Sparterro, suitable for making or ornamentinc bats. Specimens of natural history, botany, and nuiicralogy, wheu importea for cabincts or as objects of scienco, and not for sale. SPICES. Cassia, cassla vera, and cassla buds, ungrouud. Cinnamon and chips of, uncround. Cloves anrt clovo sterns, unground. Glnger-root, unffrouud and uot preserved or caudied. Mace. Nutmega. Pepper, black or white, unground. I'imento, ungrouud. Spunk. Spurs and stilts used in the manufacture of eartben, porceiain, and stonc ware. Stouc and saud: Burr-stone in blocks, rouirh or manufacturad, añil not bouml up into mili-stones; cUfFstoue, unuianufactured, pumice-6tone, rotten-stono, aud sand (now 10 per cent), crude ormanufactured. Storax, or styrax. Slrouiia, oiide of, anil protozide of BtrontSilD, and etron' iiiite, or minural carbonate of strontia. Sugars, all not above No. 10 Duteh standaril in color, all tank bottorm, all suuar dr.iininire and sugar sweeplnjts, syrups of cane juiee, uielada, conceutrated nielada, anti concreto and concentrated molasees aud inolasses. (Old rates: Sugars, 10 to 20, per lb, Bc; above 'J0, per ■; tauk bottonis, etc, polariscope 75 , ilt lb, 1 4-10c; bottoms, eacU decree above 75, per lb, 4:lüc. Sulphur, luc or precipltated, and buIphur or brltnstone, crude, in bulk, sulphur ore, as pyrites, or sulpburet of iron in lts natural state, coutainins; in excess of 2j per cent of sulühur (7oc per ton), (except on the copper contaiued tberein). aud sulpliur nol otherwise provlded lor (810 to $0 per ton.) Sulphuricacid which at the tempcrature of 80" Fanreuueit does not exceod ihe specüjc gravity of one aud thrce bundred and cibly thousaudtbs, for usc in inauufacturmfi superphosplmie of lime or artificial inauuroá of any kind, or for auy ajricultural purposes. Sweepings of silve" nnd rold. Tapioca, cassava or ca Tar (now 10 per cent), and pitch of wood (now 20 per coutj, and pitea of coal lar (uov JU per cent). Tea and tea plants. Teeth, natural, or unmanufactured. Terra alba. Terra japónica. I 'in 'jrt, cissitcrite or black oxide of tin, and tin in bars, blocks, pigs, or grain or granulateJ, until July 1. 1893, and thereafter as otherwiso provided for in this act. Tinsel wire, lamo or labn. (Now 25 per cent.) Tobacco sterns. (Now 15 per cent.) Touquin, toncua, or toaka beans. Tripoli. Turmeric. Turpeutine, Vcnlce. (Now 20c per gallon.) Turpentiae, spirits of. Turtles. Types, old, and Öt only to be rernanufactured. Uranium, oxido and salts of. (Now 23 per cent.) Vaccine virus. Valonia. Verdlgrla, or subacetate of copper. Waters, unmedicateJ. (Now 25 per cent.) Wax, vegetable or miaeral. Wearing apparel and other personal eftect6 (not merchantfise) of persons arriving in the United States, Uut this exemptlon shall not be held to includo articles not uctually In use aud neecssary aud appropriate fór the uso of such persons ior the purpose of their jouincy and present comfort and convenience, or which are inteuded for auy other persou or persons, or forsule. Provided, however, that all ouch wearjuir apparel aud oUieT personal eíl'ects as may have been once imported into tho United States and eubj'jined to tlie payment of duty, aud which may have been actually used and taken or exported to foreijrn countries by the perrsous returniue thereWllh to the United State6, shall, if not adyancea in value or lmproTed 1d coudition by aoy moanseince their exportation from the United States, be entiüed to exemption from duty, upou their uieiuity beiug establisbcd, undersuch rules aud regulations as may be prescribed by tue secretary of the treasury. Whalebone, uiuuEiiufactured. Loes, aud rouud unmanufactured tlmber not speeinlly enumerated or provided for Intbis act. rirewood, handle bolts, heading bolts, 6tave bolts aud shinifie bolls, hop polos, fenc-e posts, raUroad ties, ship timber aml sliip plaukiug not speclally provided lor. Woods, nameiy, cedar, litrnura-vitae, lancowood,ebony,box, granadilla, mahojcany, roeewood, saiinwood.andallfonnsijf cabinet woods, in the log, roui;h orhewu; bamboo and rattanuuinauutuctured; briar root and brlarwood, aud similar wood unmanufactured or not further raamifacturcd than cut iuto blocks suitable ior the articles luto which they are iiilendcd tn be fonverted; bain boo, reeds, aud sticks of partride, hairwood, pimenlo, orauire, myrtle aml other wood not ocliorwise specially provided ior, in the rough, or not furtuer niauufactured thïu cut iuto length.s suiuble ior sticks, lor tímbrelas, parasols, sunshades, whips or walkiuc cane; and India malacca joints, not f urlher manufacturad tliau cut into suitable lengtbs for the manufactures into which they are intended to be convertcd. Works of art, the production of American artlsis rosiding temporarily abruad, or ollier works of art, lncludlng ptctorial pauitings on glass, imported expressly for presentatiou to a National mstitulion, or to auy state or municipal corporatiou, or incorporated rellglous society, college, or other pubüc lnstltution, except siaiued or palnted window tlass or stained or painced glass Windows; but such exemptlon shall be subject to such regulatioii8 as the secretary of the treasury may prescribe. Works of tirt, drawings. eusravings, photoaraphic pinturea and philosophical aud scientific apparatus brought by proiesbional artists, lectururs or seieutists arriving from abroad for use bv them temporarily for exhibition and in illustratioti, promotion nnd encouragemcut of art, science or industry in tiio l.'nkcd States, and not for sale and photographic pietures (iííSí, paintinïss aud statuarv, iuiporLcd for exhibition by any af-sociatiou established in iood failli and duly authorized under the laws of the l niteil Siates or of any state, exprossly and solely for the promotion and encourasemont of science, art or industry, and uot inteuded for 6ale, sball bc admitted freo of duty, under sucb requlntlons as tho secret ary of the treasury shall prescribe; but bonds shall De fuiven for the paymcut to the United State of euch duties as may bo imposed by !aw upou an.v and all of such artirlüs as shall not bc üxported wlthin six mouths after such importation. I'rovided, that the eecretury of the treasury ruav, in bis dltcretlon, extcud such period for a furlher terra of six inonth in cases wheie applications therefor shall be made. Worka of art, collections in illustration of tho progrese of the arts, scieucc, or manufactures, pliotograpbs, works ir. terra-cotta, pariau, potlcry, or poicelaiu, and mustie copies of autiquities in metal or other material hereafter importod in goud falth for permanent cxhibitlon at a flxed place by any society or instittution establlahed for the enconragement of the arts or of science. and all like artiolcs iniported in trood faith by any society or association for the purposu of erectinff a public monument, and not intended for sale, nor for any other purpose than hcrein expressed; but bonds shall bo givcn under such rules and regulations as the eecretary of the treasury may prescribe, for the payment of lawful duties which may acciue should any of the articles aforesaid be sold, transferred, or used contrary to tliis provisión, and such articles shall be subject, at auy time, to examination and inspection by the proper oflicers of the customs: I'rovided, that the privileges of tuis and the precedí;; section sluill not be allowed to assoclations or corporations enjiaged in or connected with business of a private or commercial charactcr. , Yams. Zatter. bCHEDULE A. Chemicals, Olla and l'alnta. ACIDS. New Old rato. rate. Aeetio or pyroligneous nek!, not excocdine tno specih'o Ci-avity of 1.047 per lb l)áo 2o Exceedlng the specific eravity of 1.047 per 1b 4o 100 lïoracio aold, per lb Bo 4&5o Uiromic acid, per lb o 15 pc C'itric acid, per lb 10c lllc Sulphurto acid or oil of vitriol. Dot otherwlse specially provided f or, pr lb !4 f ree Tannin acid or tanniu, per lb... V.Jo $1 Tartaria aold, per lb luo 10c Alcoiiuho perfumery, includine cologne-water' and other toilet wators, per callón and ad valoren Jï SM p o $2 & 50 p c Alcoholio compouml" notspecially provided for in this act. por (tallón aud ad valortin $'J &26po$26po Aluminn, aluin, alttm (rake, patent alum.sulphato of alumina, ,iii(l aluminóos cake. and ilura tn orystab or grouud, pertt -loo fi-ioo Ammonia- Carbonate of. por tt l-jc 20 p c Muríate of, or sal-ammuuisic, jjor 11 'Mo 10 p (! Sulphalu of, per lb yc ÏU p o Blacktng of ah kinds, ad ' orem 25po 25po Blue vitrlol, or sulphato of coppcr, por lb "O 3c Bone-char, suitable for us' m decolorizinjt siiars, ad valoren 25po 25pc Ilorax, crudo, or borale of soda, or borate ofllme. Der tb _3o 3c Jïetinod borax, per ir 6o 5o Camphor. rctinod, per tb 4o 5c Chalk, preparad, procipitatod, i'rench auU red, por !!■ lc 20 p o All oiher chalk preparatious not specially provhleu for, ad volorem 20po 20 p c Chloroform, per Ib...."! Uii 50o ( DAI.-TAI. PRBPABAXIOK8. AU coal-tar colors or dyes, bv whatever name known, and not specially provided for in tliiA act . a(l valorem Cöpo 35 po All preparatlona of cual-tar, not colors or dyos, not specially lrovidcd for, ad valorcm 20 p c 20 p c ('obolt, oxido of, por lb 3Uc 'ü p c CoUodion and all coinpouuds of pyroxylino, hy whatever uama known, per lb 60c 50o Hollad i ,but not made op loto artloles, por lb 60o H in Qulsbed or partly flnlshed articlcs, per 10 aud aa va1 ■ j 1 ; 1 1 00c & 35 p c Coloi-iuR for brandy, wiue, boer. or otlior liquorft, ad valorem . .50 p c 50 p c Copperas, Biilphate of iron, porlb 3-tOc 3-10o Drugs, such as barks, bean?, bornes, balsama, buds, bulbs and bulbous roots, and cx■nces, such as nutgall9, fruits, flowers, dried I ffralns, irmiis and cum reslns, herbs. lea ves, llonens, mosses, nuts, roots and sterns, sploes, vnc;(M.:iblos, seeds (aromatic, not garden leeds) aud seeds of morold crowth, weeds, woods used expressly for dyeinR.and dried insects, any of the forcKointi which are notedible,but which have been ailvauced in viiHio or oondltlon by refining or erindliiK or by other process of manufacture and not spcciallT provided for in this act, ad valorem 10 p o 10 p o Ethers sulphuric, lier poxnd 4Uo 50o Spirits of nitrous ether, per Dound 2öo 30o Fruits, ethers, oils or essences, perpound $2 50 f 2 50 Ethers of all kinds not specially orovided for in this act $1 SI ËXtraots and decoctionsof lotrWpod and otüor dyo-woods, extract of sumacand extraots of barkSi suoh as are commonly usod for dreing or tanniuit, not specia'.ly provided for in this act. Der Dound %G 10-20 p o Extract of liomlock bark, per pound Háo 10 p o Gelatine, Klue. and isinglass or lish-irluo, valued at not above scven cents per pouud, Dor pound VÍC 25-30 p c Valuod at above seven conts per pound and not above 30 cents per pouud, ad valoren 25pc 25-30 p o A7ulud at above 30 conts per pound, ad ralorem 3'Jpc 25-30 p o Glycerino,crude,notpui'itied,per lb 1Ko2o Kelined, per lb 4áo 5c Indico, extracta or pastes of, per lb ?áo lOpc Carmined, per lb 10c 10 p o luk and nk-uowders, printers' ink, aud ali other ink not specially oruvided for, ad valorem 30 po 30pc lodine, rcsublimed, per lb ;0o 40o Iodoforn. por lb $1.50 $2 Licoiice, exti-acts of, in paste, rolls, or other forms. per lb... 5}jc 3-7c Mairuesia, carbonate of, medici nal. Der lb 4o 5c Calcincd, per lb 8o 10c Sulphate, or Epsom salts, per 10 3-10o }áo Uorpula, or uiorphine, and all Balts thereof per ounce 50o Si ('MS. Alízariue assistant.or soluble oil, or oléate f soda, or Turkey red oil, contalnlng flfty per oentum or more of castor oil, per gallon 80o 25 pc Conlamtuij less than fif ty per ceutum of castor oil, per gallilll 40c -Mpc All othvr. ad valorem ÜOp o S5po Castor oil, por nailon Siiu so c ( 'cni livrr oil, por gallon ljo 85po Cottonseed oil, per lmIIou of 7H :cht Wo ïipo Crotón oil, ;icr lb 30c 60 o Flaxseod or liusoed and ioppyseed oil, raw, boiled or oxydlzed, oor calkm of "Ja lb welght 32o 25 o Ful oil, or amylic alcohol ad valorem lOp o 10 p o Hemp-seed oil and i-apö seod oil, per pailón 10o 10o OUve oil, üt for salad purposes, per frallon .Vio 2S p o íYl'Porruiüt oil, por lb iiOo 25 p c Seal, herring, nhale, and other iish oil not speolally provided for, per gallon 8c 25 p o Opium, aqaeous extract of tor medicinal uses, and tincturo of, as laudanum, and all Uquld preparationi of opium, not specially orovided for, ad valorem 40 p c 40 p c Opium contamine lss than :i por centum oi morphla aud opium r smoking, per II?. $10 Uut opium prepared for smoking and other preparations of opium deposited in bondcd warehouses sball not be removed thercfioin without payment of duties, and euch duties shall not bc rcfundcd. I'Aints, COLORS AKD '. lï.iryta, stilphatf. oí' b&rytes, Including barytea eartb, mimannfaotured, per ton (113 10pc Manufacturad, per ton oT-i !iclb ie. and all ut hors, coutatolDK ferrooyanide of Iron, dry orgrouni ■ wltu rib Oo 20-25pc J tt pulp or mixed wlth water, perlb on Mie material oontalned therein when dry Oo C0-25pc Ulauc-tixe, or saiiu white, or artificial sulphato of barytos, perlb 3-4o 25po Blaoki made froxn bone, Ivory ■ ■; vegetable, onder wlmtever name koown, Inoludlng bonoblaok uuri black, dry or ffronnd in oil or water, ad vai 25po 20-25pc yellow, ohrorne green, and all other ohromiam colara in wliich lead and bichromato of potasü or soda aro üomponont parts, dry or crouud in or BÜXed with o;!, per lb 4J0 25pc Ju pulp or mixed witli water, per lo on the mat orial cont&lned therein whcn dry....4c 25po Üchfo and ochroy earths, sionna and siemia earths, iimDer mul eartha not specially providcd for in lilis act, dry, por lb Yin I4v (iround in oil, per lb lHc l!c T'ltrHniariuo blue, per lb 4Mto 6u Varnishes, Inoludlne so-callcd gold sizo or japau ad valorom 35 p o 40 p o Uu spiiit varnishes for tho alcohol contaiucd therein, per Ka' Ion addiüonal $1 33 SIK Verif.iilion, rodand colorscontaining qulckjilvor, dry or itrouncl in oil or water, per lb. 12c 25 p c Wash blue, containing ultrainariuo, per lb 3c 25 p c Whitlnu and l'aria white, dry P'H-lb Ho lic Uround in oll orputty. perlb. lo lo Zino, oxide of, and white paint coutdinini; zinc, but not contiiiniüK load, dry, per lb IMc l!4o Ground in olí, per Ib lüío lio All other pahua aud colors, wliothor dry or mixed, or cround in water or oil, includincr Jake.-J, crayoDS, smalts and frostlnjrs, no specially proyidinl lor in thil act, and artists' color of all kinds, in tubes or otherwise, ad valoroui 25 p o 25 p o All pailita and oolors, mixed or tfround with water or solutions other than oil, and commercially known as artists' water-color paints, ad valorom 30po 25 pc lyEAD PBODUCTB. Acetato of lead, whlto, per lb.. &%o 6c lïrown, por lb 3Jc 4c Litharago, per lb ;;it Nitrato of lead, perlb 3c Mc Oranpc minoral, per lb 3}c 3c Heel lead, per lb 3o 3c Whito lead and whito paint containinje lead. dry or ut pulp, or ground or mixed with oil, per lb 3o 3c Fhosphorus, per lb 'Mq 10c POTASB. Iilchromate and chromato of, perlb 3c 3c Caustic or hydrato of, refiued, in sticks or rolU), lc poriiouud. lo DOp c Uydriodato, ïodide, and iodato of,perlb 60o COo Nitrate of, or saitpetcr, refined, perlb lo VA Prusslate of. red, por lb 10c luo Yellow, perlb 5o 5u I'KU'AÜATIO'SS. All medicinal pieparations, includiug medicinal proprietary preparatloDa, of which alc9hol is a component part. or in the proparatlon of which alcohol is uscd, not speolally provided for, per lb 50o 50c AH medicinal preparatlons, Inclttdiugr mediciual proüriotary proparatlons, of which alcohol is not a component part, and notspocially proyided for in tbls act, ad vulorèm 25 p o 25 p o Calomel and other mercurial medicinal proparations a;l valorem. 35 pc 25 p c Products or preparations known as alkalles, alkaloids, distilled oil-s, essential oils,expressed oils, rendered oils, and all combiaatioas of the foreoinu, and all choinioal oompounds aud salls, not epccially providcd for, ad valoram 25po 25pc Preparatious nsed as applications to the hair, mouth,teuih, ■', suoli a3 cosmetica, iltiiitnrlces. pastes, pomades. 'V. uowdfirs and tonios, including all known as toilet preparaUons, not especiaJly provitied for, ad Talorem 50po 50? o Santoniue, and all salts thereof [nInK80per CBittum or over of santoniue $'- 50 ?1 Soap: C'astiio soap, per lb Vio ::u p c Fancy, perfumad, nmlalldescriptions of toilet soap, lier lb 15c 15o All other soap?, not speeially provided for, ad valorein...20D o 20 pc SODA. Bicarbonate of soda or supcrcarbouate of soda or salerattis. per lb lo lMo Hydrate of, or caustic soda, per lb lo lc Bichromato and chromate of, perlb 3o 3o Sal-soda, or soda-orystals, and soda ash, per lb Ho 'ío of, or other alkaline sillcale, per lb c V0 Sulphate of soda.or sa'it-cako or mtie-cake, per ton $1 25 20 p o Sponges, ad valorem 20 p o 2J p o Slrychnia, or Ktrychnine,and all salts thereof, per ounoe 40o 50c Sulphur, roflued, perton SS $1 Sublimed, or flowers perton.. $10 $20 Sumao, frrouud per ton 4-10o 3-10c Tartar, cream of, and patent tartar, per lb 6o Cc Tartar and lees crystals, partly rotined, per lb 4o 4c Tartratc of soda and potassa,or ltochelle Balts, per lb 8o 3o SCUEDDLE B. Earth, Eartltonwarc and Glassware. BBXCS AND TILE. New Old rate, rato. Fire-brick, not clazed, cnameled, oruameuted, or decorated in any uianner. per ton. .$1 35 20 p c Gla.cü, onamelcd, ornameuted, or decorated, ad valorem 43 p o 20 p o Tiles and brick. other than firebrick, not elazed, ornamentad, pmnted, enameled, vitrified, or decorated, ad valorem 20 po 20 p c Oroamented, glazed, paintad, enameled, vitrined qr decorated, and all encaustic, ad valorem 45 po 35 p c CEMENT, I.IME AND PLASTEB. Roman, Portland and other hydranllc cement in barrels, saoks or other packajres, per 10(1 lbs., iucluiliuK welght of barrel or packairo 8o 20pc In bulk, per luo bs "c )pc Other cement, ad valor. cm 20 p c 20 p c Limo, per 100 lbs, including weisht of barrel r package.. 6o 10 po Piaster of parus, gypsuin. cround, per ton $ 1 20 p c Calciuod, per ton 175 20 pc CLAT8 OH EARTHS. Clays nrearths,unwro'c't or untiianiiiactured uot specially providod for, per ton SI 50 SI 50 Wroupht or mumifacturod, not specially . provided for, per ton $3 L:.! China clay, or kaolín, per tou.. S2 Sj i:.VItTIU:NWAHE AMI CHINA. Common brown earthenwaro, oommon stoneware, andcrucibles.not ornamented or decortod in any manner, ad valorem :5po 25 pc Chtaa, poroetaio, parian.bisque, earthen, Btono and or i Inoladlns placqni uamcuts, toys, ouarms, rases and statuettes, painteii.tinted, Btaloed, cnaincled. pritiicd, gildod, or othurwise decorated or ornamentad in any tïianner, ad valorem GOpo 60pc If plain white, and not orna mented or deooratod in any manner, ad valorem 55 pc 55 pc All other china, porcelítin, par ian. blsQue, eartbeo, stouo and crockery ware, and maimfactures of the saine, by wl ever deslgoatlon or namo known in tho Irade, includinK lava tips for burnors, not spoclally providedforin tliis act.if ornamented or dccornted in any manner, ad valorem 60 po 00 p c If aot ornamented or deoorated, ad valorem 55po 5.'ic Gas rctorts, cach JU 2jpc OI1AS8 AM) CI.ASSlï.VliE. Green, and colored, mouldcd or presaed, and tlint. and lime las.s bottles, holding utoro thau ono pint, and demljobüa aud carboys (oovercd or uucoveic'd), aud other niouldftd New Old ralo. 'Cd ereon ftrvl colored Bint or lime bottle frUutsI lo " 'lo . moulded tr ; lime iils iioidof a pint. per Ib 1%q Jo If bolding le than oue8... 50c lo Ib (;jj po when filloa ■:nts. All anieles enumerated in tho prcecd::;rapb. if flllod, and not otberwise provided for in thb act, nnd tho contenta are subject to au ad valoren) rato of dnty, or to a rato of duty based upon thc valué, luotfuuli bolties, vials, or otbcr liall be addeil to the valué of the contents for tbe ascortaiiiment of the dutiable valué of tho latter; but if fllled aud col otheiwlBe provided for in this act, and the coiHents aro not subject to au ad valorem rato of dutj, or to rale pfduty basad on thc valué, or are free oí duty, such bottles, vials, or other veiseíf, eball Dajr, in nddttion to the duty, if any, ou their comenta, the ratea of duty prescrlbed iu tho precedlng paragraph: Provided, that no arlicie niauuf actured rom class déscribed in tiie precedin paratrraph sluüA py a less rato of duty than 40 per cenními ad valorem (old rate 'Í0 p c). Flint and lime, pressod glass■vare-, not cut, engraved, IKiinied, etched, decorated, colored, prínted, etainod, silorgllded, ad ralororn.60 p o 40p All klodsof glass, cutengrayed, " i. colorad, printed, I. silvered, or Uled, not irjcludinir pinte ■t. or Iookln#-g'l&Bs Dlate.s, 60 p c 45 p o Cbenali a for uso iu laborutory, arjd not otherwjáo speolally provided for in this i'j p c 45 p o Tmu blown glass, blown with or without a uiould, Inoladtnjc kUss cliimneys and all otln [ manufactures of glass, or of ííIuíss shall bo the cmpoueut niat. f valuó, not spacially proTlded for in ttds act, ad valorem. . . 00 p o 45 p o lleavy blown plass, blown wlth or without a inould, not cut sorated, iinisbod or unfinUhud 60 p o 45 p o Porcalalo or opal Klasswarc, ad valorem 00 p o 45 pe All eut, oneravod, painted, or olherwiso ornamentoci or decórate 1 íln"3 bottles, decantorB, ur otbOT vossels of giasd siiali. if ñlled, pav duty in atldition to arjy duty cbarceablo on the conteuts, as if not iilled, anleaa otherwiso specially proyided for in this act. Unpolished cyllnder, crown, and commou windov.'-lass, not oxecedinf; Iüxl5 iaches square per Ib l%o Ufa Above that and notexceeding 16x24 inches aguare, per Ib. . l%o 1%O Above that and not exceedins XixUOinchos square, per Ib.. 2Jáo 2)áo Above that and not exceediuff 24x36 inches stiuar, per Ib . . 2%o 2%a All above tbat ptr lli y; ,q "vm Provided, that unpolished cylimior, cröVtt and commQD wltulow lass, imperled in boxes, shall contaiu u0 square feet, as nearly as sizoa wiil permit, and the duty hall bo comnuted thereou acoordins to' tbe ' actuad '.veiíht of frlass. Cyünder aud crown class, polished, not exceeding inched square, per square f o' t Jo O. Above that,and not oxceeUin;: S4x80 luches scma'fe, per square foot (k 6a Above that, and not exceoditiK "J4x6U inches square, per square foot 31o SOo Above that, per sonare foot.. 40o SUo Fluted, rolled, or roúgh plato not includine orown, cvlinder, or conimon w)pdówKlaas, not excee'iiui; J0xl." inertes square, per square foot ?ío ' -%cr Above that, and not exceêdinL 10xt inohes square, per pquaro foot lo lo Aboyo that, and not exceediuz Ü4xao indios square per 6quaro foot lo láo All abore that, per square toot 2o So All íluted, rolled, or rougn piate-elass, weighinfr oyer 100 lbs per 100 square feet, shall pay an additional duty ou tho excesa at tho sanie ratos hereln imposed. (ïho exlstine provisión;: Providcd, that all of the abovo plate-.ulass, when ground, smoothed, or otherwiiu obsoured, shall be bub.iect to tho ratc of duiy as cast políshed plate-gi.. unsilvored. Cast polished plato-glass, finished, or unflnlshed aml unsilvered, notoxceeding 10x'-t inches equare, por square foot. 5o 6o Above that, andnotexceedins 24x130 inches, per square foot. So 6í Above that. and not éxceAdiner 24x00 inches square. Der square foot 2"o 25c AU above tbat, per square foot. üOo 60o Cast polished plato-lass, silveredandli' ulaïes not exceedinc 1(1x24 inclies square, por squaro foot 6o 6o Above that, and uot excéedirjjí 24x30 inches suu&re," per square foot 10o 10o Apove that, and not exoeed!s60 inches square, per :' foot 35o 35o All abovo that, per square foot COc COo Bat no lookiug-gl&ss platos, or plato plass silvered, when íramed, 6hall pay a lesa rato of düty tban tbat imposed upon similar glass of like descripción not íramed, but shall pay no addition thereto upon Buch frames the rate of duty appücable thereto when iiñporteil separate. (Trio presenl addltional duty when framed is 30 p c u'tjon the framen.j Cast polished plaie gliu, silvered or unsilverfid, and cyhuder crovrn, or c6&,ruon wiudowglass,when ground, obïburëd, frosted, saaded, enamelled, bevclled, etched embotssed, engraved, etained, colored, or otherwise ornamentod, 6hail be subject to a duty of 10 per.cent, advalorem, in additiou to tho rates otlierwise ohargeable thereon. (This is a ncw classification, such glass heretofore being subject to varíous duties.) Lpcc lacles and oyeelísses 60po 45po Ün spoctacles aud eyeerlass iraníes, ad valoren BOpo 35&45po On lrnscscostiDi; S1.&) per gross pairs, or less, ad valorem 60po 45po Spectacles and eyos'.ass Ienses with their edíres pround or bevelled to lit frames, ad valorem 00 p o 45 p o All staiucd or painted wlndow glass and stained or painted Klass Windows, and hairi, Dockot or uble mirrors not exceedíng in size 144 square ( Inohes, with r without fran:oreares, of v'hateTor material , composed, lonses of class or pebble, wholly or partly manufactured, and not specia:lprovided for in tlils act, and f usiblo enamel, ad valorem. . 45 p o 45 p o MARBIS, 8TONE. AM JIANIJFACXL'EES OF. Jlarble of all kinds in block, rouffb or s(]uared, per cubic feet C5o 65 Veined marblc, sawcd, dressed or othciwisc, Inoludlñff ni;.'ble slabs and marble pavintr tiles, por cubic foot $1.11) $1.10 (But Ín meuurement no slab shall bo oomputed at less than Inoh in thickness) otares of marble not ppecially providtíd for in this aur, id valorum 50 po 50po STO.N E. Burr-stonesi íantifactures or bound uü into millstones, ad valoicín v. . .15 p c 20 p o ne, íjranite, saudstone, llmeitone and other building or inunuincntal stooe, rxci'pt marble, unmanufactured or nndrassed, not speolally proVor iu this a:'. cubic foot lio $1 ton Freestone, (tn tone, :■'!■ balldinK or monumontal stoue, excei)t marble.not speolally provided for in this act, hown, dressed or Taloredi 40 p o 20 p o Qrlndstones, finished or unl'inslioil, per ton $15 $1 T5 Slates, álate ohimney-pieces, mantels, slabs for tables and all other niiinuí'aoLures of slate. not speclally pro furiii tbla reto -'íl p o 80 po Boonnx Blates, ad valorem 25 po 25 p o SCUIÍD11.E C. 31etals and IManufActitrers Of. JItOS AND STEEL. New Old rato. rate. Chromato of ron, or ehromie ore, ad valorem 15 p o la p o Iron oro, Inoludlng maniraulferous iroD ore, also the th ■ residuum from burut i per ton. Sulphur ore, as py ■iicu í,c uiuliurüt of irou i New Oíd rate. rate. lts natural state, contamina par eentuin , porton - '5o V5o Frovi.led, tuat ore contamine more than 2 pet ecu' hüiiU pay, ia addition thereto, oue (82) hall of 0110 cent per pouud ior the copper contained thereiu : 1'iüTided, ulso, that sulphur ore, as pyrites or sulphuret of iroaiu u itaral stute, conlainiuir iu ercess ol 25 per ceutum of suIpUur. ihall be vae oL du;y, exeept on tiie copper contained thereiu, sh above provided: And pro■vided iurtlier. that iu levying and colleotiiiK the dutv on ion ore no deduction shall be made from the weiaht of tüe ore on account ol moisture which may be mlcallï or pbysically comblued tiiereii-on in piRS, iron kentledjre, oleiseu, ferro-mai .i, wroucht rap iron ana oand ;i-i0o 3-10o But DOtblDf shall be deenied scrap irou ar scrap steel exeept wustc or refuse iron or steel, üt only tobe reniaauiaclured. Bar iron, rollcd or tamme rod, ion wide, uur loss than tbreo-eiiibths oí one iueh tiiici, por pauti'i S-10o 8-10o BouikI Iron nol Jess li. forthsofouo inch iu dianieter, and square iion not les L thBn tbree-fourtbi of au inoii ü-lOo lc 1 wulo ork oliththnof one iacn thick: round less tliau tlireo-fourt.. ;;o)i au;l nol lesi seve: .nu , incu square, per ib ... 10 1 1-lOe fioviul In ' r rods, less than B j :iu bars Oi Bhapes of r cially Dtovided fur in tbisact, 1 H-lOo 12-10c I'rovided, That all iron i si loops, or otlier forms let ïïian iron in burs, and moie adváuccd tha:i pií; iron, exeept caatiaga, eluiil üs nsted as iron iu bats, and be subject to a fiuty of eisht-teiKh3 of Oiie cent , ;iiid üone of the iron abovfl esumeratad lo tlus paraLrttb sliail pay a les s nite of liuiy than 35 per centuui ad valoren]. (Tuis li tLi! preteut proviiioD): Proflded fartber, tbat all iio;; o.irs, bloome, billete, or ■ kind, iu t.lie manufacture o iiel, (bal ol not less tliau ÍC; per too. (Only tiiu word "1üS6!i 13 intei ■ :ilOls. and bnib : rUOI uuchod, or litica 9-i0o íJíc Boiler o; or teel, eice; ■ nertíi Kanes, , and ;ron or stsol sbeari . vijd at 1 cecb per 1b. or les Í tibove 1 ceüt aud not e laudt-10 cents per lb, oer lb SS-lOOo l'4o Vaiiied abov 1 ii.nd 4-10 cents and not aboTeceiitsiiei'lb, perU) S-lOo lMc Talned above 2 cents and not aoove 3 ceats per lb, perlb 11-IOc lMc YulueU above 3 cents and not above i cents per Ib, per 1U..1 5-10o l}4c Vuluüd aboru 4 ceou and nut iibove T cent per lb, oer lb. . 3c 2? j'c Valued above 7 cents and not above Lu cents perlb, pur lb- S-lOo l.'-ic Valued abovo 10 cents and not above 13 cents per lb, perlb. SJo l;-.';o ■1 above üi ent per lb, fad ralorem 45 po 1,0 Providud, that all pinte iron or ■i ihiuner thau No. 10 wire eauge shall pay duiy as iroa or steel sheeti. SForgtBKÊ of iron or steel, or forcea iron and steel cüuibined, of whaterer shape. or In wha tover stage of manufacture, nut spaelally providad ior ia this act. Der ib 23-10o 2.' o 1'roTided, that no forgings of irou or tteel, or forgings of iroa and steel conibined, by wbaiever process made, ehall pay a less rate of duty tlian 40 per centum ad valorem. 'op, or band, or scroU, or otUer iron ür steel, valued at a cents per lb or less, eight tuches or Uss In wldth, and less than turee-eiehths of on inch thick and not ttiinfeer than No. 10 wiro nge,perlb lo lc Thiuner tlian No. 10 Tvire Kaue aud not tninuer than No. '0 wire gauge, per lb 1 l-lOo 1 2-10o Tnlnner than No. Ï0 wire gauee.per lb 13-10o 1 l-10c ProTided, that hoop or band iron, or fcoup or baad steel, cut to lenjrtli, or holly or partially manufacturcd into Koops or tles for baling purposes, barrel boops otirou or 6teel, and hoop or band Iron or band steel flared, splayeil or puuchecl, witti or without buckles or iastèmg';, snall pay -10 of 1 cent per lb more thao that lroposed on the bonp ot band iron or steel iroui which they are made. (Tlie present additional rate is Re-) Itailway bars, made of ron or leeL and ráihvay bars wade in p'irc ui tufl, i-rails, and puicliea iron or steel flat rails, ur pound 10c T-lOo sheets of irua or steel, conimou or black, lucluding all iron or : y kuowu as conimon or blact taíCíers iron or stool, and shelp iron or ïteul, valued at 3 cent6 por ■ tliMD No. iu and nut tnlnner tban leauge, perpouDd. lo ll-10o ler thau .(. ü(j wiri ■ !:iau :,perpoind.ll-10c 1310o Thinn nlrs 'i 1 l-10a 14o Co;r4:aed or crimpcd per . li-lOo 1 i-iOc Provideö, tuaL all commoo and black Fheet :ru:i or sheet steel not thinnar tban Ko. 10 wire ga :v duty as plato iroa or plato ateul. All Iron or steal sheets or plates: and all booj, band or BoroU aio k tla pi ,'and . aud berciuafter provi I 1 ffttlvanised oroo .-e or speltor, or auy alloy of linijto metala, shall pay tUreiiiioooutper lb mort g parb uuon tbs correspondr forms, of cominuu or btaek sheet or ta iron ov steel Jío sc And ou and afler July 1, lSUl.all Iron or (teel sheets, or plates, ron ocated with Uu (J or with a mixture of ■ thuio metáis or eitlier of ihem is a compouent part, by the aipiimu oí any other pro:e3, and commorcinily .1 as üu platea, lerue Blaten, aud taggers tin. shall pay 'i a-10 cents per lb 2 2-10o lc l'rovided, that on and alter JuIt 1 1891 manulaetures of wblch tin, tiii pintes' terne ulates, tageers tin, or either of theni are component materials of chief value and all anides, vossels or wares manu' factured, sumped or ürawn frooi sheet iron or sheet steel, s,uch material beini; the component of chief value, and coated whotly or in part with tiu or lcad or a mixture of whieh those raetals, or eitlier of theui, is a component pan, shall pay a duty of 53 per ceut ad valorem: Provided further. That on and after üct. 1, 1897 tlu plates and terne plates lighter iñ weiglit than 03 lb per 100 square feet fhall i.itted lree of duty, unless it hall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the President (who sliall thereupou by proclamatiou mko knowu tbe factj that the atcííresatB quantlt of such plates tnon üi lb per 100 square fest t)ro0 United States durina either of the six years neit precediug Juna DO as enualed onc-htid oí tlie amuunt uorted aud enterud for iptiou durliijr any llscal year aftcr is act and prior to eaid : Proylded, that the amount ch plates mauufactnred ioto articlee tod.scdupon whicli adrawbackshall 11 not be tncluded In aseeramountof such irnportatious: And províücd furtiier, that the amonnt or weijrht oí shuet iron ov sheet steel i iactured in the (Jnited Í or wrought in the manufacture of ai or wares tlnoed or terne-plated i:i the United sllowance as sold to manu facturéis or othere, Blti considered &5"tin and terne pintes pr.duced iu tlie United Biatea wttfalo the nicauing of lliis ar.l. Sheet iron or shnot steel, polisiicü, planisned, i by wuutover uamo desii,-nated, perib i-ij" l'rovided, That plata or sheet or tairgera iron or steel, by whatever nam Ignatod, othur tliau tlie polilued, platiisbed, or fjlanced bers J ior. which bas been plckled or eleaned by acid, or by auy otta or vrhleh is cold-rollcd, not polislied, shnll pny one-qnarler ot oua cent per lb moie dat; tlmu tut correspondiug fraudes ol eommou or black sheet or tasecors iron or steel. (There is 110 ebanu i;i luis provlflOD.) Sheets or piates of iron o; r t&gKtffia iron : tin or load, or with i iniïL:ireot' whion tneso Ither of tlie i :i' tiiu (lipplug or auy otlier pnand comoierciallr knowa as tia plates. terne tin, lo lo Stoiil, blooms, aml sinos, Viy ■■ ever procese matte: dio blocks ur blanke; billets :;ud bars aml taere' or beveled bar; wrisL rr crank pins, vonnectwg rods aud piston rod Bueart I saw jiats, wholly or oartiaily . ...elurcd; h a 111 iaer moulds or Bwajced sUieljtiuri I moulds 110. loys used as sub sttel tools; alt i and snapea of dry sa:td, luain, cajtuiatos, not for iu this net; ail" of tho il per pound or less. pw pound .-10o tóp o Valned above ' nol aburo 1 4-1) csiitsper l ó-lOo 45 p c i ubovo 1 4-10 cents and not abova 1 8-10 cents per Doan ...tí-10o 45 p c Valuud al)úvo I íS-10oeu boto -iO eoats per U-lOo 45 p c Der poutdl 2-lUc 45 p o :its and Dot abore i oeits per pouud lB-lOo 45 pc Valued abovti 4 oents B 3 x'o 2c ■:U5aud uot. ■ -:its per pouud. ..'i 8-10c 2LLo d Bboye 10 uot .'ibovc 13 csuts p.:r SJ-áo 3'íc Valuod aboirc io c-tüits anii not ■■■ pound.. 4 3-lOc 3'4o ■ ! above Iti cav.. pouud 7o 8}io Wire rods: Kiïet, sorew. aud oth-jr iron and stc;.. and naü rods, wn oxui, flat, tequila othersbape, incollsor not ginaller berslxwlre gauo, v;upouud, B-10 at oer Iron or stoet ingitadlna) i1'.:. for tlia manufactara -f foacinj. val.u 'S cents or K= pouud 6-10o 6-10o Provlded, that all iron or steel rods, whether rolled ordrawn throuh dleg, smaller than .vire gaoice, hall be classed aud dutiable as Wire: Wiro mado of iron or steel, uot smaher than number Iu wire gaugo, per lb l}io üc Süialler thau ntimber 11 and uot smaller than nmuberlti wtreeaofe, per lb lo 2o Smaller than uumher 16 and DOt smaller tuan 28 wiro eauet-, per lb 2;4c 2!-ío r than number -"ü vlre gaugOtperlb iïc 3o Provided, that iron or steel wire coyfcred wltb cotion, silk or other material, and wires or strip teel, cooimouly knowu as criuoline-wire. corset-wire, and hatnire, shall pay a duty of Gü per ib (th9 present rate is 5c to 7c per lb). Aud provided further, that steel wire or sheet steel in strips, wüether Uravru througti dies or rolle, uutemperctl or tempereu, ■; whatsocver widtñ, iweuty-flvo one-thgusandtbs of an iucb thick or tblnner (ready for use or othenvise), bhall cay a duty of 50 per centum ad valorem. Xnd provided further, that no artiele made from iron or steel wire, or of which iron or steel wire is a component part of chief value, shall pay a less rate of duty than the iron or iteel wire from wnich it is made, either wbolly or in part. And providud lurther, that Iron or steel wire cloths, and Iron or steel wire nctting made in meshes ol auy foro), shall pay a duty equal in amount to that imposed ou Iron or steel wire used in the manufacturo of irou or steel wire clotb, or iron or steel wire nettius, aad 2c per lb iu addition tliereto. 1 aere shall be pak! ou iron or steel wire coated with ziuc or tia, or any other metal (ezcept f ence wiro and iron or steel, flat, with longitudinal riliB, for tho manufactnre of fer.cinj;), ouu-balf one cent per lb In üdditiou to Lhö ratü imposed on the wiro oí which it is made; ou irou wire roe and wire strand, lc por lb iu addition to the rate imposed on the wire of which It is made; on steel wire rope and wire straud, 'c per lb in addition to the rate imposed on the wire of which they or either of tuem are made. (These are the present rates.) Provided furthsr, that a!l irou or steel wiro valued at more thau 4c per lb shall pay a duty of not less than 4ö per centum ad valorem, except tbat carii wire for tho, manufacturo of card clothina shail pay a duty of 35 per centuin ad valorem. GENEÜAL PltOVlSIONS. No allowance or reduction of duties lor partial )os6 or damage iu consequouce of rust, oi of discoloratlon, shall be made ujtou auy descriplion of iron or steel, or upou auy articlc wholly or partly mauufacturcd of iron or steel, or upon any manufacture ol irou and steel. All metal pruiluced iroui iron or its ores, wnich is cast and mallcable, of whatever descriptiou or forin, without reffard to the perceutase ol carbon contained therein, whether producod by comentatioD, or converted, cast, or made (rom Iron or its ore, by the cruclble, .or, Clapp-Griraths, pneomatlc, Tbomas-GUchrlBt, basic, Siemens-Martin, or open hoaitli process, or by a coiubination of two or more of the processes, or their equivalents, or by fusiou or other process which produces from iron or its ores a metal either granular or fíbrous ia structure, which is cast aud mslleableexcepuug what is kuown as malleable. iron castiogs, shall be classed and deuouiinated as steel. No artiele not speclally nrovlded for in this act, wholly or partly manufactured from tin plate, terne plate, or the sheet, piale, hoop, band, or 6croll iron or steel berciu provided for, or of which sucn tin plate, terne plate, sheet, plate, hoop, band, or scroll iron or steei 6hall bu the material of chief value, shall pay a lower rate of duty than that imposed on the tin plato, terne plate, or sheet, plate, hoop, band, or scroll iron or stee! from which it is mude, or of which it shall be the component tbereot of chieL value. C)n all iron or steel bars or rods of whatever shape or seetion, which are cold rolled, cold hammered, or polished iu uny Muy ín addition to the ordlnary proces of hot rolling or hammcring, Ibero shall be paid one-fourth of one cont per pouud in addlttoo to the providüd in this act; and ou all strips, piates or sheets of iron or steel of whatever .shapo, other than tho polished, plauished or glanced shoetinm or sheot Bteel hereinbeforo proviiied for, which aio c:o:d rolled, cold hatntnered, .tempered orpoliehed bv troceas to sucb perfectod r polith better tnn the gi cold ra ioth only, hertlnbefore il tor, thore shall bo pald mie and ■er pound In tbe rati . , strips or sbei or steel of ei or black finish; and on steel circular saw piates there shall be paid oae cent per pouod in addition ■ DVlded ui :liis act for .-. and v. 1 S-lOo 2o steel, withou 2o Provided, t i m. when iron or steel tiles wheels, or iron or (teel, they sball 1 e ;!ntiabl at thn kjiiiio ratu as tüo whcel la Ijïcli they rc lit if iron or steel, or of iron ever p ever siajfl ol manufHi "Yio Sa , ivhether of i:-on ... -,'-io -l-ic ■■■ OCber tal . per i o 3c s or bolt-i uier o( iroji vr i ;T lb 2.' .O ÜJÍO Card-clothiug, mamifetured (1 teol win . 'oui 50c Toe "c 5c i pipe oí' ever doscrip ü-lue lo Is. platos. : , aud eclally provided for . li.L 2-100 lo e ir. ui ntl for in this aot, iurlb ljc ïo !:iiid, per lb 3o 3c i .is oi' all kiuds, el, uot less neo-füurths of oue inch . per i!i 1 O-lOo l'io larttu f ODe eihtlis of one incli in tiiaiüeter.perlb 1 S-lOo 2o Less than tliree-eijshths of one leier, perlb 2Jo 2}áo liut uo chaiu or cuains of any descrlption ehaü pay a lo er rate oí duty than 45 por cetituin ad vnlorcin. M i;v. Pcii-knives or pocket-knlvosof anl er.isors. or paris theroof, ufactured, : Ht uot more tnau por dozen, per dozen 12o 50 p p ad val : tiian 5IJ cias per dozen and do ■ lp o ad val .t moro tíiun 'í.:á) per dozen and net ■ peraozen, psr ilozen ... ..$1 SOpcadvil Valued at iíi GO p c ad val Ami in addilion thmrto o:i all Razor.) and razor blsdes, i!nished or unlluislicd. valnod at loss ttüin $i por úo.ou, per dozen .-1 50 p c ad val ■: per dozen 'ïc:i si '■■ 50p o ad ralAnd in addition tbereto on nll the above razord auii razor-blades 80 per cent ad yalorem. Swords, sword-blades and sido arms, ad valoreni 35 p c ii5 p c ïalile-k: . steels and all butohers', hand bread.-butter, vegetable, fruit, cheese, Dlnnioera. painters1, palette aiu; i s of tbed or auSnisb.iied ut not more tiiau SI peni. '.wil. 10o 35 po ld not . dozeo .... 35o 35 p c Yuliu-d ::t ïilr . u uot ; 40c 35 p c i en . . SI 35 p o Valuod at more taan $8 per dozen $3 35po And in addition upuu all the above liamed artides, !iJ per cent, atl valoreni. i'ïïr and cooks' knives ■heil or unfinisbed, ralued at not ; tian S4 per dozen per do-zon SI 85 pc a more tlwn i4 and hoi more pieces $2 35 p c Valuod at more than $S and uot than H2, per dozen I S3 35 p o Valued at more tban $12, per dozen piece3 5 3-5 p c And in addition upon all the abovenaiuud artic'.es, 30 per cent ad valorem. Files, file-blanus, rasps and noaïH, of ai! outs an.l kin.Js, four inobea in lengm and uudor, per dozen 35o 35o Ovar four io,cbe in ionxtli and . per dozan T5o 75o ííine inches iu lentb and uuder U incites, per dozen SI 30 si 50 Fourteen inofaet iu length and over, per dozen 83 2 50 VUMS. Musliets and sporlin ri!iis, ud m 25 p o 25 p o All double-ba irtins, b ttfrung vjilued not more tha eacli ':',) eaoh 35 p o Valutd at m not more thi li35po Valued at in )re tban Jlï eaob..f8 t-ach 86 pc And in uddiliou tüerelo .on uil theabove, 35 per cent ad valorem. barrel, braoch-loadinR ahotfcuus $1 lV 35 p o 35 p c lifcvolvintf pi&túls valued at not than $1.50 eaon 40o 85po Valued at more tlmn SI. 50 L1 35 p c Aud iu adaition thereto on 11 tho above pistols, 35 per cent ad vatorem. Iron or sieel sheets, plates, wares, or artictes. enamolcd Ciazod wlth vitreous Kli ad valorem 45po Iron or steel sueets, plates, . or artlules, enuineled , wlth moro thun ono color, or ornamentcd, ad valorem 50 p o NA1LS, SPIKES, TACKS AND NEEDLES. Cut oalli and cut spikes of iron or steel, per lb lc lo Ilorseiihoü nailt, hob nails and all oihor wroueht irou or steel imils uot spueially provided for in tlus act, per lb. 4o 4c Wire uails made of wrouvht iron or steel, two inhes and iougor, not lijrliter than uuinbür twolvo wiro Ruuse, per lb. 2o 4o From ono inch to two inches in louf;th, aud lightor tiian number twelve aud not litrhter than number sixteen wlre eauüc, per lb SJío 4c t tliiiu one inch and Usbter tiiHu number sistoen wtre ffaujïo, per lb 4o 4o nuts in. d wasr.ers.and borae, mule, or ox shoes, of wröugbt iroa or steel, per lb 18-tOo So Cut tracts, brads, or sprlgs, not exoeedlng sixteen ouuces to tho tnousand, per tbousand 2}4c 8ío Kxcedtn !-ixtoeu ounces to the thousnud, perlb á?4o So Noedles for kuittiujï, or sewinff roohet needies aud tape needlea and bodkius of , ad yalurom Í5 po 25 3c 35 p o , knltttng aud all otitors not SDecially providcd for in tbls act, ad valorem j p o 35 p c PU utes engraved, stereotype plates, electrotypo plates aud ;lttr of otlier niati.'ritnravod or lithoKrapbed, [or printinic, ad valoreos 5pc 25 p o Itailway lish piates or snlicobais, made of iron-or Bteel, perlb lo l!4o Euvets of iron or steel, perlb. 2ío Saws: . . s, pcrliuear foot So 8o Mili, pit r.nd drac-saws. not Ine iu jljfi wlde, perlinlüo 10o ■o incbes wlde, pei 150 l"o o U0 p o Hand, bacl e iully Drovlded for, ad valore iOpo 40pc Sorews, oommonly o iu len . 5c 6o l and net moro lb.. To Sc . lOo IDo [ inch and ioss in iciiRtb, 110 lïü . niado ot Iron or steel, andsteel-tired -New OW rat, railway pur üly or partty linnud Iron o : or udier railway f thereof, wholly oi1 partly manufactured, pur , lf 20 3Hc ;, blooms.or i tur it;o :; rae of man -"io 2c LM, that ivhen wheeJs or parts thercof, oL iron or teel, aio imported n or steel axles iitted in them, tbe wheels und axles togetber sball bo Ie at Ido same rate as is providcd for tbe rheela urnen Icnporleo, separately. MISC1LM.,AJN'EI AND MANUFACSOK. Aluminium or alummum. la crudo form. aiul alloys of any kind In whicli altiminum u lliB component material of chief value, per lb 15c Free. Antlmony, as rejiulus.or metal. per Ib %c 10 po Argentino, albata, or (firman siivBi-, unmanufaotored, ad m 25 p o 25 p c or pias, old brass Dutcb . and old si yello.v motu', rit only I manol tb l'áo 1',-ác 'i', por Ib lí-'o i5 p c lironze or 13utch metal', or aluminum, n loaf, uor packW!s of ÍU'J leaves So 10p o 15 p o COPPZR. Imported in the form of ores, pur 11) on eacu 1!) of fino ooppor oontained tucrein ïo 2Jc only lor remanuiacture. ulippiníís from new, and uil composición metal of wbich ■ is a compouent material of cliief valuo, not specially provided for, per Ib lo '3o Iteüulus of, and black or coarso copper. and copper cemunt, perlboneaoh Ib of fine COPper contaiuod thereiu lc 3}c Iu platos, bars, inyots, Chili or other plgs, and in other forrns not mamilactured, nor sdocíally provided for. per lb lJ4e te Rollea plate eallcd brazlers' copoör, sheets, rods, ptpus aad ooppr bottoms. also hing or yellow meta!, of which copper is the component material of chief valne, and not comyosed whaliy or iu part of irou ungalvanized, ad valorem 35pc S5pc OOI.D AMJ K1I.VEK. Bultions and metal threa.i of Kold. silyer or other metáis, . pruTíui.-.l for iu chis aot, ad valoreai 30 p o s.i p c licht leaf, Der packafco of bot) leaves l$2 SI 50 Silver-leaf, per paekae of 600 lea vos ii 75o LEAD. Ore aod drosa, per Ib ljic Io l'rovidcd, tliat silvcr oru and all other ores coutaiuins? lead shall jay a datj of ouis and a half cent per pound on tbe lead contalned thereiu, aecordlnL' to Bample and aseay at the port of entry. Pi(rs an'J bnrs, raolten and cjld. 1 load run into blouks !ead, l!L only to be romauufactured, per pound 3o 2o . shot, fflazlers' loftd and lead wire, per 1d ... üo 3c Metallio mineral substaooes In a crude state und metáis onWTOUCDt, not SDOcially proror, ad valorem 20 p o 20 p o Mica, ad valorem 35 pc Free. NICKEL. Nickel, nickel oxido, alloy of any kind in which nickel is the component, material of chiof valué, per Ib 10o 15o Pens, metallio, excepc gold pens, perirrosi 13o 13o Pen-holder tips, pen-holders,or parrs taereoí,(;old peu. , valorcm 30 p o X) p c 45 p c Pins, motal'iic, solid hoad or otiier, Inoludlns hairpim, sufoly pin'í, anti haf, bonnrt. shawl and bolt pies. ad valo 30p o 30p c Quioksilver. per Ib 10o 10o The llasks, bottles or other vcssel in which quieksilver ia importod ehall be subject to the same rate of duty as they would be subjected to it imported empty. Tice metal, per Ib, for the lead l}ío 20p c New types, ad valorem '5 p o jpc Tin: Uu aud after July 1, 1893, oassiterite or black oxide of ad bar, blookand pig lin, porlb 4o Free ProvidcJ, that unless it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the President of the L'uned States (wno shail make known the tact by proclatnation) thatthe product of thu mines of the Uulted States shall have exceeded 5,000 tous of cassiterite, and bir, block and p2 tin in auy one year priDr to July 1, 1895, then all imported cissiterite, bar, block and pip tin shall, after July 1, 1835, bcadmitted Iiee of duty. WATCHES. Chronometers, box or ship's, and DarU thereof, ad valoreen. 10 po 10 p o Watches, parts of watuhos, watcli cases, watch movements aud watuh fclasses, wnether separately packe i or otherwise. ad valorem 2opo 25 pc ZINO OR 8PELTER. Zinc in blocks or pites, por Ib. ... l?o lVio Zino 1d sheets, per Ib 20 24e Zinc, old and woni out, fit only to be remanufactured, por Ib. l}4o 1' . c Manufactures, artlolts or wares, not speciaUy euumeraLed or Drovided for, composed wholly or iu part of iron, stee!, lead, oopper, nickel, pewter, zinc, gold, silver, platinum, aliimiunm, or any other nieta!, and wliether partly or wholly manufuctured, ad valorem 15po 45po SCHKDIXE U. Wood and Mauufavtures of. New Old rate. rate. Timber, hewn and saweil, and limber used for spars aud iu ::K wiiarves.adralorem.lO po 20 p c Timber, squared or sided, uot speciaUy provided for in thia act, per cubio foot iLc lo Suwed boards, plank, deals and other lumber of hemlook, whito wooa, syoamore, white piue aud basswood, pertuousand f eet board measnro $1 $1 $2 Sawed lumber, uot ipecially provided lor in thli act, per thousand feet board möAbUre. S2 $2 But wheu lumber of any sort is plancd or tiuished, in addition to tbe ratos hereiu provided there shall be levied and P'jid for cacli side eo planed or liuishod 50 cents per thousand feet board meaure; and if plancd on one side aud to;u;ue'l and grooved, $1 per thousand feet board uieasure; and it' plancd on two sides and tonp;ued and grooved, $1.00 per thousand feet buard measure; aud iu estimating board tneasure undcr this scbedule nodeductiun shall be maúe on board measure on account of planing, tonguing and groovine: Provided, that iu case any foroien country sbail impose an export duty upon piue, spruce, ehn, or other logs, or upon et ave bolts, thiujfie wood, or headiu blocKs exported to the Unitod States from such country, then the duty upon the sawed luinber heroin provided for, whon imported irom such country, 6hall remaiu the samu as üxed by ths law in forcé prior to the passage of thi.s act. Cedar: Un aud after March 1, J.S.J1, paving posts, raitroad tiea aud tclephono and tolograoh polos of cedar, ad valorem SOdo Froe. Sawed boards, plank, de.V; all forma of MW6d eet:;; num-Tltao, la.ncewood, ebony, box, granadilla, mahosrany, rood, salliwood, aud all other ofcbinet woods not fnrtlier uianufauLured than ■'.. ad valorem 15 p c $2 per M i wood and wood uumauufaetnred, uot specially provided f er, ad raloram ...0po 35 p c Pine ulapboards, per I,(X)J $1 fi Spruce clapboards, per l,tKX) f 1 6J SI M llubs for wheels. post. blocks, wafcon-blocks, . cun-blocks. neading. all li ;c blo li-hcivn or sawed 20 i) c 25 p c perl,U00 pieces 15o lóo and pallncs, ad val 10 po "(' p o Wuiie piue shlugles. per 1,1)00... SOo -■": All other, per 30o 3.'k of wooii of ail kinds, ad 10 p c 10 p c gar-bux shuoks, ;ud New Oíd rale. ratu. boxos and packinï-ljrx sliooks, ol' woud, uut speciiilly led for, mi valuram 30 do 30 d o Cbsir oane. ur reeds wroaffht or manufacturad from niiun, or reccis, anii whetlier t square or in auy other fchjpi.1, orem lOp o 10 pe ■ ir cajblnet fornitu WOOd, wholly or narüy liüished. manufaoturea of wood, wblon wood is tbe oomponent material of chief valué, nol spoüially provided for 30 pe iu lilis u:t, nú. valorem 35 p o íü p o SCHEDULE E. On and aftor Jiily 1, 1891, and until July 1, lüüj, llioro sbsll be paid, from any moueys in tbe troasuiy not othcrwieo appropriated, lindar the provisions of seetion StiSD of the Kevised Slatute, to tho producer oí 6iigar teêtiujr not less iha 'JO by ttíc polariseope, from beets, sortrhum or suyur cano grown within ihe United otates, or from niaple sap pro■vitliiii tbe United States, a oounty of '.ceñís per pound: and upou such sugar tübiiuir less tiian 'M' by tbe polariscope, and not less thau oO, a bouniy of % cents per pound, under such rules and rcuulations as tbe coiumUsioncr üf internal revenua, wlth tlm approval ot thu secretary of the treasury sbali prescribe. The producer oL said eut;ar lo I títitíd to said bounty süail nave lirst tiled prior to July 1 of each year with the coiumissioncr of internftl revenue a notice of tha place of production, with a general descriptioa of tbe machinery and methods to be employed by him, with an estímate of the ainouut of eugar proponed to ba produced in tbe current or next ensuing year, including tbe number of maplo trees to be tapped, and au pplicatiou tor a Ucease to so produce, to be accompauied by a boud ín a penalty, and with euraties to be approved by the commisbiouer of internal revenue, cenditloned that he will faithfully observe all rules and regulations tbat shall be prescribed for sueh manufacture aud productfon of sugar. 'ihe commissioner of interna] revenue, uyon reociviujr tlie npplication a.'jd Dona hereinbefore provided íor, shall tssue to the applicant a to produce sugar from sorghum, beels or sugar caue grown within the United fctates, or from maple ap produced within tho United States at tilo place and with the machiner'y nd by llie methods descriued i the applicailon: but said Hceuse shall not extend beyoud oue year [rom the date thereof. No bounty tliall be paid to any person enaL'Cil in rolininy; sugars which have been imponed into the United States ur produced iu tne Uuited otates, upon which tlie boui;t.y herein provided for ba airead; been paid or applied for, nor to any por6on unless he ehall have llrst been licensed as hereín provided, and only upon sugar produced by such persons from surirnum, beets or sugar canej;rown within the United States, or from niaple sap produced withiu tha United States. The r m:ni59ioner of interna! revenue, wlth tlie ayprova) of lile secretary of tiie treusury, shall from time to time imiku all necdful rules aud íeulations for the muiíaíactare of 6uj;ar from 6r:liuin, beets or silgar cane grown within ííie Uuited States or írom maple sap produced within the United States, and shall, under the clirection of the eecretary of the treasury, exercis9 supervisión and iu&pectioD of the manufacture thereof. And for the payment of the6e liountles the secretary of ihe treasury is authorlzed to draw warrants on the treasurer of tlie United Statos for such suins as sball be uccessary, which 6um8 shall be certitied to blm uy the commissiouer of internal revenue, by whom the bounties shall be disbursed, and no bounty shall be aliowed or paid to any person liesnsed as aforesaid in any oue year upon auy quantity oí suír less than 5U0 pounds. Any person who s'nall knowinaly refine or aid m the reflniDg of sugar imported into the Uuited States or upon which the bounty herein provided for has nlready been paid or applied for, at the place described iu the íicense issued by the commissioner of internal revenue, and any persen not entitled to the bounty herein providdd for, who íball appiy for or recelvo the same, shull be guilty of inisdemeúDor, aod, upou couviction tbereof, shall pay a h'ne not exccedini; or be liujjrisoned for a perioa not exceeding live years, or botb, lu the discretion of ihe court. AU sui;ar3 abve number 16 Dutch standard In oolor shall pay a duty of per Ib o 3-3láo l'royided, that all such sugars above nuuiber 16 IJutuu standard in color shall pay one-tenth of oue cent per pound in addition to the rate herein provided for wheu exported from, or the product of any couutry when and so long as snob country pays or shall hereaíter pay directly or iodlrectly, a bounty on the exportation of any such susrar which may be iucluded iu this grade which is greater than is paid ou raw sudare of a lower saccharine strengtb; and tbe secretarv of the treasury shall prescribe suitable rules and reguluiloas to carry this provisión intoeffoct: Aud provided íurther, all machinery purebasod abroad and erected iu a beet sugar factory and used In the production of raw sugar iu tho United States írom beets produced theráin shall be admitted duty frec uulil July 1, lS'Jd: Provided, that any duty collected on any of tho abovo descrited maehiuery pnrch3sed abroad aud imponed into llie United States for the uses above indicated since Jan. 1, 189'J, 6hall be ro(uuded. Suííar caudy aud all coníootlonery, includiuj; cbocolata confectionery, inade wholly or in part oi' suirar. Valued at twelve cents or Ikss per pouud, and on susars after beine reiiiied, wheu liuctured.ootored, lo any way adoHuratod, por pound 5o 5 - 10c All other confactlonery, iucludiue cbor-.olate confeotiouery. not suecially providod for, ad valorem 50 p o 50 p o Glucose, or erape simar, per Ib. %p 20 p c That the provisions of this act provldluK term3 for tli adinission of lmported sugars and molasses and for tbe payment of a bountj on suirars of domestic production shall take effect ou the lst day of April, ÏS'JI. Providod that ou and after the lst day of March, 1891, aud prior to tha lst day of April, 1891, sugars not exceediuií Xo. 15 Dutch 6tandard ;u color may be reflued in bond witbou'. paymont of duty, and such reöned lajeara may be transponed in boud and stored in bouded warehouses at such Doints of destination as are provided ín exísting laws relatiug to the immediate transportatlon f dutiable goods in boud, under such ralea and resuiatiom as shail be preseribed by the secretary oí the treasury. SCHEDVI.G F. Tobáceo and Manufactures Of. Leaf tobáceo suitable for wraupers, if not stemmeü, per Ib S" T5o If stemmed, per Ib SÍ7Ó SI Provided, that if any porlion oí any tobáceo impurted in any bale, box or pacKa:e, or in bulle shall be suitable for ciliar wrappers, the entíre quautity of tobáceo eontained in sucli bale, box orpackage or bulk ehall be dutiable as above. (New.) All other tobáceo io leaf. immanuf actured and not sterumeií, per Ib 3öo If steunned, per Ib. . . 50o 40c Tobacco, manufacturad, of all desorlptlons, uot apeotall; enumerated or provided for, per Ib 40o 40e Snuff aud MiurT tlour. raauufaclurud of tobáceo, irround dry, or damp. and pickled, seenwd or otherwise, of all descriptloos.perlb 50o 50o Ciííar.-:, cisarettes and eberoots of all kinds, per lb.S4.3O&Só p o I3.C0&28 ] o Papor ciirars and cigarettes, including wrappers, sball be subject to the same duties as berein imposed upon cigars. SCHEDül.E G. Acrloulturnl Protlucts and Provisions. AN1MALS, AL1VE. New Oíd rato. rate. and mulet, per head $S0 20pc Provided, that horees valued at 15U and over shall paya duty of 30 pcrcentum, ad valorcin. Cattle. more than 1 year old.per head ....$10 üdpc One year old or Ie ïdpe 1 1 1 , per head 81 W sip c Sneep, 1 yoar old or mort-, per head 51 80 iian 1 yearold, perliead. Túo & U o All oüier live animáis not ally provided for In thl ad valorem iipc fflpc BDXAD m r-KS AND r Mtl.. H liarley, per bushol ut 48 Ibs :Mo 10c Barley-mali, per busuel of 34 Ibs 4.o 0c Barlay, poarled, patent or uuU'd per Ib Cc Buekwheat. per bushei of 4S ibs. 16o 10 pc Corn or maize, per biuhel of 66 iro Wc Coro me il, i'or bnshel of -js ibs. :.'üc luo Macaroni. vermlcelU, and all similar urppi.ratious, per lb. .. 2o I'rno Oaifs. por busnel lüc lüu Oatmeal, per lb 1c Ho Kico, cleaued, per lb :'.u 2%c in-d, uer lb l'.'ic 1J4O Padd %u l'ic 8out and riee-meal, prepare. 1 4o üOpo broken, which will pasa tiirou;ii a sieve Known commereiaily as No. 'i wiro si 've, por Ib !4c New. Uye, per bushul luc 100 Hye-flour. per pound Ho per tmsliol Ü5o Wheat-Uour, odvalorein -'' 20o ll.UKY PBODVI Butter, and substituios therefor, perlb fo 4o . : er lb w 4c -Milk, f resü, per Rallón üc 10 p c Milk, preserved or condensad, inctading wciíchtof package. per lb 3o 20 d o Sugar of milk. per lb 8c Freo ■ ANO KIEr.D PRODUCTS. Beaus, per buslicl of 601bl 40o 10 p o Beans, peas, aud mushroonts, prepared or presorvod, in tins, ju. botUee, or otherwise, ad raloreni 40 p c 30 p o Broom-corn, per ton S8 l'reo (.'abbagies, each lic 1 c: Cider, pep gallou 5 JJpo mt dozen 5c Free. Kïks, yolk of, ad valorem 25 po 2Opc Hay, per ton S4 8 Jíonoy, percal 20c 'c Hops," per lb 15o 8c Onious. per bushei 4Uo 10 p o Peas, Kraeu, In bulk or in barrwls, sacks, or similar packages, per buslicl of 80 Ibs 40o 10 p o Peas, dried, per busbel Ï0o 80 p o Split peas, per tu of (50 Ibs .Mie 20 p c poonda 50c ïo pc Pe&s in cartons, papers, or other small packaKes, per lb lo New Plant.s, trees, shrubs, aud viues of all kinds, comraouly knowto as nurjery stock, not specially provided for, ad valorem 20o Free Pütatoes per bu of 6u lb 2io löc SICKDS. Castor beans or seeds, per bu of 50 Ibs óOo 60c Flaxsfted or linsoed, poppy secd and other oll soeds.not sp'ecia!ly provided for, per bu of 58 lbs, but no drawback shall be allowed en oil-cake uiade f rom imported secd 30o 20o Garden sceds.agrlcultural steds. and ottier seeds not speclally provided for in this act, ad valorcin 20 po 20po Vegetables of all kinds, preparad or preservod. includinc: pickle and Fauces of all kinds, not specially provided for. ad valorem 45po 30po 3ópo (35 p o). Vegetables in their natural state, not specially provided for in this act. ao Talorem 25 po 10 pc Straw, ad valorem 30po Free. Teazlcs, ad valorem öOpc Free. risii. Anohovies and sardines, packed in oil or otlierwise. in tiu boxes measuring not more than 5 iuches lonsr. 4 inclies wide and Zi inohes deep.per whole box. 10o 10o In half-boxes, measurinjr not not more than 5 inchos lonc, i incoes wide.aud 1% incites deep, each 5o 5c In boxes, measurine not more thun 4% incïius long, 3J inehes wide, and Wi inches deep, eaeti 2JJo 210 Wnen imported in auy other form, ad valorem 40 p c 40 p c Fish, pickled, in barrel or linlfbarrels, and mackerel or salmon, pickled or salted, per Ib. lo lo Fish, smoked, dried, áalted, piokled, f rozen, packed in ice, or otherwise prepared for pre6ervation. and fresb fish, uot specially provided for, per lb He He f ree Herrines, pickled or salted, per lb Ho Ho K errlnys, f resh, per lb Ho Free Fish ín cans or packaites made of tin or other material, except anchovies and sardines and fish packed fn any other nianner. notspeciallv enumerated or provided for, ad valorem 30 p o 25-30 p c Cans or packase made of tin or other metal, contatuintr shell lisii admittedfroe of duty, not exceediuc one quart in contents, per dozen cans or p;ickaes 8o 18o When exceedinsr one quart, additional duty per dozen for each additional half quart or fractional part thereof 4o Do Provided, that uutil June 30, 1)1, suoh cans or packa;es shall be aduntteJ as Dow provided by law. ritirrs and ndts. Fruits - Apples, green or ripo, ler bushei 25o Free Apples, dried, deaiccatod, evaporated, or preparod iu any ïnanner, aud not otherwiso lirovided for. per lb 2o Free Grapes, per bbl of tnree cubio feet oapadQr or fractional p;irt tliereof COc 20 p o PU:ms and prunes, perlb .... 2c lo i'iüs. pci-1!) 2Hc 2c 9. leinons. and limes, iu packaes of capacity of 1)4 cubic feet orlos per paokaue, 13o 18e lu packaxes of capacity ox■ as VA cubic feet and not oxceeding ÏH cubic feet per pacfcaee 25o 25o In pacfeanes of capacity exceedin 2J-é cubic feet and not exceeding 5 cubio feet per puckae 50o 55c In packKos of capacity exoeedlng 6 cubic feot for every additioual cabla foot or fractional part thereof. 10o 20 p c In bulk, per l.WIU And In additlon thereto a duty of 30 per centum ad valorem upon the boxe or barrels oontalnins such oranges, leuions, or l::nes. IVesent ratea - Oranjes: Half boxo-i, l;!c; boxed, 25o; other paokazes 80 iur neot; bulk, SI. 90 per M. Leuions: Half boxes. 10c; boxes, Sic; other packüices. '0 per cent; bulk, $2 pjr :nes: 2U per cent. s, per pound ... 2Jc 2c Couifita, Bweetmeats, audti preservad in snar. lasses. or spirits, noc spcciaily provided for. and jollies of all kinis, ad valorem ;i j p c 3ö p c Fruits, preservea In their own jatoe&i ad valorem 30po 20 p o Orft&JCe peel and lemon pcpl.prcserved or candiod, per pouud. 2o 35 p o Almonds, not shellod, por pound öo 2o t'lear almonds, shelled, per pcni'.id 7Ho "Ho Fillierts and walnats of all kinds, not shelled, per lb 3o 8e Shelled, per lb (ie lic Peanuts or rround beans, untlirtlled, per lb lc lc ed perlb i;.ac l'..c Nuts of all kinds, shlled or uushelled, not specially provided for, per lb lHo te mü.vt PRODUO3 Bacon and ham per lb fic 2c lieuf, inutton,andpork per lb. 2c 2c-lc 1U pc if all kinds, propared or ved, not specially pro. id Talorem 2üpc 25 p o Extract of meat, all not sp ly providud for in this act, per I 35pc 20 pc Fluid extract of meat, per lb, lu 20 pc And do separaten or sddltional dutysball bo collected on such ooverinfts u&lesa ;] tliey are suitable and aoparoutly d for use other than iu the impurtation of meai. extrnots. I.ard, rer lb So Poultry, live, per lb Do 80 pc Dressed, per lb 5o iu p c Taltow, per lb lo Wool ereuse. includinx that known oommerolally aa lr';;is or brown wool grease, per lb Ho Ie ItUOEUtAKEOOS PUODUCIS. Chicory root, burnt or roasted, ground or uranulated, or in ïolls, or otberwise prepared aud not specially provided for, perlb 2o 2o Cnooolate (other than chocolate oouíectioaery and New oíate comtr." ■ tured, 2e i ... ■ porlb ;c SaK in oait-. In bulk, per iJii U.s . So So Provlded, tbat Imponed sak in bond muy Iib used in cui y vetsel licensed to engasre in iho iisueríeí, and i:i curia? lisii" on tho shorek ■ navigaole waters of t; i .-:utes, under i üons as the secretar; ol lne tlr 1 upou prooi itaat tbe salt . ueed tur either of otes stated iu this pn, sball o e remitted: Provided further, that exporte packed orsmoked, which have . in trio liuiied State wlth imported alt, ehall, upon satisfactory : r i-.ueh regulatioiis as tl stull prescribe, that - - have been eured ;ve refuuiiea to ttem trom the ireabury the dulius paiil o ;: curiua[ 6uck 'J ot les "o e as In old I Starc!i, includius i lioila, BUt). staroh, per . . Dextrlne, burnt staren, rum substituto, or Brl „: o lo Mustard, erouud or pr in buttlesorothe: lOo 10c bpiees, ground or noc sjjooially provlded „Perlb 4a 6c Layenne pepper, uuerouiid, per „lD--i Kroe Saire.perlb 3Ü V megur. per eiüUm ■ 70 ir slmll bo taken to pe that Krengtb i alna oí bicarbonato of potash to uoutralize one ounce troy of vin Thero bhall lie alluweJ on tlie imported tin píate used in tile manufacture oi can, boxea, pacUages, and all articWs of tinware exportod, either empty or tllied witu dome6tie producís, a drawback equal to the duty paid on 8uch tin-plate, less ona per ceutum of suca duty, which 1 1 retained íor tlio use oí the United States. SOHKDUtiE 11. Spirits, Winea and Otlicr Bcverase. HITS. Brandy and otlier sfriti manufacturad or distilled from fcraiu or other materials, and not sueeially provided for this act, per proof gallon $J Each and eveiy gaue;e gallon of me:i6urement shaií be counte.; one proof callou; and the standard for determiiiiii-i loe proof of brandy and otlier spirits or liQuorg of any kind imported shall be the eame as that which is delined in the lan-s relatinf; to loternal reveuue] but any brandy or other epirituous lifjuorê, imported iu ca6ks of Iess eapacity than 14 Rallous shall be forícited to the United States: I'rovided, that it shall be lawful for tho secretary of the treasury, in hia discretion, to iiuthorize the aseertaiuiueut of the proof of winea, cordial?, or other liquors, by distillation or othenv case where it is impracticable to aseurtam such proof by the means prescribed by existing law or regulations. On all compounds or preparations oi which distilled spirits are a comí part of chief valué, not specialiy pr íor in this act, tbere sha'.l belevied a duty not Iess than that imposed upou ú spirits. Cordials, liquors, arrack, I slnthe, klrsohwasser, r and other spirituous bevL' or bitters of all kh pirits, and i provided for, per proL i. I $2 No lower rato or amount of duT ■ be levied, coilected, and pald. ou i spirits, and other spiritaou than that tlxed by law íor thu description oí first proof; but it shall be incrc: proportion for any {reater 6trenr tho 8treuirth oí íirát proof, and ail tions of brandy or spirits or wini ported by any ñames wliatevt-r ihail ue subject to the highest ratu of duty provided for theenuiue articles respectively atended to be represented, and in no case less than $1.50 per gal) Bay rum or bav water, wtiether diátilled or eompoandod, of first proof, and iu prop for any greater sti-euxth than flrst proof, per gallon SI 60 $1 W 1 N ES. Champaene and all othersparklin;c wiucs, in bottles ooQtaiaing each not mora th:tn ono quart and more than oí. per dozeu $8 57 Contalulni; not more than one pint each ana more than onefiulf pint. per dozen S4 ST 6u i loDtau :;noue-half pintoacbor less, lier dozen $3 $1 Tí I-ibottlesor othpr vessels contalnlng more than one quart . each, in additiou to i tottlos (S7 is the i éntrate) on tne quant! exeess of ono quart, al the rato of, per callón $-' 50 $3 25 BtiUwines.lnoludiDeElnirar wine or íinKeroordi andvormuth Id ouu, per callón Wo öO In bottles or juíík. uer case of oue dozen bottles or jugs, c-oiitaiuintr each not more tban one quart u:id mor: one pint, or4 bottles or jugs containiní; each not more tban one piut, per oase $1 60 SI 60 And aoj exeeas beyond these quantitiei fouud in sucb botllcs or ju;rs6hall be subject to a duty of tive cents pur pint oi fractional part thereof, but no separate oí additioual duty shall be assessed on the bottlea or jugs: Provided, that any wines, ginger cordial or verrauth imported cODtainlnf{ more than 34 por cent of alcohol shall I'J lorfeitt'd to the United Sttes. And provided f urther, that ther shall be so ".on;niciive or other anee for breaUage, leaKage or damage on wiues, liquors, cordials or distilled spirits. Wiues, cordial, brandy and othel spirituous liquors imported in bottlcs oí juca shall be packed in packaes containing; not lees thau ono dozen boti juga lo each pack i ! euch bottles or juiís shall Day au additional duty of three ernts for each boítle or ju ua. less gpeciully provided for in this act. Ale, porter and beer, in bjttles or juíts, per 40c 35 But no sepárale 01 al dutj shull be asessed on the bot;" ütherwisB t!mn j ut's. per ím : :.'0o 20o Malt extract, fluid, ín caski, per í'te 35o ii) p o Xüvt Cberry juico and pi u . prtiue wiue, ntjd ift per et.uL of uC' ■. loif COo 20 do If uuntatniuic more ttian 18 per cent oí ál proof .'.50 20 p o Gingcr-ale, onade. I other similar w:i i 'red mouldi Crlaaa not moro tlia'i tliree-fo of a pil fourt] more than one aud oue-half pinta, per dozen . da But no separate or additional duty 6hall -ssed on the bottles; if imporred otherwlse than in plain greeu or colorad I ;lass boítles, or in i:iir uiorc than ouo and , 5J cent i per callón, and in addition thereto, düty sball I leeted i ' other corerinM t the ratos tliat wouid be e!ureaule U imponed empty. AU mineral v;itors.' and all tmitation of natural mineral iiíicial mineral waters not spi-cially pro[or, in plain reen or oolorod sjlass bottles, oontalni!iK- not more tliau oao por üozeü bottles IGo iel If containiujr more than ou pint aud r.ot more tban one quart, per dozen bottles 25o Doi Bul no separate duty shall be assessed upon the boules. If Imported otherwise than iNew Oíd rato. rate. T'latn green or colored Rlass ■■„ or iL iniported in bucu boitlos contamine moro tliau oue quart, per callón Jl And in addition thereto, duty hall be collected upon tlie bottle or otber coverine at the eame rates tbat wouM be chirged iL impoited empty or scparately. SCHEDCLE I. Cotton Manufacture. New Oíd rate. rate. Cotton thread, ynrn, warps, or vuiíu whether ungía or mlvauced beyond the coumtion of simde, by Krouping or tw bti c two or inore siuirle yarns her, whether on bcams or ín buudles. skeins, or cops, in any otln-r form, exeept tpool-thread of cotton, hereinafter prorided f or, valuad at not exceedine 25 cents per Ib, Vnluod at over 25 cents per Ib and not exceediog 40 cents per Ib, per Ib loo 150 Valued at over 40 cents per i uot exceetliuií oO cents per Ib, per Ib e nad atover JO cents per Ib and not oxceeding uO cents per Ib, pur Ib 2So 25o Valuedat '"PSÏ Ib. and not execediute '0 cents per Ib., per Ib So o Valued af over 70 ceníIb, and not ezoeedlag so .u per Ib., per Ib 48o c Valuedat over Hüu per Ib and nut oxceedinít SI per lb.,perlb ■ ■ 48 Valuedat over $1 Der Ib., ad valorem 50 p o uO p c Bpool thread of cotton, con: ■; ou each spool not exi yards of thread, lozen ' 'c Exoeedinü 100 yards on each . for every additloual IDO yards of thread or fractional part thereof in excess of 1Ú0 yaras, per dozen spools ,- ' 'c i ;olhi:otbleached,clyea, colorea, stained, puinted or Drmteü.aud notexceediuc Bü tlireads to the square hich, couutiue the warp and fllllnK. per square yard . -o J0 J f blraobed. per square yard.. 4o o4o lf dyed.oolored, stained, painted or priuted, per square yard 4c Cotton cloth notblenched.dyed, eolored, stained, painted or lirinted, exceediñg 50 and not exoeediuR 10U tbreads to the square inoh.countinir the warp and ailing, por square yard . 2Mo 2Ho 1 f blcaiilied, por square yard.. do 8ío II' dyed. colorea, stained. painted or printed, per square ysrtl ■ o 4Ho On all coiton cloth not exceeding 100 threads to the square conntine the warp and filliug, uot bloached.dyed, colstained. paiuted or priiited, valued at over 6Ho per square yard: bleached. valued at over 9o per square ÍViUa U[U lij vU UVJlVlbWf ukwh "ed, ptíinted or prluted. valued at over 13o per squaro yard, ad valorem 35 p o 40 p i Cotton cloth not bleacbed,dyed, oolored, stalned, paint8d or printed, exceedtng 100 and notexceeding 150 threads to the square inoh, counting the ■warp and filling, per square yard. 3o 3' If bleached, per square yard O 4 i úrea, colored, stained. painted or printed, per square yard oo "í O:i nll cotton oloth exoeediuz 100 and not exeeedlnu 15U threads to tbe square Incb, i.-oimting tho warp aad filHujr, uot bloached, dyed, colored, staiued, paiuted or printed, 1 at over 7MS cents per yard; bleaohed valued at over 10 cent per square '. ir.l; dyed, colored, Btained, I or uiinted, valued at OTMr 12á cents per square yiii-il, ad valorom 40o 40o Cotton cloth not bleaohed, dyed, colored, stnined, painted ■ued, exceediue 150 and not exeeedim; MiO tbreads to tbo squave inch, counting the warp and fillinj, per square , 8Wo 3c lf bleached.pCT square yard 4Lo 4c lf dyea, colored, stained, painted or printed, per square yard 5)ío 5o Pu all colton cloth exceedinic 150 and not exeeodine 800 I threads to the square incb, uk tbe warp and flUinfc, not, bleaobed, dyed, colored, staii'.cd, painted, or pritited, valued at over 8 cents per K4iuiro ynrd: bleached, valued at over 1U cents per square yard; dyed, colored, etaini'ü, paiuteii, or piinted, valued at over 12 cents por squure yard, ilorem 45po 40pc Cotton cloth not bleached, dyed, colored, staiued, painted, or printed, csceedini: 'Mí) threada t tiiu square incb, couuting tne warp and ñiliuf;, per square yard 4!o 4c It bleached, per square 5ío 5o ll uyed, colored, Êiaiuod, Pa1l :::teii, pul" square yard ü)io tic Qn all such cotton clotbs DOt bleached, dyed, colorad, stain. or printed, i : por square ] : ut. over l' iiiare ;ircl, and i, stalned, palni - priuted, valued atover re yard ad valcrem 45 p c 40 p c On cotton clutli bleaotaod, dyeil inea, palntód, or K un :idmi:íturo of silk, and noc other■ . pr square van. reu). ..10c&35po 50 p c lothínft, ready tnadu, aüd artlCll-S : Lptlon, Dan c-lncts, ai.d neoklies or ■■ o tton, or other ccct Lií'le fibi r otber ve:;oiient . made UD or manofactared wholtyor iu part Ijy the tailor, s anufaoluror; all of tlie r ■ r. ad valoreui 'SO p o ii p c i roadv made reariojE ap. rubber usa aateríal (not íu.■uisüc artiOU p o 35 p o .rt.'JJS, ' or oiher i:íiud. i, stuineü, paiul,..10o&20pi5 35-40 p c d valoren: 13 c & 20 p c t,colored,6tainedp ; uare i .v. 20pc oí tl:e toregoin ai ■■-srate of dmy thuu i ilorem. ible ooTers, ufaotured uf :is tbecomI luatürial ofeblel valué, 00 p o 35 pe and half-hose, ti njít maoulaes or posed of cotton or ableflbreand not peclally Movided íor, and sblrta and drawera , Talued at u t more tüan $1.50 per dozeu, ad valorem 3jpc 3öpo SlockinK, hose and half-hose, sels-edtfed, fashioued, uarrowshaped wholly or in part by knittiüi; machines or . or knit b lia cluuins Buch as are oommerci:illy known as soamless Bt(iükinis, hoe or half-hose. all of the above composed of 'i ot' otltur vegetable fiber, ílnishcd or unüuisheil, valuad at not moro than U0 per dozen pairs, per dozen and ad valorem 20o & 30 p o 40 p c Valued at more than OUo per dozen pairs and not more thfiii z per dozen pairs, per dozen and ad valorem.Wo & 30c 50c i 30o dozen, per dozen and ad va„ lorein S3&40po $2&40po Cotton cords, bralde, boot, shoe, and ooiaet laeings, per 1b 35o 36 p c Cotton Kimps, Kalloons, webBIdk, goriui', suspenden and bracea, any of tbe forogoiug wliich are elastlc or nouelastio, ad valorem iO p c 35 p c Providoi, that none of the artlclos lnc!udd ui this paraRi-aph shall pay a leas rate of duty tliau 40 per centum, ad valorom. Cotton damask in the niece Valued at more than $2 per New OM rato dozen pairs, and not raoro taan $1 per úozeu pain. dozon and ad valu :i ?fc X 40 po 75c & 40 p-i YaJimd at more then $4 per a pain, per dozen pairs and ad valorem . . 814 & 40 p o $14 & 40 p i Shirts and drawen eomposed of ootton or other vegetable libre, valued at more thr.u L1.50 per dozon, aud not niore tbau $3 por dozen, per dozon ad valorem $1 & i!ö p c SI & 35 p Yalued at more than $3 per dozen, and not more tbau $5 per dozen, per dozen and ad valorem $1 25 t 40 po 1 25 & 40 pc Valuod at more tlian $0 per dozen, anti not more than $7 por dozon, per dozen and ad valorem 81 50 & 4 0 p c SI 50 &40 p c Va! ued at moro than $7 per or otherwlse, and all manu - factures nol apeolally proVided for ■ ud valurem 40 p o 'tOpc '35 "p c SCHGDCDE J. Flax, Hemp, aud Jute, and Manufactures Of. New Old rata. rato. Flax, stravr, per ton 85 ïó Flax, not hackled or dressed, perlb lc $20ton Flax, hackled, kuown as "dressed line," per lb 3o $40 ton Tow, of flax or hemp, per lb.. Jo Jlütoa . litrtun .- -" $35 lleinp, hackled, known as line of hemp, per ton S-W $5 Yarn. made ol' jute, ad valorem. 35 p c 35 p c Cables, conlace and tvviue, exoept binding twinc, cumposed wholly of manila or sisal crass, perlb l'Ao 2Ho Binding twino composod Trholly of manila or sisal-srass, per lb 7-lOc 35po Cable3 and cordage made of hemp, por lb 2Jo 3o Tarred cables and covdajee, per lb Go 3Mo Hemp and jute oarpets aud carpctinga, persauare yard 0o 6o Burlaps, not excecding (50 inchob in width, of ilax, jute, or bemp, orof whloh flax. Jute or hemp, or oither of ihejn, shall bo the component mutorial of chief value (except sueh as may be suitablo for baftgine for cotton) per Ib, 15ÉO 30 p o Bags for graiu made of burlaps, pcrlb 2c 40 pc BaKStng for cotton, t'unny cloiii, and all similar material oitablefor ooverlnK cottou, oomposed in wholo or in part of hemp, flax, jute, or juto butts, valuod at tic or loss per square yard, pur lt 1 0-lOc lJíc Valued at more than six cents, per square yard, oer square yard 1 S-ICo VAc lb Flax Kill-nettluK ets, webs and seines, "when tho thrcad or . twine of wbich thoy are coniposed Is mado of yarn of ,t number not hlKher than twen - ty, perlb and ad valorom.lSc Ar 35 pc 25 pc Wliuu made of toreada or t. Tvines, the yaru of which is finer thau number tweai . lb and ad valorem ;;uc & 45 p o 25 D o Llnen hydraulio hose. mado in whole or in part of Ilax. nenip or jute, perlb 20c 35 p c Oil cloth for Hoor, stainped, painted or prlnted, inoludin;: linoleum, cortecene. cuyi pets, l. ;;], aud all other oil cloth (oxcept filk oil cloth, and water proof cloth not bp vii'e.l for, valuctd at 26 cents or per square yard, ud vnlorem . . 40 p o 40 p c Valued above 5 cents per square yara,per square yard and ad valorem 15c - 30 p o 40 p o Yarus or threads composod of ílax or hemp, or ol' a mixturo or oither of these substauees. valued at 13 cents or los per lb 6 o 'Si p c Valued at more thao 13 cents per lb, ad valorum 4ó p o 35 p e All manufactures of fiax or Jietup, or of which thftsr stauces, or eithor of td the component mater. obleí valuo, not speciallv iii;Tided for iu this .iet, ai valorem 60 po Frovided, tl,at until Jan. 1, j SD ! . manufactures of fiax conlaining more than 1Ü0 threads to the square inch, counting both warp and íilliug, shall be subject to a duty of 35 per ceutum ad valorem ia lieu of the duty heroiu provided. Collars aud cuffs, composed entirely of cottou, per dozeo pieees aud ad valorem . . . lüa & 35 p c 35 p o Composed in wliole or in part of ünen, per dozen pieees and a;l valorem aOc & 40p c 40 p o Shirts and all articlesof weariug apparel of every description, notsDecittüy providod for i:i this act, composed wholly or in part of lineti, ui yalorem...5;p o 35 p o Luces, ed;: sertiu:: ruchinys, trimmln, tuokincs, lace WiDdow ourtains, and orher similar tamboured artioles, and articles ombroidered by hand or tnachinery, cmbroidered :: hemstitcli- :ii bandkerohtefs aud articles made whoüy or m part of lace, ruü'.i ga, tueklugs, or rucliimrs, all of the : named articles, composed of ilax, jute, cotton, or vegetable flbre, or of wbich these anbscances, or either of ihem, or n mixture of uny of them, is tiie component material oí eilief valup, dot Drovlded for i i act, ad valorem 60o B0-40po Provided, that articles of weariDg apparel, ana textile fabrics, when embroldered by hand or machinery, aud whetber Bpeclally or otherwiso provided for in tiiis act, ehall not pay a less ruto of üuty tuan that fized by the respective paraItrapbs and schedules of this act upon embrolderlea ot tliu materials of which they are lespectivcly composed. All manufactures of Jute, other rejíetable i. Bax, which jute, or otlier ve::; iibre. escc;pt llux, liomp or cotton, is the componen!, material ui' obief vfiiuc, aol iallv provided for, valaed at 5 cents cor Ib or lesa, Dor lb. ... 2o :.i.j p c il above 5 cents per lb, ud valorem 40 po 86 po SCUIiüUI.E K. Wool, and Manufactures of VFool. All wools, hair of the camel, goat, alpaca, and other like animáis shall be divided lor the purpose of li.iur the duties to be chaijied theieon iutu ilio threu lollowlog claBses: i, tbat 'n, to v, Merino, mestiza, mstz, or metía wools, or othcr wools of Merino kood, iiomediateor reinóte, Dowu cluthinfr wools, and wools of Uko character wltb auy of the precedlng, locludlng such as havo been heietoiore usually imported Into the 1, olted BtateB from Buenos Ayres, New Zealaiut, Australia, Cape oí Good Hope, Kussia, Great Britain, Cauada, and clsewbere, and also lncludlog all wools not hereinafter describedor designated in classes 2 and 3. Claes ü, that is to say. Lelcester, Cotswold, Liucolnshire, Dowu eombitiK wools Canada lonpc wools, or other like combine wools oí EngUth blood, and usually known by the tenns herein used, aud aleo hair of the camel, goat, alpaca, and other like animáis. Class S, that is to say, Douskoi, nativo South American, Cordov, Valparaíso, native Smyrna, Kussiau, camel's hair and ncluding all such wool of like cnaracter as have been heretoforo usually imponed into the United States Trom Turkey, Greece, Eiiypt, .Syria, auil elsewhere, exceptins; improved wools herciuafter provided for. The standard samples of all wools which are uow or may b-i hereafter deposited iu tho priucipal cubtom houses of the United States, under the authority of tho eecretary of the treasury, shail'be tho 6tandards for the classification of wools uudcr this act, aud the secretary of the treasury shall bave the authority to renew these standard and to make such addltiom to them from time to time aa may be requiie.l, andlie shall cause to be deposited like standurds iu other eustom houses of tbe t'nited Mates when they uiay be needed. Wheuever v.ools of class 3 shall have been lmprovsd by the admiïture of Merluo or English blood from tlielr present character as representf-.d bv the standard samples now or hereafter 'to be depoBited in the priucipal eustom hor of the United States, su wools 6hall be classifled for iluty either :is clae 1 or as class 2, as the caso may be. The duty ou wouis of the first class whlch hall 1)0 Imported wnshed shall be the inount of the duty to wbicb they woiild ba BUbjected if importeü uuwasbed, and tho duty on wooli of the c (rat and sei ia which Bliall be impoited scoured shall b?. tbree times the blch thej vrould bc iubjected it c imported unwas Ünwashed wools shall bo considered such as Ehall havo been slioru froui tbe sbeep without anj clearing; tliat is, iu tUeir natural condi3 tion. Washed wool shaü be tonsidered such as have been wasbed with water on the sheep's back. Wool washed In , any other marnier tban on the sheep's back shall be couóidered as coured wool. The duty upon wool of the sneep or 3 hair of the camel, (coat, alpaca aud other Ülto animale whlch hall be imported in any otber than ordinary condition, or , which shall be chanjred iu lts character or condition for tbe purpose of evading the tduty, or which ahall bo reduced in value by tho admixture of dirt, or any other foreign substauce, or which has been 6orted or increased In value by the rejection of any part of the original fleece, shall be twico the duty to which it would ■ be otherwiie eubject. Provided, that skirtoil woois as now imported are hereby excepted. Wool on which a duty is assessod aiuountiiifr to three times more thau that whlch would bo a6sessed if said wool was im1 portod uinvHsIicd, sueh duty shall not be ; doubled on account of il.g being sorted. ; If any bale or packago of wool or hair speclfied In this act imported as of acy speciSed clais, or claiuied by the importer to be dutiable ai of any speciOcd class, shall contain any wool or hair subject to a blgber yate of duty than the class 60 epeciiicd, tho whole bale or packaire shall be eubject to tho hishust rate of duty chargoable on wool of the elass subject tocuch bigher ra;e of duty, and if auy bale or puck&irc be claimed by the importer to ba sboddy, munfeo, üocks, wool, hair, or other muterial of any class specificd in tliis act, aud such bale contain any adiuixlure of any one or more of eaid materials, or of any other material, the whole bale or packase shall bo subect to dutv at thft hiWifist rattí ímrofld upon any articlo la said bale or uackage. New 01(1 rate. rate. All wools and hair of tho iirst ihall be. per Ib lo 10o & 12o All wools or liaír of tue secoud class, per Ib 12o 10c & 12o Wools 1 llie íhird class and oamel's hair of tlie thlrd cías, tho valuó wbereol 9 Í1ÜT Ib., iDOludlOK 88 p o 2Jí & 6o U oí la ol the thlrd cía? and oaniel's of the thlrd I be valuó IIOUDÜ, includinK charges, ad valorem , 50 j) c "ir Wools on tho Bkin shali pay the same rate as other wools, tho quamityaud valuó to bo atcertained uiider sucb rules as the secretary of tbe treasury may prescribe. . slubbiiiR waste, rovlnewasti oomposed wholly or u part of 30o 10o ) and flocks, I)oi' Ib 10o 10o Wools and hair of tho carne!, gout, alpaca, or other lilco animáis, iu the forra of . rovtag, or tojip, and all wool aud bair which have bueu advaneed m any üianner or by injy process of manufacture bevond the wathed or 6coured condition, notspecially provided for iu tuis act, thall be subject tu tho sanie dutles as maDufactares of wool not spécially provided for in tliis act. ilen and woi I . or in p id, tle bain camel, goat. alpaca, o 10c & 35 p o ■ o 12o & 35 d c cents 0 ISo & 35 p c llen or worsted cloths, Is, knlt fubrios aud all . fabri ■ - , and all factures of cvery desorlpttoo mado wholly or in of wool, worsted, tlie huir of the '■amo!, eoat, al paca, or other animáis, not spécially pvo Ided for, i at rtot moro than Sü ctj;;i B., per S. and rom S3c&4Vpo I0o&3rpo Valued at m-' .-1 not more than iO cents per Ib, per Ib aad ad valorem '$Í4 & 4upo Valued at abtvo 4U cents per ID, ■ a & 50 p o of woo],and flanneis for underwear, posed wholly or iu pn.rt of wool, the huir of toe camel, (oat, aliácea, or other il at not icontsper uound, per pound and ad ralorem 16J & 80 p c 10c & 35 p o Valuad at more than 30 and iore than 40 ■ pur lb aud ad v.. ; ol2o35po Valued at more tlian 40 cents . per lb and ad v.: i O 18 & 35 D o Blanket and hats of wool c wholly or in part oí wool, the liah' of the v Koat, alpaoa, ur ether aniinals, than üu eeni i. 85o 85, 40 Flannels composed whollj or in part of wool, the hair of Ihe camel, goat, alpaca, or otber animale, valued atove 50 cents per lii sball iiu classified and pay the same children's dress goods, coat llning, Italian cloths, and goods of umllar charactcr auil Ueseription provided by tliis act. 4U to i c: valnod fju to 80 ets, per lb, '■' alued SO ets. per Ib, 35o íc 40 p Womoirs and otatldrens dress coat iinins, Italian ■ :■ descripUoii of the Wiirp cm' ■ttonorother c-.uhle material, wltb tlio remaiDder of tho fabric compoaed wholly or In part of ivorated, tho hair of the camel, eoat, alpaca, or otbcr aniniüls, yamed at not exK ]5 ceuts per square I er square yard u i ■. . .Te & 40 po 6o&35pc i'i cents jor , per square yard and ai i :)tio 7c & 40 p o led, tbat on all 6uch gooda weigui)K over four ounces por square yard the duty per Ib ehall be four times the duty 1 by tbis act on a pound of unwa6ued wool of the flrst class, and in additiou thereto 50 pr cantum ad valorera. Un women'a and ohlld . coat linin.trs, ■i cloth, bun i similar i raotor conipoiod wholly ot ia [iart of wool, worstea, tlie huir of the camel, Koat, alpaca, or other animáis, anti provided for in , oer square yard :md ad valorem K.'u itl p o 10 & 35 p o Provided, that on all euch goods v. ng over four ounces per square yard the Ib shillbefour times the luty linposed by thfs act oa a pound of Bd wool of the flrst class, and In iddltlon thert'1,0 50 ]wr centum ad valorm. (Old rate 35c per lb and 40 per ceut ld Vfllorum.) artlapparel of every descriptlon, made np or m i wholly or ID t;irt, uut speciallv provitland not SDGolally proand other ;i.i i thü holly . worstea, tho huir of thu camel, . or ocber aBlmal . Áiii' p o 40C&33 p o ladies and '-liikl'!S of USiMÏ 1 f the other i Ie up ar manufaotored wholly or la part, per New Oíd rate. rata Ib and ad valoremr40Hc&G6p o 46 & 40 p o On webblnes, Koriag, suspeuacrs, braoes, belt inga, binding, braids, calloon. fringes, tiaip!, cords. cords and tassels, dress trimininüjaoes and embrolderies, bead uet?, buttons, or bairol buttons, or buttons of othor fonns, for tassels or ornamenta. wrousht by band or bralded by tnav, any oí tlie foreffoiuit which are clastio or nonel;retio,tnido of wool,worsted, tho liair of tïio camel, SToal, alpaoa or other animáis, or of wliich wool. wursted, tho halr oí tho camel, eoat, alpaoa or olher animáis s a component material, por Ib and ad valorem (iOo & üO p o 30o & 50 p c Aubusson. Aiminstor, Jíoquette and (.henille carpatn, ngared or plain, carpets woven wholo for rooms, aiut all carpe-ts or carpetíní of like oharaoter or desoriptlon, and Oriental, Herlln and other similar mes, pr square yard aud ad valorem 60o &0 p o 45o & 30 p o Saxony, W'illon and Touruay volver earpets.fiíruredorplaiu, and a 11 carpeta or carpetiug of lilce obaraoter or desoript.ion, per squaro yard and ad valoran) lo & 4U p o 4úo S 30 p o Brussels caí pe ts.fiKuredorplain, and atl curpots or carpötiug of likO ctiaracter or description, per stiuare yard and ad valorem 44c. & 40 p o 30c & 30 p o Velvet and tapestry vslvetcarpatf. figared or plain, print il on the warp or oiherwiae, and all carpc-ts or carpotinK of like character or description, per square yard and ad val orem 40c & 40 p o 25o & 30 p o T.ipüstry liiussels carpots, tigured or plain, aud all oarpets or oarptine of Uke cliaractor or description, priuted on the warp or othorwLso, per square yard and ad valorom 28c & 40 po 20c & 30 p c Ireble Ingrata. tbroc-ply aud ui! chaln Veneiian carpets, per square yard and ad valora io . 19c & 40 p o 12o & 30 p o Vi ooi Dutoh and two-ply inrain er]iats, per square yard and ad valorem 14e & 40 p o 8o & 30 p c DruKfjet', and bockinys, priuted, colorad or otherwisa, per square yard and ad valorem . 2Su 1c 40 p c 15c & 30 p o Feit oarpetinc, fteured or plaiu, por square yuid, ad valoren . 1 lc h 40 p o 40 p e Carpets and oarpetinc of vfool, or eomposeu in part of eitlior. not specially provlded for, ad valorem 50 po 40po Mats, ruge, soreous, coran, hsocks. bed sides, art squares, aud other portions of carpeta or oarpetin made wholly or In purt of wool. and uot speciallyproTldod foi shall losub'Í to the rale of du! y heroin imposed ou carpets or oanpetlntta f lika character or desoriptlon 40 p o SCflKDULE r,. Slik and Mik Goodg. .N.jw Old rato. raty. Silk partially manufactured from ooooonB or from wasto iilli, and not further ad' or uianufactiircd tlian cardtid or oombod siik, per lb.íiOo 50o Thrownsllk, not more tdvaneed than sinfies, tram, orsanzlne. Kowint; Blik, . and 8ilk threads or yarns of tption cxccpt s]uu -sill;, alorem 30pc 30 p c Spun silk in skelna or cops or on ■■, ad valorem :iü p o 80 p c . plushes or other pilo , containinff, exclusive of st : contum u (vcjight ii il.5)il5po 60 p o :;:íuk, exclusivo of aelycdes, ió por centum or more Kht of silk, per lb and ld valorem yi & 5 po 60 po But in no case shall any of tho foregoIng anieles pay a less rate of dutv than 50 ut ad vülorem. rorings, sii3penders, braous, bellingj, blodlugs, braids, ;al o and i the foreRoill Wlliüll V.r ■ 1HHIela8tio, buttons and orna. u. of Bilk, or of wbiob ilk is the component material of chief valuc, ad valoreni 50 p o 50 p o (Vebblng now S5 per cent ad vuloreiu.) Laces and embroldsries, banúkerchlefs, neck mufflings and ruchiuKS, olothlng roady nade, aml arttolei of wearlng pel of every description, Inoludlng Kuit (toods, madu uu or manufactured Vfholly or iu part by tlio tailor, seamstross, .'.nufacruror, compoed oi silk, or of whicu silk is (iio component material of eilief value, not specially Drovided for iu tiüs act, ail valorem 00 p c 50 p o Provided, tbat all such clothing ready made and artlcles of weariaj; apparel wlien composed io nart of India rubber (nut im.-ltulins jjloves or elastic articles tLat are 6pecially provlded for In this act) shall be subject to a duty oí eijfht cents per ouace, and in addltion thereto tixty per centum ad valorem. AH manufactures of 8ilk or of whiofa sili; i.-j tho oomponent material of ohlef value, not speeially providod foriu tliis act, ad raloroiu 50 p o 50 p o Provlded, tliat all sucb manufactures of wbieb wool, or the liair ot the camel, goat or other hke auimals is a componist matenal, sbatl be clasaitlud as inaiiufaclures of wool. SCHEDOJLfl M. l'ulp, Papers, and Ruokg. i'i ï.r and PAPÉB. New OU rate. rate. Mechanically ground wood ndiy wuifrlit S2 00 10 p o Ciieniicul woud pulp.unbleacl per ion, dry weieht $6 10 r o Bleaohedi por ton, dry weieht. .37 10 p c sheaihlng paper, ad raloram. . .10 p o 10 p o Prinl infi papt-r, unsized, suitablo only lor books and oewtpapurs, ud valorem 15 p o 15 p o PHntiue p or L'lued, 1 Le only for books umi iiewsiiapors. ad valorem :."0 p o 30 p o Papers kuown cominercially :is ci])yuK paper, ült'jriK papor, slivcr papwr, and all tissue paper, white or colored, ruado up in copyine books, reams, or i ii any other form, ad valoran 8c & 15 po 25 pc Alli:n:ienlzeil or sensltlzed paper, ad vaiorem S5 p c SS po Papers kuovrn couimercially as Burface-ooated papeis, and manufactures tbereof, cards, lithographio iirints from either or louud or uobouml, (exciipt IILustratiODa wheu forniiiiír a part of a perlodioal, newspaper, or in printed books accoinpaniuíf tlie same), and all articles pruduced either m 'V ín part by lithoraphc prooess, and photojrrapii, autotcraph and torap albums, whuliy or partially manufactured, ad valorara üü o o 15 to 50 p o .'IJSCFACTUHIU OÍ PAPKB. Paper envelopes, per 1,000 2io 25 p c anginn und papar for iie-boards.writlui: paper, drawlag paper aud aD otlier paper not sueeially provided tor in tlii act, at! valorem 25 p o 25 pc Books, iiicludiuiï blank booksoL all kinds, pamphlatg and euirravinin, buuml r nnhound pbotocraphs, etohlnn, maps, cbaru and all priatea n not ipeclally provided for iu this act, ad valorem 25 po 86 pc Playiug oardi, per pack 50o 1U0 p c Manufa or of whioh paper is tlio coinponont material of cliluf value, nol I for in this act, ad valorem 25 p o I6p'e SCHE0ULH N. Smidrio. Now Old rate. ral e, . lb luu 15 c aod broonu of all kimls, Incluatne featoer duiten and hatr prncils and qu'i! valorem 85po 25 i 30 pc BUTTONS AND BUTTON rORMS. Button in"ins: l.astings, mohair ■uk. or other ma ■ tures of oloth. woven or i utus of suoh sj7.e, sbape n. oicut In iuob manner as to be lit for buttons excluflvely, ad valorem 10 p c 10 p o Buttons, commercially knowu New Oíd raio. rat as Agate buttons, ad valoren) 25 p c 25 p and shell lmttons, per line button mcasure of 1-40 of 1 inch, por Kruss and ad .lorem 2Kc 4t 25 p o 25 p Ivory, vegetable lvory, bone or horu buttons, ad valorem - 25 p o 25 p Shou-butlon. made of papor, board, papier-maohe, pulp, 'r other similar material uot spocially provided for in t.iiU act, valued at not exoeodinü 3 cents per gross, por ítioss . la 25 po i n:il, bitamlnoas, and nimio, per ton of 28 bunhels, 80 DM. lo Uie buahol 75c T.'jt; Coal slack or culin, suoh as will pass throutch a half-incii ecreeu, per ton of 2S busliels, Bü pounds to tho bushei 'Ma BOc Coke, ad valorem 20 p o Cork bark, tuit iuto squares or cubes, per pound 10o Free Manufacturad oorks, por Ib lio Bopo Dice, drauxhts, ohess-mi'n, chess-balls. and billiaril, pool, and batcatello balls, of Ivory, bone, or other materials, ad viilorem 50 p o 50 p o Dolls, doll-heads, toy marbles of whatever matertal oomposed, ad all otber toys not oompoved of rubber, china, porcelain, parian, btsqne, eartlien or stoneware, umi not. speciaily prorided lor in this act, ad valorem 35 po 5 p o Bmary rain, and ernery manufacüired. jirouud, palverlzed, or reliaod, per Ib lo lo .l.osiVH aUMTAHi Hre-crackers of all kind, par lb 8c 100 p But do allowance üall be made for tare or datnagu thereon. Fulminatos, fulminatiBZ powders and liko article9,steuially provided for In thls aci, ad valorem o0 po 30 p c (iunpowder, and all explosive substanoes usud for mlning, bia3tiur. artillery, or sportlne purposes, ifhen raluoti at 30 cents or leas per pound, per lioiind 5o 8o Vülued above 20 cents per . pound, pi;r pouud 8c 10o Matobes, friotion or lucifer, of all dcsoriptioi.1. per cross of 141 boxes,cintaluii]g not moro thau 100 matches per box. por Kioss 10o 35o When Imported otherwtn than in boxes eontniu n not moro tha:i int) inaLOhns each. per 1,000 matches 1c 35 p c sloD-oapi, ad valorem. .40 po 40 pc l''eathcrsaml downs of all 'inds, crudo or not drossed, colored, or manufücturod.uot specially provided for lu tliis act, ad valorem 1') p o -'.j p o Wiien dresed, colorefl, or matiufacttui'd, iLcludiDK quilt of dowu andoihor manofaol of down. and also inclntliuiï dretsed a'id Bntshed birds, suitablo for nüllinery ornaments, andariilioial Hudurmimental feathers and Bowers, or parts theroof, of wüat.ever material oomposed, noi. apoolally providod for in this act, ad valorem 50 p o 50 p c Fura, dressed on the skin but iiiji made up into (irticlcs, and fuvs Dot on tue skio, prep for haltere' use. ad valorem. .80 po 20 p o Glass beads, loose, untliroaded irune, ad valorem 10 p c 50 p o Gun wads of all descriptions, ad valorem ','.' p c 3.1 p c ■ man, if clean or drawn, but. not mauufactured, ad vai 20 p o 30 p o i b, knowü as "crinolino i'clotb," per square yard S o 30pc Hair ploih, known as "hair .-■niitiuii." per square yard : o 30po mltuble for bof.l9 or mattresses, ad valorem 15 p c 25 :■ o Bats, for men', w oar, composed of the fur of the rabblr, beaver or ol.licr .'niiiKils. or of iv is the component i:íiterlal of chlef valnc wliolly or pnrtially manufsetared, inolodlng fur hut bodies, ad vulorem 55 p c 80 D o .thw i:i.hv uu !■ Jowetry: All artloles; not etsewhere speoially provided for iu this act. composéd of Dreoious metáis or imltatlona thereof, wbethar nt wlth coral, jet or peitrls, or with dlamonds, rubíes, cárneos, or otber preeious &toueó. or ' tations thereof. oï otherwise, and whlch sbail be known commeroially as "jewclry," and oameoi in frames, per een turn ad valorem 50 p o Pearl, ad valorem 10 p c 10 p c Preeiou Stoncs of n il kinds, out i'uu uw aw, au i iiLiu i m ki 11 iu jj u If set, and iiot specmllv proTided for in this aot, ad valorem :Spc 25 p o Imitalious of preoioua fiónos, oomposed of paste or elass, not exceediniï one iru-h in diameter, uot set, ad valorem 10 pc 10 po LBATHXB AND M IMïlnrilia OF. Bend or bcltuifr leather ai:d sole leather, and leatlier uot spoci.illy provided for in this act, ad valorem 10 pc 1" p c Cal'skins, tanncü or tannedand I, dressed upper leather. iucludicx patent, enum elecl, aud japanued loather, dressed or undicssed, and finished: chamois or oïher skins not speoially ennmerated or pruvidccl for iu this act, ad vaiorem 20 po 20 p c Bookbindrs' calfskins, kanp and goal skins, ïnduding lamb and kid skins, nndressed aud fiuished, ad valorem 20 pc 20 p o Skins for morocco, tauned but iuiliü;;i]"., ad valorem lOpc lOpc Piauofort-3 leatlier and pianoforte autiou leather, ad valorom 35 pc JüDRnnud vaiiirom ÜJpo 80 po Hoots and shoos, made of leather, ail roloram 26po 80po '': :iued leatlier is now -iO p c) JSut leather ■cut lnto slioe uopers or vatnps, or other forma, euitable f or conversion into inanufactured árdeles, sluill beelassified as manufactures of leutlier, and tiay duty accordlnply. GlOTêS of all descriptions coraposej wbolly or in part of kid or otaer leather, and whother wholly or partly manufacturad, sliull pay duty at the rates lixed iu connection with th followlng epeclfled kinds thereof, 14 luchoii iu extreme lenuth wlieu 8tretclioa to the full extent, beiug each case hcreby flxea as the itandara, aud ono dozen pair as the basis, namely: Ladies1 aud cbitdren'f schmasobeu of said lo....: !i or ander, per dozeu SI 75 50 p o Ludlet' and oblldren's lao said lcngtU .v onder, per dozen 3 2" 50 p o Ladies' and clnUiren's kui of said longth or uuder, per dozen 33 60 p o Ladies' aud children's suedes, of said lengih or under, ad valorem 50 u o GO p o Allother ladies' and children's leather loves. and all mou's leather glovoa of said length or under, ad valorem 50 p o 50 p c All leather eloves over H'inches in leuictü, ad valorem 50 p c 50 p c And in addition to the abovo rates there shall 'oe added to all men's liloves dozen; on all lined gloves $1 per dozen; on all piquu or prick seam gloveí, OU cents per dozen; on all embroidcred gloves with moro thhu tbree or siule btrands or cords, 0Ü cents per dozen paira. ProYldefl, tbat all gloves repreienied to be of a klud or gfado below their actual kíud or erade shall pay an additional duty of $5 per dozeu pair. l'rovided furiher, tliat none of the articles n.nmcd In this paragraph shall pay a less rate of duty thn 60 per cent ad valorem. KI.LANKOLS MAM I Manufactures of alabaster, atu. bladders, coral, oatffutor whip-yut or wormKut, ït, paste, siiai-, was, or of wliicïi ihcse substanoe eithor of them is the oompouent material of oblef i not especially provided for In this act. att vaUitei.i . :.'."i j. o iu p o to 25 p o or wUlow jirej)arod lor basket-makeiis' i: lorem 30po SSdo Mauufacuires of osier or willow, ad valorem 40 pc oOpo Manofaotdres of bono, ohip, jrra.-'S, horn, lndia-rui)ber, palm-leaf, straw, weeds. or vrhalebone, of whlch these Bubstanoes or either of tliein material ut chief value. uot speciii'.y provuicd tor In this act. ad valorom . . Mpo Wpo Manufactures of loather, iur, puttapereha, voloanlzed in ■ dia-rubber, lenown aa hard rubber, lmman hair, pft] mache, Indurated flbre waros and othor manufacturas coiuposed of wood or otlier pulp. Now Olí) rato. rale or of Tvhich these snbstancos or ui' them i thocoini mullí rial i jf oblef vahío, u!í of tho above :. providod for la thi.s aot, ad valorem :;.'j p c 30 to 45 p notures of Ivory, v blo irory, rooiber-of-poa. sh;ll, or -! wbtch (tunees or oittier of ihem is tho componont mattr - chief vulu. iiot speeially proTidod for Ín ihb ;cl, cu i prem 4Upo Zj i 30 p M;isks oomposed "1" paper or pulp, ad valoren) 35po Matting, mauu oí xoa-fioer or rattan, per square yard 12o 20 p it' cocoa-tibor or rattan, por sanare foot 8o 80 p Paintiuffs. iu oil or wators, aud statuary, no otlierwise provideu for in this act, ad raloraa 15 p o 30 p But tbe term "statuary" a horoin usei shall be understood to iuchide only suc, statuary a.i is cut, carved, or othenvísc wroucbt by hand from a soliil block o mass of tnarble, etouo or alabaster, o (rom metal, and as ia lbo professional pro duction of a statuary or sculutor only. Penoils of wood filled witli lead or other material, cila of lead, jjur yross, and ad valoren: uoncils, per grrosa tu 00 p o Penoll-leads, íiot u woud. ad valorem 60 p o S0c & 30 p PIPI Pipes, piije-bowla, of all ríala, aud all mokers' anieles whatsoever, not ipeolally pr i I , inruuiii c;aretto books, ui book-oovers, ponches tor nuoklog o. ■ 'iicgo, and ciareltü paper iu a!l forma, ad ralorem 70 p o 70 pe AU oomnion tobáceo pipes of clay, ad valorm :í." p c 35 p c Plush, blaok. known comnierolally us batten' plush, cumof ftük, tr of Bifk and tur makltlg inen's ha' im 10 po 25 p o Ombrellat, p I sun.ith silk or alpaca, ad valorei.i S5 p : i[ covered witli other tunal, ad valorem 40 p o 40 p o Umbrellas parasol . i, if ulain, Imishei or uuliuished. ad valorem 35 p o 30 p o I f oarred, ad valoram M p o 30pc .idud foriathla act, ad valprem lOpo lOpe B( t'T. B. That with a Tiew to secure rei co:iu:rie3 producin the íollowiug articlea, and for tliis parpóse, on añil after J í, wlienever, .uní ni oílen as tbo l'resideut shall besaisfied that tha govürnnjnnt of any ooun.ry producing aad exportiog suirars, mocoffee, t'j.i and ludes, raw and uncurod, or any of sueh arImposeí iluíies or other c.tactioue apon tbeCagricultaral or otber producís oí the United States, wbicb ii view of the frec introduetlon of suca mol.isses. coffee, ton aud bidés intothe Utilted States lio may Jeera to be ally uneqtral mul mireasoiiable, he símil have the power aud it sball De bis luty to suspend, by proclamatiou to tliat iSect, the provisious of tlifs act relatintr to tbe free Introduetlon of such augur, ñolas. sa and bidés, the prolaction of such. country, íor sueb. time as le sball dcfm just, and iu such cas. lurlng sucli suspension dotiea shall be collected and Diid u]on sugar, nolasses, coffee, tea and hidos, the nodnet of or exponed from sucb desigcountry as followt, natnely: All suars nut aljovc No. 18 Dutch standard Ín color sball pay duty on tln;ir )Olarlscoplc tests as foflows, namoly: All su;ars not anove No. 18 Dutch standard lo color, all tank bottoms, syrupb of ca r of beet-julce, melada, coucentrared inflada, concrete and conïootrated DiolaBses, teatfng by tbe poiarit above 75, eeven-tenths of l cent jor pound, and for every addition ii of a degree showu by tho uudredtbs of oue ■ilitioual. abovo No. i: Dutch standard T shall be classitled by tbe Dutch tnudard of color, and pay duty a ows, uamuiv: Ali eugar above No. 13 ind not above No. 16 Dutch standard oí color, % cents per pound. Allsusar above nutnber 1G and not above number 20 Dutch standard of color, % cents per pound. All smrars above number ÍJÜ Dutch stanlaril of color, ' cents per pouod. Molasses testing above 5ü, 4 cents per gallon. Sugar draininxs and sugar sweepins ball be subject to duty ettberas molasses ar suRar, as the case may be, accordiug to .jopic test. On coffoe, S cents per pound. On tea, IU centB per pound. llides, raw or uncurej, whether dry, alted, or picklcd, Angora coat skins, raw, vithout the wcol, unmanufactured. kins, raw or umnauufactured, and skins, xcept 6heepskiii8, with tbe wool ou, 1 '., ente per pouud. AD VA HBS ON UNENUMERATED ASTIl l. That tüere shail be lovied, colleeteil, and paicron the importatiou of all ir umnsnufaetured articles, not enumerated or provided for in this act, a üuty of 10 per centurn ad valorem; aud on all anieles manufactura], Id whole or iu part, not provided for fa this act, a Uuty of 'Ju per centam ad valorem. 5. TUat eaea and every imported artlcle, uot tnumerated iu this act, which is similar, either ia materia], quality, teiture, or thu use to whieh it may be applled, to any artiele enumerated i;i "t liiti act as cfcargeablo with duty sliall pay tlio same rata of duty which is levied on the enumerated artiele which it most resembles in any of the psrticulitrs before mentlooed; and if any non-eaumerated anide equally resembles two or inoro enumerated articles on which different rates of duty are charseable there ehall be levied ou such non-enutnerated artiele the same rate of duty asischargeablo on the artiele which it resernbli ltijr the bij;he6t rate of duty; and on articles uot enumerated, mauufactured of more materlali, the duty shall be assessed at tho hij;he6t rate at which tho same would be chargesble if composed wholly oí the component material thereof of eaief vaiue; and the worde "coiü: material of cblef value," wherever used i:i liii i act, ehall be held to mean tbat component material which sball exceed ín value any otner single eompoueut material of the artiele; and the value of each component material sliall bo determined by ihe ascertatned value of 6uch material in its couditiou as found ia tho artlcle. If two or more rates of duty hall idile to any imported artiele it sball pay duty at tho hijihest of eueh rates. 'TECTION OF TRAE 6. That on and after tha Ut dav of Mareb, 181)1, all articles of foreiffu icture, euch as are usually or ordiuariiy marked, stamped, brauded or !, and all packasres containinR 6Uch or othor imported articles, shall, respoctivoiy, bo plainlv markcd, stamped, branded or labeibd iu legible Kneliah wordt, so as to indícate the country of thcir origlp; aud unless so marked, etamped, brandad or labeled they süall not be cduiitted to entry. at on and af ter Mrch 1, 1891, no artiele of imported merchandi6e wbicb rk:1I copy or ilmulate the name or nark of auy domestic manufacture or manufacturer, shall be admitted to entry at auy custom house of thu United States. Aud in order to aid theofHcers of the custom In entorciug tbis prohibition any domestic. manuiacturer wlio bas i trade-marks may roquire liis : i.l residence and a desenptiou of bis trade marks to be recordad iu books whicti shall be kept for that purpose iu the department of the treasury under such reulations as the secretary of the ry shall prescribe, and may furuish to the (ïcpnrtment fac símiles of such trade-marks; and thcreupon the secretary treasury sball cause one or more copies of the same to be transmitted to each collector or other proper oflicer of the customs. jiii una-, 8. That all lumber, timber, henip.' manilla, wirc onandsteci bars, bpike, iiails, plgtes, tees, augles) beams, and bolt and copper and compi sitioü metal nhich may be necessary fo tho constructlon aud cquipment oí vossel built in the United States for foreigii ac count and owaershlp or for the purpose q being employed in tlie foreign trade, id cluding trado belween tho "Atlantic ani l'aeifio ports oí the United Stato after tbe passage of this act, may tí imported in bond, under 6uch regulai; as the secretary of the treasury may pra soribe; and upon proof that euch mater als have been uso.i for sucb parpóse m duties shali bo paid ibereon. Km vesseli receiviug the benelit of this section shaL not be allowed to engazo in the eoastwiM trade of the United fctates more thau tw months in any one year, except upon thi payment to ttte United States of th dutics on v.-liicu a rubate is berein al lowad: l'rovided tbat vossele built in thi Uuitcd States for foreicn account aai owuership stiall uot be allowed to engagi In tho coaeiwise trade of tbe Uuitei B. That all artieles of foreign productiou needed for the repair of Ameri. can vesseia eDgaged in foreign trade, in eludlng the trado botweon the Atl&nti and Pacific port of the Cnited Site3, be withdrawu from bonded w és iree of duty, under such regulationa as the secretary of the treasur inaj prescrl . 10. That all medicines, preparatlons, compositions, perfumery, cosmetics, cordiüls or otber Uquort inauui'actured wholly nr in part of domestic spirits, int0Ul; . ortation, as provided by oíd . without being .. th dr.ty and without bavinr a stamp atlixed thereto, flhall, ander such reguiations aj the secretary of tb i nay pregeliJ Ie and maimïactured ia warehoases slmllarly conetructed to those known and dedguated in treaiury re'ulations as bonded v.-.;: aaa two; Provided, that such muuufacturer gl liretgive satlsfactory uouds to the color of ïnteriJHl reveuue fnrtbo faithful obserrauce of all the proTltlons of I and the regulatiom nald, ia tban halt oí tbat reiulations of the secretar; of the treaaury troin persons allowed bonded waiehoues. .;cu ifactured iu suh wai may removed for ezportatlon under the directiou of tho proper ofiicer b:ivin charge thercof, wl;o shall be disij,'naied br the secretary of tbe treasury, without boina chareil with duty, and without having a stamj) afflxed thereto, Any manntacturer of tbe anieles aforesaid, or auy of ihem, havlng such bonded wareneuse as aforesaid, hhaü beat liberty, undur sQcb resulatious as fue secrclary of the treasury may nrcscribe, to coovey thereln any materials to be used iu such manufacture 'i are allowed by tha provisious ol to be exported Iree from tax or duty, as well ai tbe necessary tnatcrials, iraple;, packagea, vessels, braqdi and labels for tho preparation, putting up, and export oí the utiUl manufactured articles; and every articie so used shall ba . :.t fiom tlio payiueut oí stamp and exetae iluf.y Ijy such manufacturer. Articles ánd materials 60 to be uaed raay ba traneferred Iroui any bonded warehouee in whlcb tbe same tnay bc, under such reulatiou ts the eecretaryof the ireasury iiiav :ribe,.iato any boudcd warehou6e iii whlch such inauufactiue uay be couducted, aud may be used in such manufacture, and when no usud shall be exempt from stamp and excise duty; and the receipt of the oliicer in charge as aforesaid shall be recelved as a voucher for the manufacture of euch articles. Auy riáis imponed in:o tho United State may, under such rules as the secretary ot ,he treasury may prescribe, aud under .! liirection of tne proper ofiicer, be renoved iu original psekagea from on shipboard, or from tho bonded warehou u which the same may be, into the bouded warehouse ín which suca manufacture nay be carried on, for the purpof buing used iu such manufacture without payment of dutjes tbereon, and may thero be used iu such manufacture, articie so removed, uor anv amele iiiinuractured iu said bonded warehouse, ihall ie taKen therefrom except for ex Uon, under tbe directiou of the pre offleer liaving charge thereof as arorosaid, whosecertilicate, describing tbe articles by their mark or otherwise, the [Uantltv, the date of importation, and jauiu oi' vessel, with such adil. ticuliirs as may írom timo to time be re[Uired, shall be received by the collector of customs iu cancellation of the bond or return of tho amouut of foreign imort duties. AU labor perlormea and services rendred under these regulatious shall bo uuder thtf supervisiou óf an oficer of tbo customs and at the expense oí the manufacturer. OBSCENE UTEBATUJ'.E. Sec. 11. Piouibits the iniportation of auy obscene book, pamphlet, paper, writng, advertisemeut, circular, print, picure, drawiug or ether representatiou, figuro or image oq or of paper or other aaterial, or any oast instrument, or otber articlo of au inmoral nature, or auy drug or medicine, or any articie wbatuver, for hepreveutiouof couception,or of cautiug unlawful abortion. río such artieles, vhether imported 6eparately or contained n packages with otber goods entitled to entry, shall bo admitted to entry; and all such articles shall be forieitcd. i. Providea for the punishment of United States employés atcïlng the imortatiou of tha articles enumerated iu ection 11. 3. Determines the manner ol orfeituro of tho above enumerated aricles. MAISE LUMBEH. Secs. 15 and 10. Próvido that tbe produce of the forests of the state of Maiue, owued by American citizens aud sawed or icwed in New Brunswick by American :ltizens, shall contiuue to 'be admitted ree of duty. DISCKIMINATIXG DUTIES. Sec. ÏT. That a discriminating duty of 10 Der centuui ad valorein, in iidditiou to the duties imposed by law, shall ba levied, collectod, and paid on all goodd, warcs or iiierchunüise whk'ii shall be imponed i;i Is uot of the ITnited States, but tliis ktiDB duty ehall net npply to L'K'cls, wares and nierchandise w'hfch stialï be imported iu vessete not of tha United States, entitled, by treaty or any act of congress, to be entered ia the port of tho United Statos on payment of the samo duties as shall then be paid on joods, wares aixi marchandise imported iu vessels of the United States. . IS. Tbat no goods, wares or mercbandlte, unless in cases provided lor by troaty, suali be imported into the Lulled .-uiti-s from uny forelfn port or place, except iu vessels of the United States, ór in such foreign vessels as truly and wholly belong to tlie citizens or subjects of t!,:it country of which tlie coods ure I growtb, production, or manufacture, or U sucb goods, v . cr_ chandise r-.iv. only be, or most usuallv aru, fint shlpped lor transportation. All goods, wares, or murchandise imported coutrary to tliis nee sel whereia tho same siiall be imported, togetaer with lier careo, tackle, apturnlture, shal] be forfeited to he United States; and such ion r mercundise, ehip or vessel and c: . hall bo liable to be soizad, proteca nd condemnad iu like mannor, aud uner the same reculations, restriction ud provisión as have besn heretoforo bed for the ïecovery, colïection, istributiou and remission of lorfeituroi o the United' titates by the 6everal revnue laws. i'.). That tho preceding eection huil not apply to vessols or goods, wurus r merchamüse imported iu vessels of a oreign nation which does not inaintaia a iiiilar regulation against. vessels of tho uited States. NKAT CA! BSO. 20. That the importation of neat attle and the hides of , írom ny foreign country into tho United : s Drohibited: l'rovided, That the . ion of tliis sectiüu shall be suspended aa any fureiga country or countrles, or ny part of such country or couDtriea heuever tho secretary of tho tr huil oöicially determiuo and give public otice thereof that such importatlon wlH ot tend to the introduction or spread of uutagious or infectioua diseascs amoiuc t- tho eattlc of the United SLates; and the secretary of the treasury Is horoby authorized and empoweret!, and it.shaíl be hls dutv. to make all the necessary orders I .111,1 ïegulations to carry tliis soction into eiTcct, or to buspend the samo as therein provlded. and to send copies thereof to tbe proper olficers in tho United States, and to such officern or agents of the United States in foreign countries as be shnll jullie nccessary. Sec. 21. That any peroon convictcd of a willful violation of any of the provinions of the precedme sectlon ehall be fined not exceeding $500, or imprlaoued not exceeding ono year, or botn, in the discretion of the court. KKIMPOKTATIONS. Seo. 22. That upou the reimportaron of articles ones exponed of the growth, product or manufacture of tbe Untted States, upon which no internal tax has been assessed or paid, or upon which 6uch tax has been paid and refunded by allowanco or drawback, there shall be levied, collected and paid a duty eaual to the tax imposea by the revenue laws upon 6uch articles, except articles iiianufacturcd in bonded warehouses and exported pursuant to law, which ehall be subject to the same rate of duty as if orifiinally imported. A1SANDONED VE8SF.T.S. Sec. 23. That whenever any vessel laden with merchandise In wbole or in part subject lo duty has been suuk In any river, barbor, bav, or waters subject to the jurisliiullon of the United States, and within its limit, for tlie period of two vears, and i is abandoned by the owner thereof, sny persou who inay raieo such vessel shall be permittod to bring auy merchandiee recovered therefrom into tbe port nearestto the place wliere suc.b vessel was so raibcd, free from the puyment of any duty thereupon, and wituout being obliged to enter the sanie at the custom house; but umler 6ucu regulation as the eeeretary of the trensury may prescribe. BPBCIAL BONDED WAHBH0U8RS. Sec. 24. That the works oí manufacturero eGgaged in smelting or rellniug motáis tn the United States may be desIgnated a6 bonded warehousesunder such regulalions as tho secretary of the trensury may prescribe; Providbd, that such manufacturera bball first give satisfactory bonds to the secrelary of the treasury. Metals in any crude iorm requiring smelting or refitting to make them readily available in tha arts, imported into the United States to be Binelted or reliued and intended to be exported in a refined but unmanufactured state, shall, undcr such rules as the 6ecretary of the treasury may prescribe, and uuder the direction of the proper oiEcer, be removed in original packages or in bulk from the vessels or other vehielo on wnich it has been imported, or irom the bonded warehouse m which tha same may bo into the bonded warehouse iu which such smeltiug and refining may be carried on, for the purpose of being 6molted and refined without paymeut of duties thereon, and may thero be smelted and refined, together with other metáis oí home or foreign production: Frovidod, that each day a quautity of reflued meta! equal to the amount of imported metal refined that dar shall be set asido, and such metal so set aside shall not be taken from said works oxcept for exportation, under the direction of the proper officers Inning charge thereof as aforesaid, whose certiücate, describing the articles by their marks or otheiwlse, the quantity, tlie date of importation and the name of vessel or other vehicle by which it was iraported, with such additional particulars as may from time to time be required, sfaall be receiveii by the collector of custonn as suflicient evidence of the exportatiou of the metal, 'r it may be removed, under such regulations as thö secretary of the troasury may ; prescribe, to auy other bonded warehouse; or upon entry for, and paymeut ot duties, for dornestic consumption. All labor pertormed and services rendered under these regulations sball be under tbe supervisión of an oQlcer of the customs, to be appolnted by the eccretary of the treasurv, nnu at thé expense of the manufacturar. PKAWBACK.1. Sec. 25. That where imported materials on which duties have been paid, are used in the manufacture of articles manufriotured or produced in the Uuited States, there shall be allowed on the exportaliou oí such anieles a dnuvback equal in amouut to the duties paid on tbe materials used, les one per centum of such duties: Pnnrtded, that when the articles exported are made iu part irom domestic materlals, the Imported matei ia!?, or tho parts of the articles made from such materials, shall so appcar in the completed articles that the quantity or measure thereof may be ascertained. And inovided iurther, That the drawback on any article allowed under exi&ting law shall be coutinued at the rate hcreiu provided. That the imported materials used in tho manufacture or production of articles entitled to drawback of customs duties when exported sha!! m sll cases wliere drawback of duties paid on such mate. lals is claimed, be identiied, the quantity of such materials n.-urï tand the amouut of duties paid thereon fthall be ascortained, the fact of the manufacture or produetion of euch nicles iu the United States and their exportation therefrom sball be deteriuiued, and the drawback due thereon sh&ll be paid to the manufactnrei, producer or exponer, to the agent of either or to the person to whom such manutacturer, producer, exporter or agent 6hall iu writiug order such drawback paid, under such regulations as the secretary of the treasury shall prescribe. INIBKXAL REVENUE. Sec. 26. That on and afterthe first day of May, 1SÏÜ, all special taxes imposed by the laws now in forceupon dealers in leai tobáceo, retail dealers in leaf tobáceo, dealers in tobáceo, manufacturers of to bacco, manufacturers of cigars, and peddlers of tobáceo aro hereby repealod. Kvery such dealer in leaf tobáceo, retail dealer in leaf tobáceo, manufacturar and peddler sball, bowever, register with the collector of the district nis name, or Ktyle, place of residence, trade, or busiuess, and the place where such tradeor business is to be carried on, the same as tbough the tax had not been repealod, and a failure lo register as herein required shall subject sucb per6on to a penalty oí $50. Sec. 27. That all provisions of the statutes iinposine restrictions of any kind whatsoever upon farmers and growers of tobáceo in regard to the salo of their leat tobáceo, and the keeping of books, and the registration and report of their saies oí leaí tobáceo, or imposing any tax on account oí such sales, aro hereby repealed: l'rovided, however, that it shall be the duty of every farmer orplanter produciug and selling leaf tobáceo, on damand of any Internal reveuue ofRcer, or other authorized ageut of the treasury departDient, to furnish 6aid oilicer or agent a truo and complete statement, verified by oath, of all his sales of leaí tobáceo, the number of hogsheads, cases, or pounds, with tlie name and rebidence, iu each instance, of the person to whom sold, and the place to whieh it is shipped. And evcry farmer or planter who wlUfully refues to furnish 6uch Information, or who knowingly malees falso statements as ti any of the facts aforesnfd, shall bc puilty of a misdemeanur, and sball be liable to a penalty not ezceedlng $500. .28. Thatsection 33S1 of the United States revised st&tutes, be, and tho same is hereby, ameuded by striking out alt aftcr the eaid uuinber aud substituting therofore the following: T-verv peddlerof tobáceo, before commeucing, or, ïi he has alreiidy con.menced, beforo contlnuing to voddlc tobáceo, shall furnish to the collector of his district a 6tatcmcnt accurately setting forth the place of liis residence, and, if in a city the street and number of the street where he resides, tho state or states through which ho proposes to travel; also whetber be proposes to teil his owu manufactures or the manufactures of others, and, if he ells for other narties, the person for whom he sells. He ehall also give a bond In the sum of $000, to beapproved by th collector ol the district, eondftioneil that he sball not iu any atterapt, tiy himself or by collusion with otbers, to ilofrand tho covernment of any tax on tobáceo, smiff or cigars; that he sliall neither fe!l nor offer foi' sle anj tobáceo, snuft or cinara, except in inal and full packages, as tho law requires f the Biune to bo put up and preparod by f: tht) niamifacïurer for sale, or for removaï i for salo or cousumption, and exeept such i packuües of toliacco, snuff and cigars as bear the rnanufacturcr's label or caution 6 notice, and Lis legal marks and brands, c and genuineioternal reven ucstacnps which i llave never before been used." i Sec. 29. That section 33S3, revised i utes, as ameuded by eectiou 15 of the act i of Maren 1, 1879, be, and the samo is í herobj amended by striking out all of said t seclion and bj substitutinj; to lieu thereof i the following: "Kvery peddlerof tobáceo shall obtain a certifícate írom the collector of his i lection district, who is hereby authorized i and directed tu issue the same, giving tbe c name of tbe peddler, bis resideuce and f tbe fact of his baviug fllod the required i bond; iind sliall, on demand of any oflicer I of internal revenue, produce and e.vbibit 1 his certifícate. And whenever any f dier refuses to exhibit his certifícate, as c aforesaid, on demaud of any ollicer i of internal revenue, said oflicer may i selze tlie horse or ínula, waon, and content, or pack, bundie, or basket, ( of auy person so rcfusine; and thn lector ui the district in which the seizure 1 occurs may, on 10 days' noüce, published in any newEpaper in the district, or served 1 personally on tae peddler, or at bis t ing house, require such poddler to show i cause, if any he has, why tbe horses or ] mulos, wagons, and contents, pack, i die. or basket so seizcd shall not be i leiled. In case no 6uöieient cause is i uhowii, procecdinijs for the forfeiture of the property seized sball be taken under the ireneral provi6ioas of tbe iniernal revenue i laws relatlug to iorfeitures. Any internal i rovonue agent may demand production of and inspect the collector's certifícate for i peddlers, and refusal or fallare to i duce the same, when so demanded, símil i subject tlie party guilty thereof to a tino t of not more than Í5UÜ and toimprisonment for not more than 12 montli6." ' BBC. 80. That on and after tho lst öay t of January, 1891, the internal taxes on I smoking and manufactured tobáceo shall be 6 cents per pound, aud on 6DU1I 0 t cents por, pound. i Bkc. 30. That on all original and i broken factory packages oL smoking and i manufactured tobáceo and snuff, held by I manufacturera or dealers at the time tbe reductíon hereiu provided íor i shall go into effect, upon which the tax i has been paid, there shall bo allowed a i drawback or rebate of the full atnount of t the reduction, but tbe same sball not i ply in any case where the claim has uot I been presented within 6U days followinsr í the date of reduction; and such rebate to i manufacturera may bo paid in starnps at the reduced rate; and no claim shall be allowed or drawback paid for a less I amount than L5. It shall be tbe duty oL the cotnmissioner of internal revenue, with the approval of tho secretary of the ] treasury, to adopt such rules and í tionsandto prescribe and furnish such i blanks an.l iorms as may be uecessary to 1 carry this section. into effect. Kor tbe i payment of the rebates proviued for in i tbis section there is bereby appropriated i any money in the treasury not otherwise I appropriated. i [ '1' h i ö sectiou was accidentally omitted i from tho bill when it was beiiig engrossed i for the President's signature. It wiil be i a simple matter for congres to reetify i the error wheu it meets in December.] ÖBO. 81. That seetion &XÖ of tho i vised statutes, be, and the same is hereby i amended by strlking out all after said number and substitutiug tho following: "No manufactured tobáceo sball be sold or offored íor salo unless put ud in packaces and statnped as prescribed in this chapter, except at retail by retail deaiers from the packaites authorized by Bcctiou &iü'i of tbo revised 6tatuteB; and every person who sells or offers fop sale any snuff or any kind of manufactured tobáceo not so put up in packaces and stainped shitll be tined not more than $5,000, and imprisoned not more tbaa two years." Se;. 2. That section .'iü'JJ of the revised statutes, as amended by section IC of the act of Maicb 1, 1879, be, aud the same hereby isf amended to read as followe: "All cigars shall be packed in boxes not betore used for that purpose, contaiuing respectively 25, 50, 100, 200, 250, or 51X1 cigurs each; provided, however, tbat manufacturéis of cigars shall be perrnitted to pack in boxes not beforc used for that purpose cigars nol to exceed 13 nor less thau 12 ín number, to be used as sample boxes; and every pereon who sells, or offers for sale, or delivers, or offers to deliver, any cit'ars in any other fonn than in ncw boxes as above described, or who packs in any box uny curan in excees of or less than the number provided by law to be put in each box rcspectivelv, or who falsely brands1 any box, or aflixes a stamp on aiiy box denotiug a less amount of tax than that roquired by law, sball bo llued for each ofteuse not moro than $1,000, and be imDrisoned not more than two years; Provided, that nothing iu this section shall bo construed as preventing the sale of cigars at retail by retail dealers who have paid tbe specixl tax as such from boxes packed, stamped, and bianded in the manncr prescribed by law: And provided further, tbat every manufacturar of eigarettes shali put up all the cigurettes that he manufactures or has manufactured for him, and sells or removes for cousumptton or use, in packaces or parccls contaiuing 10, 20, 50 or 100 cigarettes eacb, and shall securely aQix to eacb of said packages or pareéis a suitable stami; dcnotine the tax thereoD, and shall properly cancel the samo prior to such sale or removal for cousumptiou or use, under such regulations as tlie commissioner of iuter nal revenue shall prescribe; and all cigarettes iniportcd from a foreígu couutry sball be packed, stamped, and tbe stamps canceled in like manner, in addition to tlie import stamp indicating Uupectioo of the eustorn house beforo thcy are withdrawn therefrom. SEC. 88. That eection ";57 of the revised statutes, as a:uonded by sectiou 2 of the act of June 0, 1S80, be, and the same bereby is, amended by striking out all after tho number and insertine in lieu thereof tho foliowlng: "Every collector shall keep a record, in a book or books provided for that purpose, to be open to tbe lnspection of only the proper oülcers of iuternal revenuo, including deputy collectors and internal revenue agents, of the name and residence of every person engaged in the manufacture of tobáceo or 6IHIÍT iu ins district, tbe place where such manufacture is carried on, and the number of the inanufactory; and he shall enter in said record, under the name of eacb. manufacturar, a copy of every inveiitory roqulred by law to be made by such mauufocturer, and an abstract of his monthly returns; and he shall cause the several msnufactories of tobáceo or Biiuff in his district to be numbered cousecutively, which numbers shall not be thercafter changed, except for rensons satisfactory to hiiunelf and approved by the rommissioner of interna! ravenue." SBC. 'M. That section &3S9 of the revised statutes, as amended by soctlou 10 of tbc act of Mare h 1, 1879, be, and tbc saine horeby is, amended so as to read as follows; "]'.vjy collector shall keep a record, in a book provided for tbat purpose, to be open to tho inspection of only the proper oiflceri of iuternal revenue, iocluding dopuiy collectors and internal revouuo aireiits, of the name and residfiice of every person engaged in tho manufacture of cisjars in his district, the place where such manufacture is carried on, aud the numter of the manufactory; aud he 6ball enitir iu ■ aaid record, under the name of each uianuracturer, an abstract of his inventory and monthly returns; and he sh:ill (.'mö the several manufacturero of cigftrs in tho district to be numbered consecutively, whirh number shall uot theroafter be cbantred." Sec. 35. That section 3:}S7 of the revised statutes, as aineuded by seclion 10 of the iet of March 1, 1879, " bo, and ihe same is hereby amended, by strikin from tho aid seclion the following words, nainely: '-S.")00, with an additional $100 for each penon proposed to bo employed by him in making ciirars," and inserting in lieu of the words so strickon out the words: "one hundred dollars." mi . 'io. l'hat an internul revoDUQ tax of 110 pur pound shall be Itvieil and colli'i'tcii upon ail opium manuf.ïctured in tbe l nited States for smoking purposes; j aud uo person ghall engngt: in such acture who is not a citizen oí the United 'tates and who has not given the boud ■cquired by the commissionor oí internal etenue. Seo. 37. That every manufacturer of uch opium stia.ll Ule with the collector if interusl reYenue oí the district 1d bieb nis uianufactory is located sucü lotices, inventories and bonds, shal! keep uch books and rcnder such returns of naterial and producís, slinll put up such ius and afh'x such number to his facory, and couduct his busiuess under such urvclllance of officers snd agcnts is the coramissioner of internal revinue, with the approval of the ecretiry of the Itreasury uiay by rcgilation, require. But tho boud required if such manufacturer hall be wilh urevics satisfactory to the collector of nternal revenue and iu a penal sum of lot than Í5.IHI0; uut the sum of eald ond may be iucreased from time to time ind additional sureties required at the liscretioQ of tha collector or undcr iuitructions of the commiseioner of iuternal evenue. Sec. 38. That all prepared smoking plum imported into the l'nited States hal), bofore romoval from the cusiom ïouse, be duly etainned iu such mamier ts to denoto that tho duty thereou has )een paid; and tbat all opium inanufacurcd in the United States for smoking Mirposee, beíore beinr removed from the jlace of manufacture, whether for couumption or stotago, ehall be duly itamped in such permanent inauner as to Ieiiote tho payinéut of the iuterual rov)nue tax thereon. 39. That the provisions of ixitting laws governiug tho engraving, .-eue, sale, accountabiiity, effacement, :jvncollatio:i( and destruction of etamps elating to tobáceo and snutT, as far as ipplicable are hensby made to apply to tamps provided for by the precodiug secïon. Sec. 40. That a penalty of not moro ban $1,000, or imprisonmont not more ban one year, or bolh, in thediscretion of he court shall be impoëed for each and ev!iy vlolalion of the precedmtc sections of his act relating to opium by auy oer3on or )ersons; aud all prepared smoking opium vherever found wkhtn the United atates without stamps required by tilín act ehall )o fortoited. Sec. 41. Tnat Wholesale dealers iu oleonar;arinc shall keep such books and ■onder such returns in relation tnereto as he coinmtssioner of internal revenue, with he approval of tne secretaiy oL the treasiry, may, by regulation. require, and such )ooks shall bc open at all times to the inipection of auy iuternal revenuo oilicer or ifrent. Skc. 43. That any producer of pure iwcet wincs, who is also a distiüer, auhorized to separate frora ferinented rrape juice, under iulernal rovenue laws, vine spirits, may use, f roe oí tai, in the ircparaiion of such 6weet wines, under uch regulations and af ter the filiug of such lotices and qouds, together with the ieeping of such records and tho rendition }f such reports as to materials and prodjets, as the commissioner of internal revsnue with the approval of the secretary of ;he trea6ury may prescribe, so much of juch wiuo spirits so separated by him as nay be necessary to fortify the wine for ihe preiervation of the saccharine inatÍSC contalned therein: Provided, that the wine so used iree of tas shall not be in excess of the iiiount required to introduce into such sweet wines an alcoholie strength equal to 14 per centum of the volume of such ivlnes after such use: Provided further, that such wiue containiuir after such fortiÜcaLion more than 24 per contum (f alcoboI, as delined by section 3249 of the rerised statutes, shall Ce forfeitcd to the United States: Provided furthc-r, that such u&e of wir.e spirits free from tax shall beconflned to the months of August, September, üctober, November, December, January, Fcbruary, March and April of each year. The commissioner of internal revenue. In determining tbeliability □f any dlstiller of iermenled iriape-juice to assessment under section 33Ü'J of the revised statutes, is authorized to allow such distiller credit iu his computation for the wino spirits used by him in prepariug sweet wine under tho provisions of this section. .Skc. i:t. Tliatthc wine spirits meotloned iti f ection 63 of this act is the product reBUlline from the distilhition of fcrineiited rrupe juice, and shall be held to iuclude the [iroduct cominonly kuown as grape brandy; aud the pure sweet wine whicta may ba fortiöed free of tax, as provided in said section, i6 fermented grapejuico only, and shaü contain no other substauco of auy kind whatcver iniroduced before, at the time of, or after fermentation. and such sweet wine shall coutaiu not less than 4 per centum of saccharine matter, which eaccharine stren'in may be determiiied by testinjí, with lialllnss' saccharometer or must ecale, such 6weet wine, after the evaporation of the spirits contained therein, and restoring the sample tested to ori;;iual volume by adaitiou of water. Sec. 41. That any person who shall use wine spirits, a6 defined by sectiou 64 this act, or or other spirits on which the iuternal revenue tax has not been paid, othenvise thau wfthln the limitations set forth in bection 55 oí this net, and in accoidauce with the regulutions made pursuant to this act, shall be liable to a penalty of doublé the amount of tho tax ou the wine spirits or other spirits so unlawfully usud. Whenevcr it ís impraeticablft in any caso to ascertain tho quantity of wiue spirits or othor spirits that have bees used in violation of this act in mixtures with any wines, all alcohol contained ia 6uch unlawful mixtures of wiuc with with wine spirits or other 6pirits iu oxce8s of 10 per ceutuin shall be held to be uulawfully used: Provided, howover, that ïf water has been added to such unlawful mixtures, either bofore, at the tiuie of, or after such unlawful use of wine spirits or other spirits, all the alcohol contained therein shall be considered to have been unlawfully used. Ju reference to alcoholic strength of wlues and mixtures of wines with spirits iu this act the ineasurement is interuled to be accordiug to volume and uot according to weight. 8ec. 45. That under such rcgulations and ofiicial supervisiou, and upon the exccution of such eutrie6 and he privinir of such uouds, bilis of ladius and other security as the commissioner of internal reyenue, with tho approyal of the secretary of tho treasury shall prescribo, any producer of pure sweet wiues as delined by this act may withdraw wiue spirits from any special bonded warehouse free oí tjx, iu original packai;es, ia auy quantity not less than 80 wiue gallons, and may use so much of the same a6 may bo reauired by him, under such rcgulations, and after the tiling of such notices and bunds, aud the ueoping of such records, and the renditiou of such reports as to materials and products and tbc di&position of the sume, as the commisslouer of internal revenue with the approval of the secretaiy of the treasury hall prescribe, in fortifving the pure sweut wines maüe bv him, and for no othor purposo, in accordauce with the limitation aud provisión as to uses, amount to bo used, and perioil aslnjc the sarao set forth in section ï" of this act; and the commissioner of uiternal reveuue with tho approval of the secretary of the treasury is aulhorized, whenever he shall deern it to be necossary for the proventiou of violation of this law, to prescribe that wino spirits irithdrawn uudcr this section shull not be used to fortify wines except at a certaiu distance pre6cribed by bim from any dilillery, roctifying house, winery, or other establishment used for producing or stoiiuf.' disttlled spirits, or for makiug or storing wines other than wines which aro so fortifíed, and that in the building in which such fortüication of wines is practiced no wiues or spirits other than tboso perinitted by his regulation shall be stored. The use of wiuo 6pirits free of tax for the fortification of sweet wines undcr this act shall be bttgun und completed at the vineyard of the witio-grower where the gr:ipes are crushed and the. irrape juice is oxpressej and fermented, such u6e to be under the inimediate supervisión of au officer of iutemal reveuue, who shall make returns describidle tbe kinds and quantities of wine m fortlfled, and shall afflz such stamps and seals to the pakairi-s contaiuinjc such wiiiBs as my le prescribed by the commiasiouer of iuteruul revenue wltb the approval of the secretan- of the ironsury; and the corauiissioner of internal revenuo ehall provine by regulatious tho time within which winea 60 íortified witb tho winn spirits so wiütdrawn inay be subject to inepectiou, and for íinal accounting fortlie use oí buch wine spirits and for rewnrehousing or for payment of tho tax on auy portion of sucb. wine whlch remsin not used in fortlfying pure eweet wines. Si:' . 16. That wine spirits my be withdrawn from special bondod warehouses at the instance of any person dejiring lo use the ame to fortify any wines, in accordance with commercial demande of foreign markets, wheu cuch wines ara intended for exportation, without thö pavment of tax on the amuuut of wiue spirits used in such fortification, i;nder such regulations, und after making such entries, and cxecuting and iiline with the collector of the district from which the removal Is to be mode such bouds and billa ot ladinsr, and giving eueh other adilitional securlty to prevout tbs use of sucb wino spirits free of tax otherwise than in tho forllflcation of wine intendcd for exportation, and for the due exportation of th-j wiuu so fortified as inay be prescribed by the comtnissioner of mteriiul reveuue, with tbe pprovl ol tbo secretary of the treasury; and all of the provisiona of law goverñing the exportation of üistilled 6pirits free of tax, so far as appllcable, sball apply to tho withdrawal and use of wiuo spirits ana the exportation oí the saine in accordauce with this section; and tho commissloner of interna! revenue is autborizod, oubjuct co approval by the secrotary of the treaaiiry, to prescribo that wine spirits intended for the fortilication of wines iinJer this section sliall not bo lntroduced into such wines exeopt under the iminediate supervisión of an olllcer of iuternal revenue, who shall niuke returns describiug the kinds anti quautities of wine so fortiBed, and shall alllx such starnps and seals to the packages contaicing such wine as may be presciibed by the commissioner of internal revenue, with the approval of the secretary of the troasury. VVheuever such wiDe spirits aro wittidrawn as provided herein for the fortiücatiou of wiues intendcd for exportation by sea they shall be introdueed into such wines only after removal from storage and arrival alonjrside of the vessel which ís to transport tbe same; and wheuever trnnsportation of SUCh wines is to be effected by land carriage the commis-sioncr of internal revecue, with the approval of the eecretary of the treasury, shall prescribo such regulations as to üealiup packages and vebicles containing the same, and as to the supervisión of transportaron from the point of departure, which point shall bo determinad as the place where such wine spirits uiay be introduced iuto such wines to the point of destination as may be necessary to insure the due exportation of sucu forlilled wines. Skc. 47. That all provisions of law relating to the re-importation of any goods oí domest growth or manufacture whlch werO originally liable to an internal revenue tax shall be, as far as applicable, onforced agniust any doinestic wines sought to be re-imported; andduty shall be levied and collected upon tho ame whei ieiuiported, as an original importatiou. 48. That aiiy person usiiig wine spirits or other spirits which havo not been tax-paid In fortlfylng wine otherwite than as provided for in this act, sball be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on conviction tbereof, be punished for each oflen6e by a fine of not more thn $2,000, and for every offense othor than the first also by imprisonment for not more than on e y e ar. Sec. '19. That wine spirits usod in fortifying wines may be recovered from euch wine only on the premises of a duly nuthorized grnpe brandy üistiller; and for the purpose of such recovery wices 60 fortilied may be received as material on the precises of such a dtetlller, on a special permit of the collector of internal revenue in whose dlêtrlct the distillery is located; and the distiller wlll be held to pay tho tax on :i product from such wines as will includo both the alcoholic strength therein pioduced by thu fermentation of the prrape iuiee and that obtained from tho added distilled spirits. BONDING PItlVILEGES. Sec. 50. That on and fter the day when tilia act sball eo iuto effect all goods, wares. and merchandise previously ini;irted, for which no entry has been made, aud all goods, wares, and morchand6O previously entered without payment of duty and under bond for warohousiue, l.raii$portation, or any other purpo6e, for whlch no permit of delivery to tho importcr or his agent has beeu issued, sball be 6ubjected to no other duty upon tho enlry or the withdrawal thereof than if the same were imponed resDectively after that day. Provided, that any importcd merchundiso deposited in bond la any public or private bonded warehou6tj baving been so deposited prior to the Uct. 1, 18Ü0, may be withdrawn for consumptiira at auy time prior to Feb. 1, 1S91, upon the payment of duties at the rates in force prior to tho passage of this act; provided furtber, that when dutios are based upon tho woightof merchandise depo&ited la auy public or private bonded warehouso said duties shall be levied and coiiected upon the weis;ht of such merchandise at tbe timo of it8 wilhdrawal. Be ■. 51. That all goods, wares, articles, and mercuandise manufactured wholly or in part iu anj' ioreign country by couvict labor, tball not be enlitled to entry at any oL the ijnris of the United States, and tho Importatlón thereof is hereby prohibited, and the secretary of the treasury is authürized to prescribo euch regulatious as may be necessary for tho enlorceuient of this provisión. JfOREION COINS. Beo. 02. That the valuo of foreign coin as expreesed in the money of account of tho United States shall be that of a pure metal of such coin of standard valué; auO tbc values of tho standard coins in circulatiou of the various natioim of the world shall be estimatsd quarteny by the director of the mint, and be' prociaimed by the secretary of tliu treasury on the ürst day of January, April, .h:ly aud October in each year. Sko. 53. That all special taxes shall become duo on the flrst dy oí July, 1891, and on the flrst day of July iu each yeir thcreafter, or on commencing any trado or business ou which such tax ís irnposed. In the former case tho tax ehall be reckond for ono year: aml to the lalter case it shall bo reekonea proportlouately from tho fust day of the month In which the liability to n special tax conirncnced to the ürst d:ij ol July lollowluer. Special tax etamps may be issued for the months oL May aud June, 1891, uuou payment of the amouut of lax reckoned proportionately under tho laws uow in force, and sucli stampa which have been ot may be issuod for the pcriod oudiiiiï " April 30, 1S90, may, upon payinent of one-sixth of the amour.t required to be paid for BUch stamps for one year be extended uutil July 1, lSiü, uuder siich regulationa as may be pretcrlbed by toe commissloner of internal revenue. And il shall be tbc duty of special taxpayers to ronder their returns fo tho depaty collector at such times within the oalènd&I inüiitti in which the special tax linbility cominenccd as shall enable hiin to roceivo such returts, duly slened and ve.-itiud, not later thau the last day of the moDtb, u:;"upt ia case i)f siokuess or absence, as provided for in section 3176 of ttio revisod stal [] 'A. That section 20 of the act entitled "An act to slmplliy tho laws in reiiLtion to the collectiou of revenues," approved June 10, 1SÜÜ, is hereby amended to road as follows: . S0. That any merchandise deposited iu bond iu any public or private bondod warohouse may bo withdrawn for coii6Uinption within thrco years from thn datft of origina] importation, on payinent Of the dutiea and charges to which it inay be subject by law at the time of nuch withdrawal: Provided, that notblug herein shall affect or impair existing proristons of law in regard to the ditposal of perishablo oreiploslve articles." BEO. (J. Thiit all laws aud parts of laws Inconsistent with this act nre hereby repealcd: l'rovuied, howevar, that the repeal of existing laws, or modlu'cations thereof, embraced iu this act shall not affect any act done or any ritcht accrnlng or accrued, or any sult or proceeding bad or commenced in any civil cause before the said ropeal or modtfleation, but 11 rights and liabilitics ander said lawsaulll { coutinue and may be culorccd in thaMmo manner aa if said repoal or vuüücation [jad not been nviri Any offenses commlttïfl, md all pendílies or forfeitures or liabilitie lncurrcd uu Jer any stnluta ciDbraced In, or changed, raoaified or repealed by this act may De prosecutod and puniöhed in the samo inanncr and with the samo effect as if thiB act had not been passed. All acts af limitatiou, wbether appllcable to civil causes and proceedings or to the prosecution of offenses, or ior the recovery f penalties or forfeitures, embrseed n, or modificd, chauged, or repealed by tlii act, sball not be ITected thereby, and all suits, proceeding, or prosecutions, whelher civil or crimina], for causes arising or acts done 3r committed prior to the passage of this ct may be commenced and Drosecuted K'lthin the same time and with the same sffect as if this act had not been passed. THE MILLS BILL. Striking Contrast Between Democratie and Republican Dealrings with the Tarín. The Mills bilí which passed the house il representatives iu 1888 embodies the Democratie idea of wbat a tarlff should De, just as the new tarlü luw represeats the Kepublican Idea. The most strtkine difference between the Mills bil] and the new tarill law Is to be found in the treatment of the two items of wool and sugar. Wool is one of the great product of this country. In Michigan it is the wool mouey which the [armer counts on to pay Iiarve6ting expenses. The value of sneep on a íarm Is :onsidcrable oven aside from tho value of the wool; but farmers could not affotd to keep sheep unless be could get a fair prlco for wool. The Mills bill in so many words placed 3n the freo list wools imported frotn Buenos Ayres, New Zealand, Australia, Cape f Uood Hope, Russia, Great Britain, Canada, Cordova, Valparaíso, Suiyrna, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. i'hus the farmers of the United States were brought into competition with the lowest aud most degradod labor in the nrorld. In voting to place wool on the free list, the Democrats were abBolutely brutal to the farmers. Because the American farmers produce moro wheat and corn aud pork than eau be consumed in this country, thev are foreed Into competition with the grafn producers the world over. This is inevitable. But the American production of wool, although a great and a truly National iudustry, as yet fulla short of supplying the homo demand. Here then Is a chance to givo the farmer the benefit af protection. Yet the Democrat rutblessly away even tnis chance and iusisled that the farmer must bc the only class who should have no benefit from protectiou. Tlie farmers were quick to resent this action and they will not be 5low tc forget it. When the Republicans carne to revise the tarifE tbe demaud carne from the representativo woolgrowers of the country that the rates upon wool should be lanrely ucreased. Thereupon a new classification was adopted with the view of attaining a uniform and honest classification of wool. But it would do no good to advauce the duties on wool unless tbe duties on manufactures of wool were albO advanced. Uuie6S American wool were manufactured in America there could be no adequate markeX for It. Therefore the rates on woolen eoods were also advanced. The total Importation of wool last year amounted to $18,471,540.71, and the new tarlff law advances the rate of duty from 34.3'3 to 40.60 per cent ad valoren). Here then is a largc flold for the farmer to occupy. The duty on wool has been so low that wool ralslng was not paying. The increased duty will raise the prico to a more remunerativa rato. It is worthy of note also that the rates on both wool and woolens were tixed after consultations between the manufacturera and wool growens, and the exieting duties are believed'to be the lowest ones which will aíford a fair profit. In a word, the Democrats, who now profess 6uch iriendship for the farmer, two years afro tried their bost to stab them 'under the fitth rib, and ihey would have succeeded had It not been for a Kepublican sen ate. There is no shirldng this record, for iba St. Louis convention passed a resolution approving the Mili' bill. The Republicans, on the other hand, have made au honest and aturdy attempt to help the farmer in every possible way, both by direct protection to bis products aud also by enlarelug bis markets. Turuing now to suear we find that the Mills bill proposcd a" duty of '.'0 cents on sugars between 13and 16 Dutch standard - silgare that are maae free by the new law. The Republicans selected sugar as the chief article on whicU to niake a rcduction of the revenues because every Iractlon of a cont taiieu ott susar will make that, article just so much cheaper to the consumcr. The duties paid oa sugar amount lo over il for every man, womau aud child in the United States. The reduction, therefore, would be equal to over $2,000,000 for tho 6tato of Michieau alone. Thn chief reduction In the revenues made by the new law is made on oue of the chief nece&sarios of life and is made, too, in such a inanuer that theconsumer gets the wholo benefit. A OOMERANG CIRCULAR. Recent Advances iu Prlcea and the Kcusons for Them - Lttbor'tt Kcwartl, Messrs. Foster, Stevens & Co., a Wholesale hardware house in Grand Rapids, scem to be better politiciaus than they are business men. At least tney have receutly issued a circular for political effect, iu which they state that ttbout everythinir in their lino is rapidly advancinc because of combinatious and Republican legislatlon. They havo laid on their colors so thlck that retail dealers have been led to placo ordors witn other bouses which have not besn so quick as Foster, Stevens & Co. have been to mark up their goods. The circular issued by this house is being used by the Democrats os a campaign document, and yet the hardware trade oí tho state is laughiog at the half truths it contaln5. It is quite true that axos have advanced, owingto a combinatiou in the trade; but ior scveral year6 axes have been made at no profit if not at a loss. Every retail dealer kuows by experience that trusts of tbis kind last ouly until new nxe works can be built aud that then tho price drops back atain to the old low price. It takes on an average less than two years to accomplish the reduction. The tarilT hos nothiue to do with tuo price of axes for wo export this article to Australia aud South America. Tho same thlng ia true of cross-cut saws. Tweuty years ago tbe piïco was SI a íoot. Gradually competitiou has foreed the urice down to '-0 cents a íoot, at whioh price the maniifaciurers claimed that tbey wore losing mouey. A combination was formed and the price bas been advaneed abou'. ü ceutsafoot. If there la tnjrthiug more than a fair proflt at theso Ügures it wUl uot be a year before otber factorles will be cutting sawe, and then tbe price will go down. But hore aealn tbe tarifl cannot help us, ior we make smts much cheaper thau ',hey can be imported. Tin platos have advanceJ in England 15 per eent because of the demaml in aiuiclpation of the time when thetarift bill will tro into effect; but tinware has not advnneel to any apprcciable degree. It is argued that if tin platel odvance 15 ier cent tluware ought also to advaoce 15 per cent; but that is a fallncy. The cost of labor employed in making tiuware bas not advanced, nor bas the cost of aellloe the oods, bothof which are considerable iieins in the cost of production. Tbc manufacture of the platel as carricil on abroad I without benefit of mauhinery. The dippiuir is performed by women and girls. This hand labor is eo chcap, tho American market has buen so flrmly held and inventivo genius is so scarco iu Great Biitain that no Tieuts have been made in the procéseos. Three American iictories are now builöiet and io each one it ís proposed to use nachlory for a large part oí the Ubor. I'hc resnlt will undqubtedly Be that ia irder to hold as larcre a part of the Ameri:an market as possible the forefgn manifaelurer will reduce bis price, and on ;hc otber hand we shall be makincr a arire part of the plate used. ïhere is jo probability that the retall price of tianrarc will inercase. Messrs. Foster, Stevens & Co. say that hey havo not iound a sitíelo iustauce vhere labor has beer. advanced. ïhls is loubtles the resnlt of narrowness of ïision of blm who wrote the circular. The 'act is that the factorics all over the conn,ry are runninfi on íull time and labor nore reatlily önds omployraeat. It is also t fact that in the iron works of Pennsyl?ania and ühio the waes of unskilled abor have advanced from 90 cents a day o SI. üo and the lowest form of skilied abor cotnmands $1.50 a day. Every workinjjman knows tbat the ;imes when business is brisk are the best Jues for hun. Wliat he dreads most is lot high prices Imt no work. If he ïau be employed 10 hours n day, sis days n the week and 52 weoks ín a year he ivill ijladly pay a few cents more here and ;liere for what he buys. flut a falling narket, wüere profits are wiped out aud irages have to be cut, bring him face to 'ace with starvation. CONGKESSMAN SfcKINLET. IIo Open His Campnlen in a Domocratlc Strouijliold. Milleusburg, O., Oct.7. - Congresstnan McKinley opeaud hls campaign in the six;eenth district with a speech delivcrccl aere this evening. ïhis place is the :ounty seat of Holmes county, oue of the Democratie strongholds added to the najor's district by the gerrymauder passed last winter. Tliis was the lust speech he ever delivered here, and he was rrected by a fine audience. He had no prepared epeeeh. After a brief reference to the gerrymander of congressional districts and a rhort dismssion of the goneral subject oí taxation Mr. McKinley said: Both partios aítroe that the rovenue must De raUed by indirect taxatioo, by dutios uu raports. Thoy differ in tho way these duties ihali be raiscd. The Denioorats insist that the :arifl shall be ievied for revcuue and reveaue Dnly. Tho Kepnblicaus uree that it hall be Ievied to raise the revenu?, and at :he sanie timo protect and encourago home ndustries. To follow Democratie principies lio tarifl must be luvled on producís wniob to uannot produce, on uon-conipetinjr foriign products, and it would be diflieult to ■aise enough revenue ou these products to :un the government. In tuaking n glass tumbler the speaker showed how the Kepublican tarifl of GO per cjnt had discouraged importation and pronioted glassmaking and added: ïf we havo no concern for the employmont :)f oui' people tlien we waüt a revenue tariff. & Hepubür:m tariff is not levied for revenue nly, but to give eniDloyment to our own irorktngmen aud improve our markets. Would the farmers of Holmes couuty rathor nave a consumer or a competitor? Every time you drive men out of factories Ihey chango from consumers to competitors. It is said the Kepublican protective tariff Duts burdens upou the people. There is not 3, man in this audience who knows anythinsr about It; for he does not feel the woieht of federal taxation. This tax is not paici bv sonsumers. If it is, why is it lliat Kntrland, IielLrium and Germany are cryinff out aainst thia new bill? You do not pay it, aud the foreifrncr knows it. There is not au item upon which protective luties have been laid that bas not been reJuccd in price to the peoDle who buy it. Xlie Kepublican party 15 years aco gave to the country free codee and tea, and it has now given it freo migar, and we now have as a repult a free and untaxod breakfast table, and duties under tliU bill whleh went into operation yesterday aro lower than thoso of any bill since Iü61, with half a dozen execplions there have been reduciions alons the line. We have redneed tlie duty whenever it would not iuterfere wiih or iiijuro home industry and liavo increaaed it only where the protectlon of our own manufacturinf; interents domanded it. The (uties on wool have all boen mado protective. It in 18S3 you farmers of Holmes rounty and Ohio defeated the Ilepublioau party for the reduction of tho wool tariff. as tho Demoorats then claimed, it is yonr duty now to vote for tho Kepublican party, that has not only rostored tho tariff of 186:1, but made it tronger by a hish tariff on all substitutes for wool. lf it is freo wool you want, don't vote for m If you want to destroy the flocks of tbe country vote for that other man, for I find by the Orrvillo conveotion thit tho platform of lSyS, which Dut wool and S5 per cent of the products of farms on the free list, is realBnned. Piotectlon is for all, or for none. As Burko said of lttierty, it must apply to all or none. You farmers are ontitlod to just as much protection as manufactureri, and that proteotlon must be the differencc in tho Jabor and cost bctween the foreicn products and our own. Tliis civcs to the farmer for the first time in tariff history his proper placo in tho protective scheme. There is whero tho piindpal advances in duly have been. If you.wani tho duties struck (lowu, theu don't vote for me. liut tlioy say farmers don't need protoctlon because they must find a market abroad. Eiprht per cent of . our farm pruducts are marketed abroad, 9S per cent at home. and I am for takini; care of the 'SZ per cent. Tho labor in India is eightcentsadav. How would you like to compete with that kind of labor ia rateing wheat? I could anote from blffb Democratic authority that. the time is near when Indian wheat is likeiy to flnd a market in .New Yurk. So wc have to put tip tbe bars beforc the horso pets in. This íb a bill for tho American people, and for no one elsc. The rank and file of tho Democratie party aro for urotection. !t always wal until Grover Cleveland sent his free trado mess;ise to oonness. Jackson and Jcfferson were"protectioiMst, and a lotur line of Itcmocratic statesmen Imve stood for protection, aud tho fírst liscal bilt ever passed by consrress was a proteclivo tariff Wil. Proteotlon bas always been the cardinal principal in our fiscal policy since thon, and wiil be the principie of the future because it is the principie of self-protection, of patriotism, of the Jtepublican party. Tho American markot :s tho bost in the world, and it hns been mado so aud can only be so maintained by protectiou. We have advauced the duty on tinplato at home and keep $'-20,000,000 a vear here.and glve employment to ïs.ww peopio. This tiutv would amouut. to onc-iit'tli of a cent on the price of tin cups which sell for five oent?. If you add oac-fiftii of a cent oost it will not Increase tne price to tho oonsumer, because ihe iucroase will come out of tho dealor's proflt. lint mark my predicfion: It will not be two years until wc aro maKinff all our tin plate at a lower price than is now paid to England for it. They say we bave Inoi tbe price of everythlnjt. I would like to kimw wliat we havo increased the duties on exoept champagne, brandy a:id silks and plushes, and the laxarles of the wealthy Thcso nnd farm products about comprise the list. Tho major was hoarse and only spoke for au hour, closin with a brief andbrillient peroration, in which be onlogizod the record of the Kepublican party and the patriotism of the protective tariff doctrine. McKinley will speak at Wadsworth, O., tomorrow afternoon. TUK i ARM BBS IN I.l,( Iv. BfTect of the MoKlnley liill on lmpnrtations of Farm Prudooe. Secretary W. K. Hates of the Kepublican state central committee was usked Thursdiy as to the feeliug among prominent Mlchljcan Republicana concernin; the ucwly pa6sed tariff bill. "I caunot express the situation bet ter," siid he, "than by etvlDg you a few practical figures. A couple of days aeo 6ome gentlemen frora Port Huron wero talking about tbc importatious of barley throiifh the custom house nt that point, aud later some callers from tho interior were talfclog about the prices of Tarm products bavios becu advauced, und beans amona; other thiugs were meutioned. The conversatiou resulted in a request to Mr. H. C'. Tillman, dejiuty collector of customs hero, to ]repare a brief statement of the imports tbrougb the Dotroit custom house of several uf the leadIng articlcs of farm produce for the last three luuuths. The facts given by Mr. nllinan are as follüws: The tollowiDK is a brief statement quotina sertatn arttol68 of farm producís with the rute of auty presoribed by the law in forco trom l'si:J up to tho preseut time aud the rate. which is fixed by the new tariff commonly callfcd the McKinley blll, witb a statement of the amounts iuiported at X)etroitfrom tho lst day of July ud to and ïncludinc Scpt. 27, a less Duin three months. and of the total arnount of eacb articlo imported into the l'nited States from the lst rtay of July, 1888, np to and incluUiuk' the 3Oth day of June, 1889. Straw was free, ïhero is now a duty of :ïo per cent ad valorein upon onch ton. Tlm amonnt importeu tuto the port of .Detroit was quite small, 197 tons only. The ontire amount in the United States is 15, !H2 tons; total value, $29,000. 1't'ïs. whloh were freo, now havo a tariCt of ftTe cents per dozen imposcd upon them. This will be quite an item to Michigan farmers, not only that thoy will reccive an ÍDcreased pnce for the eirs, but that there will be a market for them for just tho amount of esrgs heretofore faroished by foreign producers. Vor the three mo.nthd there were imported at the port of Detroit 1111,115 dozens. For the yoar there wen; iniported Into tho United States 15,020,(i.)U dozeus, at a valué of 12,419,664.97; Fruit has been freo (applus, elo.'i. Thero is now a tarlff of 5 cents per bushei upon same. Importations in Detroit were sruull, about S5,0(X) ouly. Uarley had a duty of 10 cents per bushol, and t i? now 80 cts. For the throe months above mentioned importations at Detroit wcre 65.525 bufhels, tinportatlons into the Knired Statos wero 1 1 ,olNï,!t2." bushels, ata total Tallin of ?T,rT!.Tí",.). The importal;' ms at Port Hurón larseJy exceed those oí Detroit. Hay has had a tax of $2 per ton. This has been raised to $4 per ton. Importations iuto tho L'nited States were 1U5.873 tons. On malt the duty ha been 20 cents onr bushel. Uudor tho new law it will be 45 cents per buahel. jfor the throe monlhs above mentloued lraports at Detroit were 125.166 bnshels. Milk paid a duty of Í0 per cent ad valorem. lTulcr tho new law this will be íive cents per callón. Imoortt at Detroit for tlie thres montlis were 6,753 gallons. lioeso liad a duty of four cents per pound, which lias boen [DOTeasod to six cetiis: importsat Detroit, í5,i,".O. Total imports into the United States were SR.1!'IDnty upon butter under oíd law four cents per io:mI, wnifih has been iucreased to six oeTitH per pound. Jleans haTe paid 10 per cent ad valorovn, aud are now 4(1 cents per bushel. Dnriut; tho winter rnonths Importations of beaus are preatly iu excess of the three months abovo íliven. Fov the mouths above mentloned imports at Detroit were 25,976 lmslicls, and for the wholo United States 660,751 bushols. Potatoes have paid a duty of 15 cents per bushel. This has oeen iucreased to 25 cents. Imports at Detroit for the three months were 22,íi21 busiels; import for the vear into the United State, 8ÍO,.'kS5 bushels. i tas have paia 10 per cent ad valoremj the' are now dutiable at ' cent apiece. Nearly all airrioaltQral produots have beeu increasod in the same ratio.


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