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Recipe For The Bluss

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Tli: re are two sides, a brifiht eide and n gloomy blue side. But. loik on tlie brlglit s d1. It is t lie rijjlit side. The times may be hard but it will make tliem no easler to wear a ifloomy and sad countenance. It s tlie snnsliine and not lh' c'oud that makea tbe flowers. Tbere is alw.-ys that before and aniund Ui wbich should cheer and lili ttie lienrt witb Wiii mtli. Tlie sky is bine ten times where ii is black once. Yon have tfOUble, i may b ■, ?o h ive otliers: none are frjc trom thein. Tlu-y givu ginew and tone to Ufe, fortitiule and eourago to man What IhoiDib tliiiifís (lo look a iittle daik? The lañe will turn and the oiglit will end in broad (!ay Ttiera la more virtue in one BunheHm thitn n wliolc hemUphN of cloud and ploom. Clieerfulnesa keeps up a kiud dt' dayliyht in tlie mind, mil filis it. with a perpetual serenity. Toi'SY. Even the lazlest of men can usual ty see gome work that some other fel luw oulit t )


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