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The Courier will liereafter go to press the flrst thiiig Wednesday morning, and advertisers who wish to make any changes slioiild seud tbem in not later tban Tuesday noon. Thanksjdving- to-morrow. Over thiity witnesses were sworn In the Denuison inquest. The December terra of the circuit court will commence Alonday. The Kniglits Teinpliir diill corps started upon theli winter's drllls laet Frlday evening. The aniiual meeting of Ihe Washtenaw l'ornolojiical Society will be lield a wetk f rom Siturday. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown will reflde at 63 División strett on their return form Minneapolis. The hidies of the Cliaillable Uuion will provide uiany poor families with a Thanksaiving dinner to-morrow. The great miud reader P. Alex. Jolmstone, saya he will find the man who ftruck the blow that killed young Dcnnison here lecently. Union services will be held at the M. E. church to-morrow, Thanksglving day at 11 o'clock a. m. Sermón by R-v. A. S. Carman, of the Baptist chu:cli. The flre alarm which was sounded Monday evening was caused by the burnlng out of a chimney at the residence of Mr. Markle, at 74 South Divison. On nccount of the reluctance of several witnesses in the Dennison inquest to teil all they knew theie s considerable talk of calling a grand jury to investígate the case. C. E. Wcavcr and Mr. Richards, of the Lake Shore Iïoad, wcre in town Saturday making arrangements wllU the A. A. & Y. st. railwny company for their crossing. The Women's Relief Corps held a preliminary meeting last evening at which 16 ladies signed the roll as charter members. They wlll elect offlcers at the next meetini?. D. F. Allmendinger recently put down a drive well on his premises on W. Washïnirton street, and it is considerable of a well. for a vein of water was struck that flows ICO barrels in - 1 hours. A stoimy conference was held Monday afteinoon between tlie street and ordinance committeea of the common council on one side, and those citizens wlio wisb Hii entry for the Ypsilnnti road into our city on the other. No conclusión was reached. Sheriff Dwyer last night arrestcl John Bryant at Jack&on and brought liim to this city. Bryant comraitted a criminal nssault upon the house keeper of George Ren wiek of Salem nearly a year ago and it was not known until yesterday any thlng as to his whereabouts. Mr?. P.W. Moore met wlth a bíd accident on X. University ave Saturday afternoon. The horse whicli she w;is drlvlng bccame frlsrhtened at a passing i-treet car and started to run away but was stopped by colliding with a tree. Mrs. Moore was tlirown out, her arm beiiiji broken by the fall. Dr. Charïes üatchell successfully repeated all of the wonderful parlor tricks of Johnstone, the mind reader, at the Psi U house Monday even ing. Dr. Qitchell claims tliat he can also repeat the the celebrated "driving tlirousjh the streets wliile blindfolded" performance ot Johnttone. Jolin Adam Bohnet bas filed an In junction ngainst the Ann Arbor and Ypsllatiti (-trept railway company clulming tliHt iiincli dani-ize vrould be done hlm if it were permlued to be oomtructed. He asks 4,000 lo compénsate him and as tliia is niilier liigher tlian Hip company wil pay a legal fight will be on that wil aomewliat delay the completion of the road. Work is progressief rapidly on McMilhm Hall. The new house Wallaoe Bliss s building on William st, s progressing rapklly toward completlon. Thirty lots have been sold on Hamilton, Kose & Slioelian's addition to the city of Ann Arbor this year. The Congregational church fair will be held at the rink next week. Notice of the event appeara in another column. Mrs. J. T. Sunderland will address the tomperancc meeting nt Cropsey's Hall, Sunday nfternoon, at 3 o'clock. At Tpsllanti the vote stood 55 for and 10 against women beinff eligible to nicmbersliip in the M. E. conference. The treasurer of Ann Arbor township will receive taxes every Friday and Saturday in December at the offlee of the County Treasurer. Treasurer Comiskle, of Northfield, will be at the county treasurer's offlice at the court house every Saturduy to receive the township taxes. Mrs. Byron Cheever is to give a social at her residence No. 2S Packard st., on Friday evening, for the young people of the Presbyterian church. A Lenawee county man boasU of a 38pound beet. We know of bigger beets than that up this way- some of them are on our subscription list.- Saline übserver. The Royal Arcli Cuapter Masons will have put through nine teams, or twentyseven men, by the end of the coming month. This will be the best record in the history of Washtcnaw Chapter. Dr. Gatchell wishes to extend hia ofler to Johnstone, the mind-reader, whtch will bc found In another column, so as to include the celebrated peiforinance of Boding a name on u hotel register and opening a safe. Tlie appel case of llebccca Henriques vs. tlie Ypsllantl Savings Bank came up for hearing before the supreme court last Friday. Argumenta were leard on botli eides but a decisión lias not vet boen hauded down. C ju rad Xo!l was giren a happy iuririse p rty last eveuing by his G. A. R. comrades, the occasion beinff the celejiatoa of the twentieth anniversary of lis wedding. Col. Dean presented Mr. Noli on behalf of Welsh post a very ï.'iudsome dinner set. Judge Thoinaj M. Coolf-y, chairinan of the Inter-state commerce commisslon, las again found it nccessary to tuke a rest froni his duties at Washington. He arrïved iu this city Friday evenlng and will probably reniain during the entire winter. Bishop Gariet, of northern Tt-xas, commenced bis course of lecturos upon The Philosophy of the Infinite' at the Episcopal ehurcli Sunday evening. Only two more lectures wlll bedelivered before the bolidays, one next Sunday evening and the other on the Sunday following. Ypsilantian: "The Courier, tlie only republican paper in Ann Arbor, is now a four page paper, and a good one too, jut it proposeí to add fonr pages more making it rank with ihe Ypsilantian. AVe are glad to note the enterprise and shall be elad t." see it rewarded by a argely increased circulation." The sad Information is reeeived in this city of the recent death of Warren F. Mills at SanFrancisco. Full particulars ïave been written for and are exiected soon. Mr. Mills, nlthough n stuInnt In the Univemty.was as well known o onr citlzens as any of the young men of Hip eity. He was a meniber of Ann Arbor Commandery. The National home Building Association, of Bloomington, III., organized the following local board last week: Gustare Brehm, president; Win. L. Frank, vicciresident; Chas. II. Kline, secretary and attorney; W. W. Wherton, trensurer; Qustave Brelim, W. J. .lust. Chas. Neithnmmer, appraisers; and Chai". Dwyer, W. A. Chamberí In, Louis J. Liesemer, trustees. James J. Parahall, of this place, has lept a daily record of the weatlier for a great many years. When asked the other da}' if lie did not think the seasons were ehaniniifr in tbls climate, said: "No, we ïave had ju=t sueh warm and pleaant alls many times beforn. Tlie tronble i we forgot nbout it, and tliink til at each sea8on is pleasanter and more bcaiitifu! han any prevlous season. Mr. George S. Hill, wlio recently came to this city from Detroit, to take the position of business manager of the Daily Evening Timi's, was married at Brooklyn, Oliio, on the 17th inst., to Miss Nellie McNaughton, daughter of Capt. M. J. Mc Naugliton, of Toronto, Ont. After the ceremony a rsception was given the couple at the home oí Mrs. J. T. Irwln, the brides's sister. The couple are now residents of the city. It has been alk'ged by partios cliewlug aour grapes that the Washtenaw Times i? owncd and eontrolled by ttie Couriek. It is enough to say that neitlier the Couriek nor its proprietor ave at all interested in the new daily, beyond having a contract wlth the owners for printing it. We have no more interest In it than we have in the Chronlde-Argonaut, the Bulletin, the l'iilladium, or any of the puhlicatlons we print for their ovners and editors. Iu view of the fact that the electric street railway will undoubtedly extend their line up W. Iluroti st., the Toledo and Ann Arbor railway companj will be afked to build an iron bridsre over their railroad where it crosses the street simiMar to the o:ie at the Michigan Central depot. Supt. Ashley lias protnised this provided tho city will do the ürarllnjj and a petltlon will be preaented to the eouncil at their next meeting asking the city to do its part. The Denuison inquest, wblob has been in se.-sion off and on during the past two weeks came to an end yeaterday morning. No more witnesses were sworn and the jury retired. They were out over an liour and a half returning the followlng verdict : "TliHt the said Irving J. Deunison came to his death as Ilie reduit of of blow with a musket or clubbed gun In the IihdiJs of sotne ruember of Company A, M. Ö. '1'., or sonie pefêon acting at the time wlth metnbera of Company A, under the orders and directions of one Sheldon F. Granger on the evening of November ]2th 1890, at the intersection of División and Liberty streets in the city of Ann Arbor, county of Wushtenaw, state of Michigan." The two horses used by Joseph Murphy in his presentaron of the "Kerry Qow" last Saturday night at tlie opera house were home talent. They becanie so highly elated at the success of tbelr debut upon the stage and not wishing to leave the scène of bright vlsions of prospenty they prooeeded to "kick" when they were about to be removed from the opi'ia house. Oue of them especiülly adverse to any chanjre and demollshed mor" teaU tnan he wal wortli. It was not unlil half past two o'clock Sundny inorniiig that they were Hnally landed In the streets and then it had to be accompllsbed by mean3 of binding them fast and dragging them down 9tairs.


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