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The liarsb, drastic purgatives, once deemed so indespenstble, have given place to milder and more sklllfully prepjired hix'itives; henee the great and growing ili niiiiid for Ayer's Pilis. Pbysiclnns everywhere recommend thern for costivcness, iudigestion, and liver complaints. "My brotber was ten years old wheo I wus bom," sald Miss Passec. "Well, the way you count your ycars you must liave been about eigl.t yourself at tbe time," - Harper's Bazar. A Scrnp of Paper Saves Her Life. It was ju9t an ordinary scrap of wrapping paper, but it saved her life. Sbe was in the last stages of consutnption, told by physlcians that she was incurable and could live only a short time; she weighed less than seventy pounds. On a piece of wrapping paper she read of Dr. King's Kew Discovery, and got a sample botlle; it hclped her, she boujjht a laige bottle, it helped lier more, boucht another and grew better fast, continued its use and is now strong, healthy, rosy, plump, weigbing 140 pounds. For (ulier particulars send stamp to W. H. Cote, Druggist, Fort Sniith. Trial bottlns of this wondeiful discovery free at Eberbach & Son's drug store. Wickwire - No I don't think domestic troubles ought to be spoktn of outside the famlly. N.Peck - Great Scott! Isn't a man to be allovved to unburden bis miad at c.ll ? - Indianapolis Journal. My frlcud, look bere! you knoiv how weak and nervous your wife is, and you know that Carter's Iron Pilis wlll relieve her, now wby not be fair about It and buy ber a box?


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