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The general report is llial wlieat looks excellently well thia bil. Burglars have been doinjr Saline recently. Sort of an epidemie. Bro. Qildart, of the Stockbrklge Sun lias btcome au insurance BgeDt, The Manchester evaporator used about 5,000 bushels ot' apples tliis season. Sneak thieves at Ypsllanti have beeu stealing packages out of buggies anü Wügons recently. On or about Dec. lst some r0 ladiei and gentletnen of Ciielsea are to present the Temple of Fume in that place. The Vree churcli in Superior has been thoroughly repaired recently, and a Tlianksgiving dinuer will be given there to-morrow to help pay for the same. An order was tliis week recelved at the poultry farm from Spokane Pulls, Washington; another from Kansas, and several from ueaier points. - Saliue Observer. A llklgewuy f:irmer bad ten acres of polatoe8, harvested 1,500 bushels; sold iliem at 50 cents per bushei; 750 dollars from ten acres- $75 per acre. What's the matter of ruiaing' potatocs.- Saline Observer. It is ciaimed thut candidates for state offleers are already very nuuierous in Ann Arbor. We have not heard from the outside towns and presume that the county seat will demand uil the plunder. - Enterprise. The democrats of tliis village held what they were pleased to cali a "blow out,'' last Thursday night. The demonstratlon, however, lacked enthusiasm. The boys hurrahed for evorytliiiiK even McKinleyand the new tai iffbill included. - Stockbridge Sun. The revival meetings now being htlj by evangelist Potter and Uilier, are meeting with great success. The church is crowded to the doors nightly, and raany are for the lirst time takiug hold upon the Master. Much good is being done.- Ypsilantl Commercial. It is safe to assuine that not many persons are acquainted with the legal fact that any person who mails a letter ordering a lottery ticket or sends a postal card relating in any way to a lottery is liable to imprisionment for 18 montlis or to be fined not exceeding f500 or both. - Rnterprise. How Dundee will forge ahead and thrive next season, with the establishment of its fair association, its canning factory, au extensive stock farm, a building boom already in sight, and other improvements to be made. Well, Dundee is located to be a tirst class business place and the time has come to make it such. - Dundee Reporter. The flrst lace fltetory of nny size n tliis country is about to be starled by John Bromley's sous, in Philadelpliii. Mr. Josepb il Bromley has gone to Europe to learn what he can of the business and to parchase machinery for the fuctory. The enterprise is an experiment and its future wilt depend largcly upon the stabiüty of our revenue policy and the success in tli experimental stüge. - Ypailantian. Ia 1888, Luce received 19.333 votes in tliis (iistriet, while Turner received 13,131 votes this, a falling off of 5,407 republlca'u votes. The same year l$urt had 1S.210 votes, while tuis year Win ana luid 16,302, or a loss of only 1,908. No one claims tliat there are more ikmocrats th;in two years ajro, buc some do claim that more demoerats than republicans, stayed at home. This sliows that 3.C0J0 more republicans remalneü at home. - Chelsea Standard. Tlie Monroe County Bank Is being got i tito readiness for business. Business is expected to begin the f o re part of next week, and will be establislied in a part ol Drew's store until the elegant room in Qee's block is completed. The partners of the firm are Mesmis. Mell Barnes Wm. C. Reeves, O. A, Kelley, C. II. Wilson, W. H. WliitmarshandT. W. Uarues under the linn name of Barnes, Ueeves & Co. Mr. W. C. Keeves is president and T. W. Barnes is casliier. The linn will transact a general banking business. - Uundee Reporter. PITTSFIELD. The school house of distiict No. 6 is being enlarged to accomodate the Sunday school. Mrs. Clinton Clark is sufleiiny; from an attack of rheumatism.


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