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OPENING AND CLOSING OF THE MAILS OEMHICK HOÜE8. LOCAL TIMK. f 7.30 A. M. tO 6 00 P.M. General lf..50i'. m. to ".HO p.jt. Carrier Windows 6.50 p. M. to 7.30 i-.m. yttXeSu"?g.'8.00 A. M. to 6.00 P. K. Stmdays - General Dellverv Stamp and Carrier WludowS 9 00 A. M. to 10.00 A. M. nf.TT MaöT GOING EA3T. &LL DTERDIB Detroit & Chicago II. P. O. 7.30A.M. Express Pouch to Detroit 7.45A.M Detroit & Grand Kaplds ,,.„ ii PO 11.00 A.M. 11. BOA. M. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O. 5.2.Ï p. M. 6.50 P. M. Detroit Chicago K. P.O. 8.00P.M. Express Pouch to Detroit 8.00 p. M GOING WEST. Detroit & Chicago B.P. 0 7.30A.M. Detroit, Three Bivers, & ChloagoR.P.0 9.45 A.K. 10.30 K.M. Detroit & Chicago R. P.O. 8 55 A.M. 9.45 a. M. Express Pouch lrom Detrolt 3.00P.M. Detroit & Grand Raplds r p O 5.55 P.M. 6.30 P.M. Detroit & Chicago R. P. O. 8.00P.M GOING NORTH. Copemlsh Toledo R.P.O. 7.40 a.m. 8.30 a. m. Express Pouch froin ToLelo 5.45 P.M. GOING SOUTH. Express Pouch to Toledo. 11.30 A.m New York 4 Chicago R. P. O. Train 14 11.30 A.M Express Pouch frora Durand & EastSaglnaw R. p o 12.30 M. Copem lah.fc ToledoR.P.O. 8.00 P. M. 7.30 A.M. EUGENE E. BËAL, Ann Arbor, 3tlcA„ October, 1890. Istmaster. Important Announcexnent ! ON" ■ JM1IÏÏ 1, 1091 COÜRIER V i 1 1 bc clianged to an EIGHT PAGE PAPER slx columns to a pngc. Subscriben pnyingrSl in advance wlll receive llie paper (o Jan. lst, 192. SXTBSCBIBB Ü3"O"W".


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