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HOW CAN I EET Ihroúgh my vork to-day? X feel mlsorablo, headichy, tired.jiain in my back,my food won't dlgest, Boy wbole body socma out of order. Wo answer that it is no wonder you are in Buch a broken down condltion, and you will keep setting worse uulcsa rou can cure your LIVEli. This important organ ís out of order and you must cure it by promptly OBlng thoso never failingMIHKBMBEBBMHfli Dr.C. McLane'sCelebrated Liver Pilis. Hey rlll restore you and give Tigor and hcalth to E our vhole Bjstem, making you strong and wclL nly 25 cents a box, and they may aavo jour Ufo, takyouxdruggist fortbo genuino Xr. O. aMoXj-A-lXrErö ÜELEBRA TEU LIVER PILLS f - JIADE BY - FLEMING BROS., Pitfsburgh, Pa. SJ-Loot out for Coünterfeits made in St Louis IVOBfPÖLÏSH FToERETn.8' 1 # PERFUMES THE BKI3ATH. CARTER'SI CURE Bick Uoadache and reliove all tho tronbles incident to a bilioua stato of tho systom, such as Dlzziness, Kausoa, Drowsiuosa, Distrnss aftor eating. Pain in tbo Sido, &o. Whilo their most rouiarkatlo success has boen shown in curing SICK Iïoadacbo, yot Carter'a Littlo Livor Pilla aro cqually valuable in Constipation, curing and pro veuting thisannoyingcomplaint, whilo thoy elso correct all disorders of tboBtomachetiraulatotho livor and regúlale tho bowols. Even if they only HEAD Acbo tbey wonld bo almost prlcfllcsa to thoso who Buffor f rom this distressiiif? comiilaint; bwt íortuUatoly thcirgoodüCBB does notond hcro,and thosa ■whooncetry them will flnd thoso littlo pilla vahiable In somany waya that tbey will not bo willing to do without them. But aftor allsick hoad ACHE Is tho bane of bo many lives that hero is whera we make our great boast. Our pilla curo it whilo olherB do not. Carter's LittTo Liver Pilis aro very small and very easy to tako. Ono or two pills luakoa doso. They are strictly vefïetablo and do not gripo or purge, but by thoir gentle action ploaso all who UBothein. In vialsatM cents; flvefor$l. Sold by druggists ovorywhoro, or sent by maiL CARTER KIEDICINE CO., New York. SMALLPILL. SMALLDQSE. SMALLPRiCE ïfYouHave CONSUMPTION COUGHorCOLD BRONCHITIS Throat AffccÜcn SCROFULA Wasting of Fiech Or any Distase iclxrre the Throut and Zunp mr Infla mal, lach cf Strength or Nervt Poteer, you can ba rclicrcd and Cured by SCOTT'S EMULSIÓN PURE CODLIVER O1L Wltn Hypophospbltes. PALATABLE AS MILK. Asli for Scott't Emulsión, and let no expXanation or tolioltatlon induce you to accept a rtihstitute, Sold by all Drugglsts. 8COTT & BOWNE.Chemfsts, N.Y. tCVEN . SEVtWTCtM BCVCMrr ySff tZB Éff!i3v wtlw WjB 3Vi fifi To euro Billonsncss, Sick Iloadache, Constipat ion, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the ÜMALL Sise (40üttleBpanstothe Ijullle). TIIEY ARE THE MOST CONVENIENT. SuitLikle lor nll Ages. Trico of elthcr slaeo, 25o. per Bottlc. KINNIN1AT'"""'U PANKL SIZE. ■ ml UVIIlHxuMrorlili. (coppcrortnnii). J.F.SMITH&CO.Mi.kOToi-Bii.EBKASs.ST. LOUIS MO. 23 HEADACHES for 2c. CURED OTtKHEJROCflk í SOLÜ BY.DRUlit RiGGSjjrflEDICINE CW' rOR SALE IIV EBERBACH & SON, AJÍX A KliOlí. RnbtxT 8boe nnleaa worn nnoomfortably tisht generally slip off Ulo foeL THE "COLCHESTEE" EUBBEU C0. mnkr al! thnlr iihoes wlth buidn of hel lined wlth rubber. Thls clintïB to the fthoo and prevcuu üio rubber from Allpplng oflL Cali for the " Colchestor " "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR SALE BY WM. ALLABY, L. GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHART&CO., DOTY & FEINER, A.D.SEYLER&SON. AHH AR.BOR.


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