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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OFFICE HOTTRS. LOCAL TIME. f7.30 A. M. tO 6 00 P.M. General 6.50i'. m. to 7.H0 r. M. Carrier Windows 6.50 P. M. to 7.30P.M. Money-Order and „..„,„„„„_„ iry Departmenta 8.00 A. M. to O.UU p. M. Sundays - General DerlgdOwsP.a.nd.C" 10.00 A.M. lli.n I MAILS GOING EAST. Los" iDD1B Detroit 4 Chicago R. P. O. ..... ...... 7.30 a.m. ExpreBS Ponen to Detroit 7.45 A.M Detroit & Grand Raplds tí p O .11.00 A.M. 11.50 A. M. Detroit & Chicago B. P. O.l MG p. m. 6.50 p. m. Detroit Chicago R. P.O.: 8.00 p. M Express Ponen to Detroit; 8.00 P. M GOING WEST. Detroit Chicago R.P. O 7.30A.M. Detroit, Th ree Rlvers, & ,,,.„ Chicago B.P.0 10.35 A.M. 11.S0A..M. Detroit 4 Chicago B. P.O. 8 55 a.m. 9.15 a. m. EtirPU0llirOmIe" 3.00P.M. Detroio& Grand _ Raplds Detroit & Chicago R. P. O. 8.00P.M GOING NORTH. Copemlsh Toledo R.P.O. 7.40 A. Jt. 8.30A. m. Express Pouon from Toledo 5.4OP.M. GOING SOUTH. Bipreas Poachto Toledo. 11.30 A. M New York & Chicago R. P. O. Train 14 11.30 A . M Express Pouch from Durand fc EastSaginaw B. PO 12.30 M. Cop'cni üh & ToledoR1P:a_8.00 P. M. 7J0A.M. EUGENE E. BKA.L, Arm Arbor, MlcA., Oclober, 1S3Ü. Foatmaster. Important kornuit ! OlsT JUUHIff 1, 1831 COURIER Will be changeU to au EIGHT PAGE PAPER slx columns to a pagre. Subscribers pajing $ n aclvance ttIM rcccivc the paper to Jan. lst, 1892. STJBSCEIBB IsTO"W.


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