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A mUi'lonary in África w,n astonisheü ...

A mUi'lonary in África w,n astonisheü ... image
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A mUi'lonary in África w,n astonisheü wliile walkinj; in a wond to hear a clock irikc, tliougli io human habitation was wltliin milis ofthe pluce. He clise jvcrei; tlmt the noise pfoceeded from a birc known as the clock birtl anü cilled by the Spaniíh the Campanero. Tlie birc glves a note every few minutes ivhtch is identical with the sound of i s?ti ikinr clock. The subject of premature bi!dneí8 is one in whicli a vust uuinber of persons take a direct and livt-ly interest. Aecording to the Lnnoet, there is a littlo doubt th:it snch balduess is Increnslng, and it is dlfflcult to give any satisfactory Bcleotlflo espían Htioo of the fact, Tiiat journal does not attiibute muoh importauce to the BQggestlon tlutt tight hats are Injurions, bilt it declares that harm may be done in time by washingtl.e head every miirning, and ncglccting to rf)]aee the oily material thus


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