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The Washtenaw Pomological Society

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Animal meeting of Washtenaw Pomológica! Society. Reporta by the ofti3ers of the society. Election of ofticers. Topics for the January meeting. Exhibit. Mr. J. J. l'.ir.-ilmll preslded over thean nual meeting. The secretarias read thelr annual reports. The topics discussed during the year and the business routine of the society were very lutcrcsting and usoful to growers and shippers of fruit. The ereat loss of the society by tbs death of President Baldwln, whose en tluisiasm in pomology and whose busiïess ability were so highly appreciated, nnd of Mr. Anson Sessions, who was ever ready to aid the society by his presence in the meeting, by his counsel, aud ■ is mcaiiH was especially dwelt upon in the report of thecorrespondingsecretary. The treasurer reported a membership of 25 nnd $6.75 in the treasury. Prof. Buur and Mr. Ganzhorn were appointed a eommittee to look into the distribution of the annual report of 1889 by the State Horticultural Society, of whlch this society had not received any copy. lt was resolved that Mr. C. D. Parshall iresent his report on transportaron to he next meeting and notify the shippers of fi mt or thelr share la the expense of rausportation with the request to pay lieir pro rat:i to Mr. L, Gruner, 8 S. yiain st. E. Biur was In favor of atracting young men to the society by llstributing tlie ofticeí among them. Qaite a discussioa aróse on this topic. OFKICEUS KLECTHD. J. Austin Scott, president. All were ,lail that the honorable founder of this ociety carne to tlie front again. J. J. 'arshall, flrst vlce-president; Win. McCreery, C. C. Clark, L. Palmer, vlceresidents; J. Ganzhorn, recording secreary; E. Baar, corresponding secretary; f. Allmand, treaocrer. Executive comnittee : W. F. Bird, J. G. Schenk, J. T. Fuller; Prof. J. B. Steere. office of Entomology and Ornitholojfy; Prof. M. W. iarrinton, Climarology ; Prof. V. M. 3palding, Botany; Prof. A. IJ. PrescoU, lyfliene. W. F. Bird wished to get up an oiithuiastn for this society and proponed the announcement of the topics of discusion a month in advnncc, with the name f the peron leading in ■ach topic. J. ! Fuller would not have any of the proceedings of the society published. These ublic itions were an excuse for mmy 'ruit growers to join and pay 50c a year. They could get the work of the society eratis. emarked, that in entering the eourt ïouse, he was stopped by a reporter who expected emphatically that he sliould iret he report flrst, early Mond.iy morning or his Daily. The great clamoring of the public was 6r fruit, the more the better: it meant lealth. The students of the University Iream that sweet dreani ot atrawberry hortevkt, wheii this society announces nat this luícious berry will be plenty and cheap. Please look at the fruit Inrest which has been created by the dontrs and publicatious of this society! 3ow many people flnd employment therey? Every newspaper in the city want he reports. They are opied by the iresH of the state and out of the state. 'oor fruit growers who take such advantige of their fellows. They may con-'lder hemselres .-in-irt, but they should re. oeinber the scriptural maxim: " It is nrre blessed to givethan to receive" is a hllospphy in itself and applies to erery relation of life. Moreover, we canont )ublisti all deüberations of the society, nut must omit sometimss the most lmortant matters. The society needs he t.ilents of these absent brethren. Luther Palmer of Dextor, wlio means )uslness wbenever he is preeent, misses he ladieü, who in past days patronized the meetings more liberally by their preseiH'e. Inslead of doinj so mucb business we should pay more attentlon to the beauiful, flowere, etc. We killed the society by talking fruit factory, was the remarle of one member, who seems to have for;otten that we had very large attendancc lurinj; the winter and spring meetings, and that our fruit factory ia one of the greatest and best achieveinents of our society. It was stated that the election of Mr. scott to the presidency would attract the ladies more than all the rest of the members together. FBUIT EXHIBIT. J. J. Parshall: Apples- King, Baldwin, Jonathan, Red Canada, Spy, Fallawater, Greening, Talman Sweet. J. Allmund: Winter Nelis Pear. E. Buuer: Cabashea, Mother Apples, Winter Nelis Pear, Clinton and Salem Qrapes. TOPICS FOK JANÜABY MEETING. Shouid K'ruit Qrowers follow Special - ties? Paper by W. F. Bird. Pear Büght, paper by J. Genzhorn. Curled Leaf in peach trees, paper by C. C. Clark. Emil Bauk, Uor. Sec'y.


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