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Uncle Cyrus

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On President Angeli's rlaht nt cliapcl this inornlng appeared the short, sturdy form and honest faco of Michigan's farmer governor, Cyrus G. Luce. He liad come the niglit before. The exerciscs over, he tarted out for an insppction of the different departments and buildings, guided by Dr. Angelí and Mr. Wade. "Yes,"said he, when he had returned and was restins: trom hia walk In Secretary Wade's offl;e, "I am here gatheriug müterial for my retiring message. I had expected to meet the Governor-elect, but I llnd that he was here ahead of me.'' "And what coiulltion do you tlnd?" "Why, you are crowded terribly prowded. Tne astounding growth of the University confronta tis. We are met, not by a theory, but by a condition. I cannot teil you what recominendation I sliall mako to the Lpgialature, or even thnt I .-hall make any rccoinmeiidation at all for large appropriations, but I shall present the state of affaire to thern. Only three of the public instltutions of the State shall I givo more than a passing notice, and the University of Michigan is one of the three." "When I began the duties of my first adrninistration, four years ago," resuraed the Governor, "Dr. Angelí and I looked over the University, and concluded that at the rate of increase which was shown at that time, we wotilil have an attendance of 2,000 students at the end of the next four venrs. There wis thcn not quite 1,600; now there are 2,500." "Don't you thlnk we shuuld have a gymnasium, Governor Luw?'' "Most certainly I do. I subscrlbed $100 for that end at one time, and the subscription still holds good. I take my exercise wUh a fork haiidlc, but recognie thut tliat means is not avuilable here." The governor, lio wever, would not sa y tbat lie thought the University sliould receive fiiiancial aid from the state ior a gymnasium. In fact, he rather intimated a belief that. we should look to ourwealthy alumni for relief. "Wc thiük that if we can raise $25,000 amongour alumni," said Secretury Wade, who was present, "pprhaps the legislature will sive us $25,000 more." "What, do you necd as much as that?" asked the Governor. "It wl 1 do us no srood to have a gymnasium worth anjthiug less,1' Mr. Wade replied. "It mu-t be largo cnough to accomodate all of our stmietits, so that we ein m:ike its use compulsory and, pertiaps, givc some credit for it. If it is sm ill t will be enlirely monopollzed by atb!etu8 train ng fur the different teams, wliile the frail studions boy who needs the exercise most, will bc the vcry one who will not eet it." At 3 o'elock Gov. Luce left for Ypsilanti, where he will visit the State Normal School. Whilc in Ann Arbor he w;is tlic guest of Secretary Wade.


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