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J. A. Mcgill, M. D., & Co.

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ARAXTGE BLOSSOM! IJ A FOSIT1VE CiritB FOK W ALL FEMALE DISEASES. ÍIIUIF (lf TUF IVMPTDM1! ' A tired, languid fecllng, low spirited ard deepondent, with no apparent uUIilC UI IIK 01 HiriUlrlo i u-., IleadaGhe, painu ín theback, paiDg ncroee the lower part of iioa-cIs. Great sorenc?8 in repion of ovarles, Bladder difflculty, Frequent urinatione, [A;uoorrlii)e:i, CoDstlMttoa of howcld, and with all these aymptoms a terrible nervune feellng Is experlenced by the patiënt. Til K OIC.WIJR IlliOSSO'l TKKATJIKNT removes all these by a thorongh procesa of absorption. Ii.ternal remedies will never remove ftmale weaknese. Ihere must be rtmedies applied right to the part, and thm there ie permanent relief obtained. EVEKY LADY CAN ÏRBAT HERSELF. O. B. Pile Uemedy. I $1.00 for one month's treatment. I O. B. Stomach PowJers. O. B. Catarrh Cure. - pbkpakkd by - O. li. Kidney Cones. 4 PANORAMA PLACE, CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE BY J. J. Goodyear, Jobn Moore, Eberbacb &Sons, H. J. Brown, Drugglsts, Aun Arbor Miei).


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