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Mr. Theodore Roy er, of División st., is seriously 111. Mrs. Dr. Hilüs starled back for Kansas City Mondny. Mrs. ffin. A. Tolckard left for Seattle Sunday night, David Qeonlng, of Chicago, was in the city tliis week. Miss Mlnnie Riclitnoi:d lias returned from Colorado. Daniel B Green, of YpsM mti, w;is 'm the city yesterday. Editor Woodruff, of the Ypiilanti Scntinel, was in the city Thursduy. Mr. and Mis. Charles Cooley return, d from Washington, D. C, Fiïday night. Mrs. S. A. Collins, of Waterloo, Jackson county, is visitinj; at Wallace Bliss' house. Dr. Frcil Bonine, the once fatnous U. of M. sprinter, was iti the city Monday and yesterdiy. Kirk H. J. Clark, who has been vislting friends In the ciiy, left for Portland, Ore., Saturday morning. J. E. Thatcher, a foriner Ann Arbor boy iiow In the insurance business in Detroit was in town Tliursday. W. B. Cady, of Sault Ste. Marie, was In town S.iturday, retiuning home with Mrs. C , who had been visiting here several weeks. Mrs. Eugeue Hall of this city and Mr. and Mrs. Eastman of Chicngo left Friday for Missiïsijipi where they intend renmlnlog for a month. Philip B.ich has returned from Auresville, N. Y. where he has been visiting Uis business partner, Eugene B. Abel. Mr. Abel is still verv dek. Dr. James L. High, the celebratèd lawyer of Chicago, and author of "High on Injunctions" and "High on Extraordinary Remedies," was in the city last vveek'delivering lectures to the post-gradu ite law students. Dr. High graduated In the U. of M. In 1S0G and two years ago the ilegree of LL. D. was conferred upon li in. lira. Mi íy A. Uvermore dellvered a tlne lecture to a large audience at tlie Unitariün chinen last Sunday evenins upon tlie suliject, "VVhat shall we do witli our Girls? " The animal meeting ut llie Woman's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist cliurch will be held in the basement of that cliurch on Friday afternoon, commencinji at 4 o'clocK. A full atteudance ia most earuestly desired. The examln&tlon of student WoocUen the flrst one arrested for rushinif on the niglit proceeding the fatal figlit between the militia and slmlcnt-, has been ftdjourned until Doe. 8. Woodseu is tu be tr'.eJ under the state statute. The resideüts of W. Hurou st. will prebent to the council at tbeir next meeting a petitlörj signed by all except twoof the property owners on the Street askiii;; that au ordlntnce be p issed giving the electric street rallway company a franchise In that part of tlie city. Tlie Washtenaw County Times, the new daily is.-ued from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, made lts lirst appearance on the streets Mondaj' eveulng. Itisaseven column four pajje paper, bas Uniied Press diipatcko?, and presents a very neat appi-ai iiüCi', Tlila in.ikrs the nintli ncwsimper now publiahed ;it Ann Arbor.


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