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Old Thanksgiving Fun

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How my mind is crowded with Thans giving memories 1 On no otner d:iy does my inemory become sueh a kaleidoscope aud as I slt liere in my darkened room and write, nlmost every minute the scen Changes. I give to the kaleidoscope of niemory a turn, and there they are, natural :is Ufe, around the country heiirth on a cold winter night. I hear the hu-kory lire cmekle, aud see the shadows fiit up and down the wall. (imni'S thut sometimes upset the coairs - "Jilind-man's lïuir." "Who's got the Button," "The Popping Corn," "The Molasaes Pudding,'1 and the wltch storiesthat made the neighbor's boys afraid to go lionie afler dark. Hickory mits in one dish, roseate apples on the other. The boistcrous playa of "More I5gs on the Mili," 'Leap Frog," ''Catcher," around and around the room until some one got hurt and a kiss wi 8 offered to niiike up the hurt, the kiss more resented than the hurt. High old time! Kathcr and motliar got up and went Into the next room becann they could not stand the rucket. Then, instoad of conipunctions of consclence, a worse racket. The mothcrs and wives caine tn the afternoon, all wrapped up from the colii, and thelr feet on a foot 8tov. When they got warm and took out thelr needies and sat down it was a merry groupe and full of new. Once in a asedie wou ld slip and makea b;id scratch upon the cliaracter of some nbsentee, but for the most part it was good, wholcsome talk. And in the evenlng when the youug people carne nnd tlie old people were In one room and tlie young people in anotbrr, in the latter there was some liveiy stopping, while the black boy played "iloneymusk"; even frrandfather iu tlie next room, who had distribut'd man; tractaon the sins of dancing, wrs seen to make liis heel .'O It feemed 10 me a great fuss tind a yreat gatliering to get one qnilt made. Uut the faot wis, that good neighborliood was quilted, warm sympathies were quilted, lite-time friendships were quilted. And such plays as you liad in tliat back room when you joined hand?, and one of the loveliest stood in the ring! VVhat a circumferance to what a centre! But now the scène is fading out. The old lïreplaco Is down and the house is down witli it. One of those boys went to sea and was never heard of. Another became squire in n nelgbborlng village. Another went to college and became a minister. Another dicd the following guinmcr, until now they are all


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