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TUfl'il'HTitf TTT BTBIBBk. Idvice to Everybodj %ho has a dlspi'ol T.ivor 1 te at once tke propet ucana to curn it„ Tlio functlon the Liver is deelgncd to pcrforni, and on the regular oxeoutlon f wlilch dependa notonly the een' ral hoalthof th fcody, but tho power of the Stomaeh, Rooel0t Jiraln, and the whola nerroufl Bystcra, shows ita Vaat and vital iniportance to human hcalth, NOIÜBEINGI (honld rnn the risk for n singlo flay of seglectlng tkls Important ornn, but Khoiild rrompt lyget a box of Dr. C. M!l.nn ■' Celebratnd I-lvcr I'UIs, nads by FLEUINQ BBO8., l'itlshiirih, Pa., and ue accordlng to dirnetions they wlll cure you promptly and pcrmancntly. Around eachboxia m wrappcr civing full df-icriptlou of iliesj-raptoma oí Bdiscasod Li ver. They eau bo had of druggiaU. H-Bewaro of Codxisrfeits mado In St. Louli"l FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. IVORY POLISH FTERETíJ.a PERFUME8 THE BREATH. ASK FOR IT. CARTERS! CURE Bick Ueadache and reliovo all tho tronlilen incident to a bilioua Btatoof tho syfitom, finch aa Dizziness, Nausea Drowsiuuss, Distres aftor catiug, l'air. in the Slde, kc. Whilo tli'irmost romarkablo kuccoss lias been shown iu curing SICK ïleadache, yot Cartor'a Little Llver Pilla aro cqually valuablo in Constipat ion, curing and proventiug thisannoyiuff complaint, whilo tbey also correct all disorders of tho Btomaohtiraiilate tho livor and regúlate tho boweU. Lveu if thoy only HEAD Achotheywouldbealmostpricelesstothosewho suffer f rom thiadistrcfisiiigcompUint; liflfoitucatelythclrgoodneasdoesnotondhcro.andthosa irhooncetry them will flnd theao littlo pilla vahiableïn eomany ways that Ümy will not bo williug to do without thom. But after allaick hoai ACHE Is the bane of bo many livos that hora la whera we make our great boost. Our iills euro it whilo othora do not. Carter's Littlo Liver Plllnare vory small and Tery eaay to tako. Ono or two pilla make a doso. They are strictly vegetable aud do not gripe or purge, bwtby their gontloaction pluaneall who use them. Iuvialsat 25 cents; flvofor$l. Sold by druggists everywhero, or aent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRIGE WHAT MMT'S CONSUMPTION OUUI ' O SCROFULA EMULSIÓN ggS2S?ITI8 PUPEO COLDS UUnCO Wasting Diseases Wonderful Flosh Producer. Many hav gained one pound per day by lts use. Scott's Emulsión ia not a secret remedy. It contains the stimulating proporties of tho HypophosÏ hites and pure Norwegian Cod iver Oil, tha potency of both being largely increased. It is used by Physicians all over the vorld. PALATABLE AS MILK. Sold by all Drugglsts. 8COTT & BOWNE. Chemlsts, N.Y. . To cure Biïiousncss, Sick Ilcadachc, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the eale and certain remedy, SWEITH'S BILE BEANS 'se the SJIAIX Size (40 little TJeans to the bottle). Tiiky auü tuk most convenient. Snitable lor all Ago. l'rif c of oithpr wize, 25c. po r Holtlo. lm I W 1 1 %M MailtJ for 4 ets. (toppers or slump.). J.F.SITH4,C0.Mkorsoi uii.i:bi;a.s, ST. LOUIS M0. HEADACHES for 2c. CURED %PHEJRflCflÈ í SOLÜ BY JDRUttGíSTaW JGLMEDICINE WM. FOB SAí.U í:v EBEKBACH & SON, ■ AXN AKBOR. Babber Shoofl antees worn uncomfortatly tlslit gencrally Up oLC tho foct ' THE "COLCHESTEE" BUBBEB CO. make all thelr ■hoes wttli üwlde of heel llned with nibu-r. 'l'his cIIiuth to tho fthoo uuü prevtuu the rubber trom jtilpplng off. Cali for the "Colchester" "ADHESIVE COUNTERS." FOR 3AI.E BY WM. ALLABY, L. GRUNER, JOHN BURG, W. REINHART&CO., DOTY & FEINER, A.D.SEYLER&SON. AHTNr ARBOR.


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