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My Laddie? No.

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Was it up or down, our boat shot out? Vou wLo are oarstnen mairbe know; Thero seemed do nce.l that 1 sbould hoed Auirht save to watch my laddiu row. The iloatinc treasos of the trees Bent low to kisa the tivor's ocUte; blrd, wbose nes! was Mitred, Kse sleepily frotu out ihu sedge. The swift turn of the ourvinx cours, The trniHiuiL aook where Hliaaslepti A human flato, now sharp dow hoarso, As low beneath tüe lunik we crept The wet tips oí the tlller ropos Drippvd sllrer in tbat macio air; The river's edjre, liko (flai iirew deose with shaduws black ar.d bare A snelden flash of gloamins1 lumps, Wbero sweet, shrill lauxhter pierced thi niiclit; A trllnt and glovr on os below, Tiicii nioonlight, A tawny head in crimson cap, I ;rkly blue; Bare arma of snow that come and go Athwart u statue's roy boe. O Moon! wbat stnmce dementia brceds? Wbat stir.-f thls quiet pulse of inioe'.' What visión aweet and incompleto Illames the world wiih liln aiviue? Noanswer) Butthe moon shinosou, Smilinjr. naayhaps. with centle clee, Why siiould i vrish with ber to UU The rowr, who is uot for me? Som e day the statue wili arouse; 'J'lit: uiarblc arms with warmth will tr!ow; Uhea la bis boal anotberll lloat. And she will watoh n:y laddlo row. "A::.! wby11 yon ask, "to other lovc Do I ro.siíín my eoDdolier?" 'öjiganao (ah, me! the cruelty!) k,. .. ;m "idideu aunt, my dear."


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