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My Neighbor Jim

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Everyihing pleased my neighbor Jim; When lt rnlned He never complalned. Uut sald wet weather suiied bina, "There's Dcvcr too mach rain lor me, And tbls is sometuing like," sald ht When earth was dry as a powder mlll He did not slgh Because lt was dry, But sald If he could have hls wlll Itwould be his chief, supreme delisjlit To live where the mui shone day und nlght. When winter came wit h lts snow and Ice, Hedld not scold Because it was cold, But sala: "Now this la real Dice; If ever from home I'm forced to go, ril move up north wltli the Ksqulmau." A cyclone whlrled along lts track And dld bltn harm- It broke his arm And strlpped lila coat from off bis back; "And 1 would Klve another llmb To sce sucb a blow agaln," sald Jlm. Aud when at length hls years were told And hls body bent And hlsstrength all spent, And Jlm was very weak and oíd. '1 long have walted to know," he snhl, "How lt feels to die," and Jim was dead. The angel of death had suramoned hlm To heaven or- weü, I caonot teil; But I know that the cllinate snlted Jlm; And coltl or hot, lt matiered not. It was to him tbe long sougbl spot.


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