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Painted His Whiskers

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"Mamma," Kiid trio G-yiar-old youngEter in a loud wuisper, so that every ono in tbe car could hear bira, "look at tbs man." "Yes, dear," auswered his mother, who was readmc. The train ilashed around the curve and eent the boy's ieet into one corner nd his head against his mutber. "Ves, dear," abe ausworcd gently, stilt readina. I The train shot into a tunnel, plunjred through tbe darkness and drove out into the eunlight. "Yes, dear," sheeaid, turning a page. '■Jle's got red whiikers," said the loud whisper. "Yes, dear." "Thej're awful red." "Yes, dear," and tho people bejran to realize that the mother was not listeninir to what her darlinjr aid. Thosu who wero fathers and motliers smiled in anticipation. The red-whiskered man studied bi paper carefully. "Tbey'ro fiery red." "Yes, der,""8weetly. "They're redder'n my father's." "Ye?, dear." Anothér pajre was turned. "Is he any relatioa to my iather?" "Y'e8, dear." "Is he auy relation to me?" "Te, dear." "They're awful red." "Yes, dear," quietly. "H'ill I have red wbiokere Iike that wbeu I'm a man?" "Yes, dear." 'But I don't want 'em," whimperins. "There, dear, don't talk so mucn. Mamma is readlOK." ■Uo you like 'ein so red?" "Yes, dear," soothin;ly. "I don't. Maybe be paints 'em. Does he paint 'em?" "Vos, dear." "I won't have to paint mine, will I?" "Yes, dear," fondly. i "Kut ] don'twaut 10. Does papa paint bis?" "Yes, dear." "Oh, I won't paint mine." Mamma begtoa on a new pase. "Wlien will I have to paint 'em?" Mamma does not hear him. "Will 1 have to paint 'em as red as hii?" "Yes, deur." "Mamma, look at him. He's mad." "Ycs, dear." "His face is redder 'n his whiskers." "Ves, dear." "ile's irone out of the car," "Yes, dear." "Mamma, how often does he have to paint 'em?'1 "Paint what, dear?'' askod mamma, droppinz tbe book in her lap aod lookiug at the child. "His wbiskers. You said he painted 'ern and ho ftot mad and went away." liut mamma's iaco looked as if it wero paiuted scarlet, and she read steidiiy for one hour without answerint: & sinffle


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