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Jío more rugby games. Tbe Beta Thets held a banquet at Ilangsterfers last night. The f rcshiucn failed to elrct any oflicers last Saturday afternoon. The Peiinsylvania Club liold a reception at Granger's to-mort(w niglit. At Williams College the library Ís open from 2 until 5 o'clock p. m. Sundays. The Iowa students have organized with H. W. Wefel, president, aud Miss Ankernon, secretary. The next concert in the Choral Union Series wlll be giren at University hall on the evening of Dec. 10. Friday evening last a fine party was given by about 50 ladicsof tlie Uiiiversity and city at Nicliol'i! hal!. The young ladies of the University are Invited to cill upon the facully ladies during tbe Thanksgivicg recess. The Cornell flks say that Dnfty's long kick in the recent game at Detroit was never surpassed on the floot ball field The Pennsylvanla Club will give a Thanksgiving binq'iet to-inorrow evening, to whlch all Pa. students are invited. The next entertainment before the Students Lecture Association wlll be by the Hild Park Concert Cumpany, on the evening of Dec. 13. There is a lull in overything now for a few day3. College closing last evening for a weck's rest duiing Thanksgiving. Many of the students have gone to thcir homes. There werG many instanccs last Saturday eyening wbere duplícate checks werc given for seats in the Univrrsity hall. Such things make it very unpleasant for both parties A frlend at our elbow suggests that the students in the law department be Invited into chapel, and so brought more under the mllueiice of Dr. Angelí and his excellent tMobings. The Woman's Lengue - the Co-ed organization of the Universuy - heil its first reception at the chapel last Saturday Afternoon. About 250 were present Including the wives of many of the facif.ty. The sale of tickets for the B)ston Symphony Orcliestra was $2,000 grcater tban last year at Washington, D. C, and $3,000 greater in Philadelpliia. The gañiz ition is deemed about perfiet now. A club bas boen formed by tBe professors and instructora n tbc Univeriity,ind rooms sccured for tbeir use in Miss S iger's new block on State Street Tlie object will be social intercourse and lin)rovement. Tlicre is harJly u college in tlie country jut h is its gymnasium, tlie great U. of M. alone being to poor to pay any atteution to tbe health and development of the ;jhysic;il body of its students. But tlie determined eíf irt of the Studente will yet jvnz it about. The senior lawg held a spirited elictlon last Saturdiiy, Norman D. Phillips being chosen as president; A. M. Cross, lst vice president; U. E. Lind9ley, 2nd vioepresident; 8. E. Low, yaedictorian; II. D. Jewell, historian; and R. Sutherland, mar-bal. Tlie offices of poet and orator are to be filied by conipetitlon. The Stndunt'i Uhrbtlan Associatloo juilding, knowD as Nfwberry Hall, needs $3,000 or $4.000 yet to complete it. It is to be regretted th;it this eldgnnt Btruoture remalns Incomplete and of no service to iny one. Tliero ougbt to be in this country gome noble Christian gentlemen or lady rich enough and libera! enongli to completo tliis much ueeded building. Mr. Clieever,treii3iirerof the Studeuts' L-ïcture Association, tel Ís us thut ladies loldln; season tickets for tbe course, are shown the courtesy of being allowed to reserve their seats wlienever tliey come, reganlless of the number in line, and this courtesy will be extended to them with pleasure so Ioují as tliey reserve seat upon thuir own tickets only. Tliis will be welcoaie news to ra:iny ladies wliu nave not so far succceded In seeuring desirable seats. The following eenalble artinle is from the Clirouicle-Argonaut : "VVhlle not wiahlng to cast the blatne opon the tudent body for recent occtirances, still tlie exliibition of mnbi.'-li and irnuly tendencies on the part of the studenta is to be seveiely condeinncd. If we were in a narrow, conservative institution, and closely hemined in on all sides by rules and regulations, the c:ise would be differ" ent. But as students of the great University of Micliigm, the broadest and most liberal institution in the land, tliere is absulutely no excuse whatever, for such distuibances. Every student is given the greatest possible latitude and freedom and, In return, shuuld oonilder hlmself bound in honor, to act like a gentleman." The complete series of concerts to be given by the Choral Uuion representa an expenditure of $4,000 (including two concerts by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.) This expense being so great necessitates the selling of mire tickets tlian have as yet been solcl, and more than liave ever before been sold for the season. The series of live concerts promised by the management liave already been secnred, bat it is desired that while the Boston Symphony Orchestra is here tliat it shall give two enteraiiments. Not only the students but the citizens of A'in Arbor OUght to come lo the support of the Clioral Uuion in their gre it umlertaking, and help them out. Everybodj should buy all the tickets they cati possibly afford to. The lecture of Frederlck Vi Iers t University hall last Situnlay t-veiiing was {reatly dlsappolntlng to the immense audience assenibled to hearthe mted war correspondent of the London Graphic The lecturer liad a poor voice, an accent peculiarly Engliab, jou knovv, and was unable to make iiimself understood to at least tliree-fourths of the people present. He eithei' did not appreciate tlie size of his audience or did not care. He stood a greater portiou of the time with his hands in his breeches pocket?, or tucked bul i i n 1 hini in a way thit made the tails of liis swallow-tail coat appear as if a huge bustle were underneath them, and in deliverlng lila lecture almost continually turned to the right and addressed the people in the south end of the hall, so that the people in the north end could never catch more than here and there a sentence. As might be expected this made them very restless, for unless tliere is something to monopolize one's attention and thoujtbUi tlie seats in the hall do become very liard, and quite a number luid the rudeness to get up and leavc before tlie lecture was through with. It is but justice to say, however, that those who wi-re f rtunate enouch to hear wh it was sald were very much interested. It h not poaslble, however, for all to be stars upon the lecture platform, and as this is the lir-t t'allure to thoroughly please in upwards of two years, our ture going peopje are exceediiigly fortúnate. As an Illu3triton of wliat an important part the farmers alliance took in Uitlaat election iu the western statcs, the following f rom the news is of interest: "J. A. McKny, the farmer elected Judge of tlie twi-nty fourth judicial district of Kiusas by the peoples paity, is not an attorney and will be sent to the luw school at Ann Arbor by the alliance of which he is a membei to prepare him for hls duties in the bench. He claims to have studied law in Pensylyanla thlrty yoars ago, but since thnt time he has de votod his attentlon entirely. He lias but sixty dnys in which to nrqulre a legal educatlon as he will tako the oatli of offiix- Jan, 13. Fourcounty attorneya ele U-d by the farmer's alllance Ín Ktnsas have never been adnillted to the bar. - Chicago Daily Xews. The Northern Educator takes a sensi. ble view of the recent row between the students and the militia. We quote an extract from lts editorial: "Universily students do not, as students of some of the smaller colleges have done during the past year, band together to uphold ylolence or breaches of diclpline. A few years ago an unworthy student was unjustly arrested by k cal authority. An ludignatlon meeting was held. Funds were collected for his defensc, but, upon learning his true diameter, he was quietly, quickly and most thoroughly dropped. Iu this connection it may be proper to say that, as largc a portion of the students of the university are connected with cluistian churches as at any denominational school in the land. The only effect of this unfortunate affalr,when undeistood, should be to make people better acquaintcd with the largest univer8ity in the new world.


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