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■'TlietarilVis a tax.'1 Ye?, tarlfF for reven uc 8 a ta.v. Fice tracle and direct taxatlon. Thal'a tlie democratie doctrine. Gen. Gircl()i), recently re-clected to the U. S.Seoate from Georgia, is tlie mm who proclaimed that tlie s-uith slmuld boycott tlie norlh. Mr. Mills, of Texas, or Mr. Cleveland, of New York, were never liung ín cllijry in Enroje, where tliey? That the bowl about advanced prlces was nierely a campaign doJge is clear iioiv when we notlce how democratie papers have fliut up. Tlie handwritlng is on the wall, jnst the same, Mr. Argus, Mr. Cleveland wlll never again bc president of the United Sute?. The stuffed prophet who repeats the sentance "a tarlfl is a tax." The X. Y. World admita that the new tarilF bill wlll not raise the price of Clothlng, because we make our own woolens iu this country. Why was it not honest before eloction in saying so? Tlie farmers of this county who vote for democratie free trade ought to forin a society and petition congress to allow the products of the farms in Canada to come into tliis state free ot duty in competition witli their own products. It ij quite natural that the non-producer should bea free trader. He wants things cheap- all but salaries- but how a laboring man or a farmer can by any possibility becomc antagonistic to his own interests is amystery. Second district candidates for tho Sjlt Kivor trip, should not fall to secure au "Allen llue" steamer.- Adrlau Presa. And Editor Stearns can give them yaluable pointers, for he has taken a trip on tbnt line blmself. He knows all about it. Free wool ! free wbeal ! free barley ! freo live stock ! free eggs! free everything that the farmer produces is the democratie doctrime of free trade. Farmers are expected to vote for a pol ky that will impoverish themselves. The census gives Michigan 2,089,793 people, divided intocongressional districts as follows: First, 250,839; second, 153,503; third, 170,854; tourth, 157,152; fii'th, 210,908; sixth, 104,949; Beven th, 173,904; eighth, 203,782; nintli, 204,014; Unth, 180,917: eleventh, 207,15:5. Since election the Detroit Free Press protests against the rascally methods of Chris. Jicgb. Before election, when that man was a candidate for re-elcction, was the time the F. P. should have protested. It knew then that Jaco!) was under indictment for dauining villanies. How miifili does the "Independent" Chelsea Standard cost you, Mr. Allen? - YpsilnnU Sentlnel. It costs him just SI per year In advanee- not a cent more or a cent lesa !- Standard. It might be of interest to know what Gorman paid for the extra Sentí neis and Kegisters sent to the people of this district, Hillsdale Leader: "The demócrata didn't poll as many votes in this cminty this year as they i)id iu 1SS3. Where does their victory come in ? Simply by about 8ixteen hundred republicans staying at home. The same thlng is trui', only in a less degree iu Lenawee county, Several years ago, when the republi can party proposeJ the resumption of specie payment?, thedimocratsopposed it bitterly. Uut specie payment was resumed and tlie democratie party came to acknowledge tlie wisdom of tlie act. Tlie democratie party will yet acknowledge the wisdom of the policy of protection, for it is just and right. A few days ago Chaplain McCabe sent the followlng note to Kobt. Q. Ingersoll: "Dear Col. - Ten yenrs ago you made the followini; predlction: 'Ten 3'ears from this time two theaters will be built for one church.' The time is up. The Methodits are now building four cliurehes everj' - oneevery six hours. Please venture upon another prediction for the year 1000." Kngland .Ion') ''Bnbsidize" a single steamIblp Une. she lias colonles and commerce all over the world, and she pays for carrylng her mails to her dlstant subject, and back. The United States have no eolouleH, and thanks to republlcan rule, nnt much commerce, consequently lewr mails to carry.- rpallai tl öentlnel. And the man who wrote the above accuses olhers of being fulsifiers and unworthy of belief!!! Commeiit is unnecessary. The above giganlic lie is suffleient ai.swer to all such carge?. The census gives out the following statistics relative to the indebtedness of liioblgan citiesaiid vilages. The absence of Ann Arbor from tbe column is rathcr flatteriiiif, thonjrh there 8 now an indebtedness of $ar,000 for tbe univeisity hospital, and bout f20,000 for school bonds: Adrián S3 1.245 Jack son 2VI,000 Alblon 77,000Kalamnzoo.... 12 0(10 Allegan 5,ólo Marquette 1Í6.SM8 Alpeua 10,000 Menomiuee... 24,000 HattleCreek.. 13U.0O0 Monroe 3.000 Bay City STó.OiiO M uskegon 155,326 Cadlllac 5,000 Pontiac 87,000 Clieboygan... 51,400 Port Huron .... 314,700 Detroit 2,661.500 .Saginaw 801,00 Kast Saginaw 725, 50) S't Ste Marie.. 101 050 Klint 61,0(10 St. Lonls 16.251 Qraml Haven 5,000 Three Hlvers.. 18,000 Grand Raplds UOO.OJO V. Bay City ... 74.000 Oreenvllle.... 50.00H Wyandotte... 50.000 Haatlngs 41,000 Ypslla-otl 188,000 Hlllsdale 67,539 Ishpoining.... tO 000 Total $7,093,717 Tlie Adrián Press, the bang up democratie paper of tbis district, has a few words to say ttiat m,iy be of interot to our readers, some of tliecn, t least: "Ifone looks over the vote on congress iu tbis district, he will be conviiiivJ that wliat peuple threaten before electlou s not always cirrled out. To hear republicans of Leuuwee talk one vrouUl suppose Mr. Allen was to be "eaten up," while from Wa9litenaw he w:is to t)8 "luingjCinartered md burlad DUl of Blght." 'J'iiu i-M-x is, Allen ran ahead of ever; man on the BtHte ticket iu Uülndale, Monroe and Washtenaw, and in neaily every case wa9 ahead of the ootinty eandidates. In Lenawee alone did he f hI I bebhul, and even here he was only 120 votes beliind the coronen, hik] the general state ticket. He pulled more votes tban )id Hathaway nr Smltb, on the iepubllcan ticket. Now be recetved no democratie votes, nd henee vi-i y few republicana cut liini i IV, the total betng 120 in Lienawee. He lost two rotea in the waid, ei'lit in tne second, fourlll the third and lifteen in the liuirlh. There is no doubt but Allen policil more votes in the district than any ollnr man the party could have nmned." -


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