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A Story About Alger

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"Years ugo," said a man at thi fa ttockshöw the other niglit, "Qen. Uu sell A. Alsrer of Detroit, lutcly the eoni mander-in-chief of tbe Graml Army o Ihe Itepublic, was a younjrstcr without cent and witb but one snit oT elutliea He wanted to attcnd school and went i a physlciau who lived la the vlllnge t ak for a chance to work fur hls bnan The doctor did not need the Peryicvs of boy, but. he was so much Impreated wit yomig Alger'8 earnestness be t. hlm into the family circle and Rent lm through school. Algor did no work ex cept to take care of the doctor's hore bdi cow. "Bot time has wrought great cliatifreB Alge ris now n mülionairc, while lus Ihmm factor Is an okl man in gtraiteurd tinii. cial cireumstances. One by ono hts om] dren have died, until lic and lil old wlf have been left alone. All offiTS of ns sistance by Gen. AlgerhBTe been n fusec for the old man is as proud as Luclfu himself. In consequence Aljrer has bee forced to bestow iiis charities in man üttle roundabout ways, so tint Miei souice could nol be guessed. Recent I he visitcd his old triend, detenntned t compel his acseptance of mora Mlbstan tial aid titan be had been receivinjr. " 'Wby, Alger, you don't ow me 11113 thing,' the old man said, 'und I wou'i c cept anything.' " 'But I owe my education to yu.' " 'Bosh! You owe tbat to yotirself ' " 'But I caused you trouble and c pense, for wblcb I w;int to repy ym.' "'Tbc troublo needn't troubli; jou, mn there wasn't mucb trouble to s -ak ol In fact tlie only exjene }'ou cuufO me fo far as I can recollect, is tlie los of cow. Do you know, Alfit-r, wben yoi came to live wilb me I had tbe best cow in these parts, and that your awkwart ness completely ruined hei? VVell, t di( Within tbree weeks yon bad made her s skittisb that no one could po near her and I had to sell her tor beef.' " 'Wtll, tben, I owe you for tbat cow don't I? And I'm going to pay you Ib her and will add a little interest for th use ot tbe money for about 40 years.' "After a long conrse of argument th old gentlemen tinally consented, very re luctantly, to accept pay for bis cow. Ai: the priee paid tor that ordinary grad cow s suffleient to support her forme owner in fair clreumstances duriug tli reinainder of hls lifetime. She was very expensivecow." - Chicago Mail. The correctness of the maxim "notl Ing succeeds like success" Is vll exein plilii.'d in Ayer's Sarsapurilla. The mos successful combinatlon of alternative and tonics, it al ways succaeds in curin diseases of the blood, and henee its won derful popularlty. Anxlous Mothcr- My dear, dors tha young m.m who comes to see you belong to a good family. Dauííhter- Yes, mn. lie comes of ol colonial stock, dating way back to th Mayflower. Mother- I am dellghted to hear that But are you sureof that? Daugbter - Yes, indeed. Yon ouht t hear hiin cougli. - Pittsburgh Press.


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