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lx Kastcrn Ontario and Western Quebec tho temporature ranged frouu 14 to 87 degreos belöw zero on the ííd with hiffh winds. At St. John's the ffale blew at tho rate of eipjhty mile3 an hour and housen. barns anl fences wereblown down. JIamtdiia's iju;ir:intino against American hopfs bas been raised A SKVKitK earthquako shock was felb in the City of Mexico, causinj? the inhabitante to rush from their hou3es in terror. ADVTCI6S from Oronburg, Eastern Russia, say that four caravans of horses, sheep and camels and thirty ICirgose riding across tb 9 steppes were f rozen to death. A BAitish tnan-'of-war was ordered to convoy ten tons oT bread to the faraineStricken inhabitants of Clareiscland and Innistunk, In Ireland. Mbs. Nki.i.ik 1'h.vckv, who killed Mrs. Bogg in London October 24, was found ffuiliy of murder and sentenced to be banged. A fuik ufcutiod in the work-houso at Newcastle-on-TyñV, and six persons wcre barned lo deáth. BbVIS. RurtSRr. & ('.. London merchants. Falled for over $1,000,000. Kt--i:i.i., Si-.vuni.i) it Co., wholesalers of dry poods ;l Ottawa, Ont., failed for J25Q.000. OiviMi o recent executions in sia of men wtio wito subsequently proved to be innocent, the Czar orderod tliut 110 doath sentence shall be carried out until appioved by hitn. (Jkk.many lias ofïïchilly rocognized the United States of Braiil. The nine cotton milis in Canada wero parcbased by the Dominion Cotton Mills Company, coir.posoii of woalthy Montroalers, for -:, SOO. DUO. An American syndicate has purohased tlio San Ramón siiyar estáte at Manzanillo. Cuba. fot-SOOO.OOO.


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