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Ayeres Sarsaparilla The Best B!ood Medicine -So sa? Leading Physicians and Dnifgistti, and their opinión is intlorsert by thousands cured by it of Scrofula, Eczema, E-rysipelas, and other diseases of the blood. Aycrs Banaparilla lias won Hs reputatlon by yeara jf valuable service to tlie Cdir.iiniiiUy. lt is the best." - H. S. I.ani;, Uruggist, 2V2 Hteninisek st., Lowoll, Mass. J)r. V. 1'. Vr;j.'lit. l';iw I'aw Ford, Tcnn., says: "la my practloe, I Invarlabl; presorilK- Ayer's Sai-saparilla lur cl.rcnic diseasps of tlic l)lod." Dr. E. li. Boyle, Third and Oxford sts., Plilladelphia, ]'a., writes: "Fortwoyears I títere prewrtbed Ayer's Sarsaparilia in Dumerona Instanceg, and I llnd it liiglily efflvaokiiH in tivatinent of all disorders of tlie blood " L. M. Boblnson, I'liannacist, Sabina, O., ertUea ; -Ayer's Karsaparilla lias always (men a grcat steller. My customers tliiiik there is no blood-purlfler equal to lt." ■ Fui niany years I was afBicted wlth sciofuluus mntalng sores, wlucli, at last beeauiL' so bad tbc doctors advlsêd amputating one uf my lega tu save my life. I begaa taklng Aycr'.s Barsaparllla and soon saw an improveinont. Aftcr using about two dozen buttles tbe sores were liealed. I continue to tuke a feu botttet of tbis medicine cach viar. fur iy bluod, and aiu no longer trnubhl willi sDi-i-i. 1 liave tricd otber reputed bliHid-purlften, but none does so nmcli good a Ayrs Bamapajllla."- S. A. Kobiusou, Neal, Kansas. Don't fall to get Ayer'sSarsaparilla rREi'Aiiiai iiY DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Soltl !y DruKKiBts. íl,"iií. Wonh $üabuttl. JIASOMO IMK1 lOltv. A.NJÍ AbborCommandbry. No. IS raeets flrst Tuesday of each inonth. 15. P. Watts, E. C; John R. Mlner, Recorder. Washtenaw Ohaptkb, No. 6, R. A. M.- Mi-ris flrst Monday each month. I.. C. Goodrich, H. P.: Z. Roath, Seoretary. BUSINESS CARDS. vdlISS H. E. BTJBLL MODISTE, MAKES FINE COSTUlfEf}, TAYLOll SUITS, ALHO ÁflSSES' AND CH1LD11ENS' SUITS Cloaks Made and Repaired. 11 1-2 N. Firth St., A ii ii Arbnr. -8Ü D. A. MacLachlan, M. D. DISEA8ES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THSOAT. OFFICE ASE EESIEENCE, 26 SOÜTH D1VISI0S STREET Houns : 1 to 1, and 6:30 to 7:30 P. M. OIEÏJS. -W. VOGEL DEALER IK AI,L KINDS OF FRESH AND SALT MEATS PoulCry, Lard, etc. E VERYTHING NEAT and CLEAN No. O E. Ann Ht., Aon Arbor. V. W. NICIIOL.S, DE1TTIST. Rooms Orer Ann Arbor SaYlngs Bank, Opp. Court Uouse Square. VITALIZED A1B. Admlnlstercd. It Ie agrueable and easy to Uke, and no proetrallng eflectn follow. while teeth are extractad without pain, WILLUn HERZ, House, Sign Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! ('apurini!, ( llur.liiii, Qlldlnfr, and Calcimlnlne, and work of every deBcrlption done In tbe best etylu, and warranted to glve eatlafaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washiniion St.. Ann Arbor,


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