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For Farmers Ouly. In planning the first fquipment of' the Ann Arbor Central Mills, we uiml to secure complete outlit for doinjr all kinds of farmer's work In our line. As time lias passed, many iinprovements linve been invented whicli have been ntroduced uto our mili. The latest of these is a power cleaning inichine, designed to replace the farmer's fanning mili. It Is the first to be placed in any mili in this part of Michigan, but we have put it in operation only after thoroughly satisfying ourselves that the machlnery has proved a roarked success in tnany parte of the country. The entire working of the mitchlne is open to the inspection of all farmers. It cleaus wheat exactly as a fanning mili does the work, only with less waste of good grain and very much moie rsp'dly, its capscity being 400 bushtls per liour. All screenings are run Into the fanner's bags to be ground for feed or taken home by hini, as he see9 flt. 'l'his machine Is now ready, without charge for its use, for those who wish to avail themselves of it. iV AlLMKNDINGER & SCIINF.IDER. The Restless American. Wliat a restless people we are! Never happy unless we are riolng pnmrthing with all our might. We fail only when we attempt to play. And yet nothing is rasier now than a vlslt to California over the Union Pacific, tlie original overland route, and the Pacific Coaat climnte in winter is unrivalled atill. The Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Company, profiting by past experlence, have spared no palns or expense during the past summer to perfect the roadbed and the equipmcnt of the line via Ogden, and the entire tour from the Missouri river to San Francisco even In mid-winter is the suprenipst luxury of rallroading without the delay so often experienced In winter. Do not fail and look up the announcement of Murtin Haller for Christmas. Do not fail to read J. T. Jacobs & Co.'a change of ad. It wlll be to your interest to cali on them at once. THE CIEAPEST AND Best Place in ie City TO BUY HOLIDAY GOODS IS AT GOODYEAR'S DRUG STORE 5 S. MAIN STREET. Ann Arbor, Mich.


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